April 9th, 2014

I can't believe it's been five years since I started this thing. That's absolutely ridiculous, and it's ridiculous how many of you kept up with