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Shinigami/Human/ Arrancar speech

Shinigami/Human/ Arrancar thought

Hollow/ Demon speech

Demon/ Hollow thought


(with Hinamori, Senna, and Hinata)

Hinata charged at Momo and thrust her blade at Momo with speed unrivaled. Momo blocked the strike, and unleashed a full powered blast from her blade at Hinata. Hinata used Soindo to evade the attack, only to get caught by a tornado attack from Senna. Hinata covered her eyes as she was caught in the attack and began to get cut and was spinning around. Momo fired off a blast of fire from her blade as it collided with the tornado.

Hinata swiped her sword disbursing the attack. "That was impressive… for a young child," said Hinata from behind Momo, while licking her ear sexuality.

Senna flash stepped behind Hinata, and knocked her away from Momo with the ring side of her staff, before thrusting the sharp end at her, Hinata knocked it away before slashing a cut into Senna's face. Senna grunted in pain, but ignored it and continued to battle Hinata. Momo joined the battle as both women tried to put the female Arrancar on the defensive, but Hinata was effortlessly blocking both of their attacking with just her Zanpakto.

Senna charged and stabbed at Hinata, but Hinata stopped it with just her hand, only for Momo to unleash a point blank fire attack at Hinata. Hinata opened her mouth and unleashed a bala at the attack. The attacks exploded knocking the three women apart from each other.

"Senna move back!" yelled Momo making hand signs (1), before stopping her eyes snapped open and glowed pink before she unleashed a blast of a super charged fire at Hinata.

Hinata brought her sword to block, but the attack was powerful enough to brake though the block and hit Hinata square in her chest ripping away a bit of her uniform, before she hit the ground with a yell.

Momo looked at the creator. She and Senna both knew that it would take a lot more then that to kill an Arrancar of her level with such a weak attack.

Senna panted as she looked At Momo"Is that bitch dead Momo?" asked Senna preparing to attack.

Momo shuck her head. "Hard to tell Senna-chan," said Momo

Hinata rose from the crater and dusted her shoulders off. "Far from it little girls," said Hinata looking at Momo and Senna.

Suddenly Hinata's reitsu skyrocketed, before she busted from the crater and flow at the girls, Momo thrust her blade at Hinata, but Hinata bent out of the way and slashed Momo across her chest. The cut went from her left shoulder to her right hip and it was deep. Momo let out a scream of pain as she hit the ground. Senna glared at Hinata.

"Your going to pay for that Bitch!" yelled Senna charging at Hinata.

Hinata smiled, before using Soindo to appear behind the other girl. "Am I now you little cunt?" said Hinata slashing at Senna.

The blade passed though a flash clone. Hinata looked at her blade and noticed that it had a small spot of blade on it. Senna appeared next to Momo holding her arm which had a deep cut, as Momo stood on shaky legs. Hinata glared at the two girls.

"I can't believe my Naruto warms his bed with two weak sluts like you! I'll just have to kill you to get him to see a real woman," said Hinata

Hinata flow at the two girls with unmatched speed. As she was about to cut into Momo's face with her sword a hand shot out and stopped the blade as it landed on the shoulder of the girls savior.

"Captain Uzuamki!" said a shocked Momo as Naruto freed his own Zanpakto and cut Hinata's chest.

Hinata backed away holding her chest and looked at Naruto with a grin. "Hello lover. I see you want me, badly. I'm getting wet just thinking about what your going to do to me," said Hinata licking the tip of her sword.

Naruto growled, but didn't respond to them. "Momo, Senna are you two alright?" asked Naruto.

"Only minor injures for Me Captain, but Momo-san is injured heavily," said Senna holding her hands to Momo's wounds.

Naruto looked at Momo, as she held her chest and was breathing slowly. He needed to get her out of there, but he couldn't not with Hinata there. Hinata looked like she was about to charge again, when a hand appeared on her shoulder.

"Hinata-chan that's enough. The message has been sent," came a voice that Hinata knew all to well and a voice Naruto didn't want to hear at all

She looked behind her and smiled. "Hello Nexus-sama," said Hinata.

Nexus stood there with that same grin on his face. "Hello Naruto-san. It's been a while. You seem to have gotten stronger," said Nexus putting his hand on his chin.

Naruto grinned a merciless grin. "Allow me to SHOW YOU NEXUS!" yelled Naruto.

Naruto freed his second sword and flow at Nexus with the intent to murder. Nexus freed his own sword, blocking Naruto's attack, both warriors flow backwards into the field and into a large rock, making smoke rise.

Nexus appeared atop a rock, and blocked a slash that Naruto aimed at his neck, and was slashed across his chest from the second sword of his. Nexus jumped back and wiped at the blood. Nexus vanished and appeared with a Cero in his hand. He fired the Cero at Naruto. Naruto brought up his second blade and blocked the attack, before knocking it back at Nexus.

Nexus held out his hand and stopped the attack, but it didn't completely stop. It grinded into his hand for a few minutes before stopping. Nexus clenched his fist to stop it from smoking.

"Impressive. I look forward to the day we can fight at full power Naruto," said nexus as he opened a portal and he and Hinata stepped though.

"Why did you stop master?" asked Hinata.

Nexus smirked as he looked at his hand. It was bleeding, and had large cuts and burns. "It's to eailry for the party to start. It's almost time Hinata. I can't wait for the war," said Nexus confusing Hinata.

(back with Naruto, Momo and Senna)

Naruto sheathed his swords and ran over to Momo, he breathing was shallow, and she was gripping her sword tightly. She was losing to much blood. Naruto cursed.

"Senna take her sword," said Naruto as Senna nodded. He grabbed her robe. "Forgive me Momo," said Naruto as he ripped it off leaving her chest to fall free. If this hadn't been a serious matter he would have commented on her bust size.

Naruto had learned a bit of healing Kido while he was still a lt in the second Divison. He just hoped it was enough to heal Momo.

"Lord Who governs life and Death, take the power of destruction, and lend me the power of it's sister creation, give me the power to save the innocent. Healing Hado 16: Governing hands!" yelled Naruto as his hands glowed blue and he placed them on momo's scar.

Momo opened her eyes and looked at Naruto, but to her it was like looking at an Icon who was to far beyond her reach. "Naru.. I lo… started Momo only to black out.

(some time later)

Momo sat up straight in a bed and gasped. She looked around and realized that she was in her quarters at the Fourth Division barracks. The Fourth Division had special rooms for Lts and Captains. She noticed her left arm was in a sling, she had bandages wrapped around her head, and her hair was out of it's bun.

"I see your awake," came a voice from the door.

Momo looked and smiled as her captain walked into the room. "Captain how are you?" asked Momo looking at Naruto. He was wearing a blue leisure Kimono, with a fox and his two swords.

Naruto smiled sadly at her, before he kneeled next to her and took her hand in both of his. "I should be asking you that Momo. I thought I had lost you there. You've been in and out of conciseness for days now. I thought you would die," said Naruto smiling at her.

Momo shuck her head. "I won't die. You give me the strength to live on," said Momo blushing, before she looked into her captains eyes. The eyes she had come to love. "Naruto I… I don' know how to say this, but I …lo," started Momo only to be stopped by Naruto.

"Momo before you utter those words be sure of them," started Nartuo. Naruto saw she was about to protest so he continued. "Momo, Toshiro told me how you spilled your heart to Aizen, How you confessed your love to him. I want you to be sure of what your going to say and if you truly wish to give your heart to a married man," said Naruto.

Momo closed her eyes and began to think about it.

(Flashback- academy years)

The little girl walked up and blushed as she looked at Naruto as she took his hand. "My name is Momo Hinamori. Nice to meet you Naruto-kun," said the girl as she backed up after shaking his hand.

She remembered those day. He had been cute to her.

"Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bares the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south! Kido 31 Red flame cannon!" yelled Renji and Naruto at the same time.

A red fireball shot out both their hands and went straight for the Hollow. The Hollow jumped into the air.

"Momo now, while you have a clear shot!" yelled Naruto

"Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bares the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws! Kido 33 Blue Flame, Crash Down!" yelled Momo firing a ball of blue flames from her left palm and hitting the Hollow in the back.

The Hollow fell to the ground only for Renji and Naruto to rush up to it and cut in 4 pieces. In the shape of an X.

"Wow you guys are amazing?" said Momo running up to her friends.

Naruto ruffled her hair while smiling at her. "You were amazing too Momo-chan. As were you Renji," said Naruto.

"Of course were good, were the best of the Advanced class, and I'm the best of the best," said Renji pointing to himself with his sword over his shoulder and a shit eating grin on his face.

She remembered that time as well. Naruto was her best friend and comrade. He had also saved their lives that day, looking back she realized that she had become dependent on those two. Renji and Naruto

(Flashback- Starting their duties)

Momo and Aizen stood in the 5th squads meditation Garden training when Naruto appeared. Momo stopped her training and gave Naruto a hug.

Aizen smiled at the scene before him. "Ah to be young and in love," said Aizen without Momo or Naruto hearing him

"Naruto-kun what are you doing here?" asked Momo grabbing on to Naruto's arm.

"I'm here to ask you to come on patrol with me. I also would like a word with Aizen in private," said Naruto.

She realized that even then Naruto was trying to protect her, not because they had feelings for each other, but because he was her friend. Momo had a tear fall from her eye as she grabbed Naruto's shirt and nodded into his shirt.

"I'll give you my heart, and even if your wives can't accept me into their hearts.

Naruto hugged her gently. Rukia adores you, Soifon speaks highly of your skills, and Nanao is one of your best friends. I'm sure everything will be alright," said Naruto

Momo nodded, before giving Naruto a kiss on the cheek.

Naruto stood up fully, smiled at Momo, and flash stepped away.

(With Sasuke)

Sasuke had a cigarette in his mouth. He rarely smoked, but when he did it was for thinking proposes. He had heard about what had happened as was a bit concerned about it, but he would have to stop thinking about everything as Naruto walked past him. Sasuke put the bud out and followed his former commander.

"How is Hinamori-san and Senna-san?" asked Sasuke.

"They'll be fine. Just some mild wounds," said Naruto.

Sasuke Nodded and pulled out a scroll. "While you were busy playing I got some information. A large group of Hollow have been seen in and Around Konoha. It has to do with our old teammate Sakura.," said Sasuke stopping Naruto.

"What is it about her?" asked Naruto looking at Sasuke.

"She's close to Death. I've requested to be the one to leave. Captain Uzumaki has given me leave to go," said Sasuke.

"I'll go as well. If the unit that was put together is dispatched then they can handle it, we have to leave. Get Tenten and Gaara. I'll handle the paperwork for the mission," said Naruto.

(with Nexus, Orochimaru, Hinata, and Kane)

Orochimaru throw a Chair into a wall and it shattered. He turned his snaky Eyes towards his Master. They had been in a meeting for a few hours, before this happened.

Orochimaru pointed at nexus. "You mean to tell Me you had that little Fox bastard in your sights and you allowed him to live!" yelled Orochimaru, unleashing Reitsu.

"Yes I did. It is my choice to do so," said Nexus raising a brow at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru's eyes widened. "That little bastard is a threat to us and we need to end him, before he becomes to strong!" yelled Orochimaru.

Kane looked at his leader. "For once I agree with the snake. He should have been killed a long time ago," said Kane.

Hinata looked at both of them. "How dare you two! Nexus-sama has his reasons for doing what he does and he need not run his choices by the two of you first! He is our master!" yelled Hinata flaring her reitsu.

Orochimaru glared at Hinata. "Hush girl. I brought you to life I can take it away!" yelled Orochimaru.

"No you won't. Orochimaru you are no longer my second. Hinata will take your place, and if you try anything I'll end your life," said Nexus narrowing his eyes and allowing them to turn purple.

Orochimaru flinched, and backed away. "Of course My Lord," said Orochimaru.

"Dismissed," said Nexus.

Both Kane and Orochimaru bowed before leaving.

"We will have to keep a close eye on them," said Nexus.

"I'll put Cotan on it at once my lord," said Hinata bowing and leaving to her personal quarters.

(In Orochimaru's lab-some time later)

Orochimaru looked at his notes on his small computer with many windows with date floating around as Kane stood off to the side.

Kane growled. "What do you want Orochimaru? I still have things to do," said Kane.

"I have been working on a new group of Soldiers. I had intended to give them to Nexus-Sama, but now I' m rewriting the program to make them loyal to Me alone," said Orochimaru laughing lightly.

Kane flashed forword and put a claw around Orochimaru's neck. "Where does that leave me and Hinata?" asked Kane.

Orochimaru looked at kane, before prying his claw off his throat. "Hinata can be reprogrammed at any given moment. I am still her Arrancar father. As for you I would kill you unless you allied with me, and not Nexus," said Orochimaru.

Kane nodded. "I understand, but don't forget that we are still enemies," said Kane.

Orochimaru chuckled. "I expect nothing Less Kane El Beast," said Orochimaru hitting a button.

On the other side of the room 3 containers opened up, and three figures stepped out of it.

(Wave country)

In a small house a man with looked like a combination of Renji and Naruto awakened, opening red eyes and looked at the blue ceiling.

"Where Am I?" asked Kyubi sitting up.


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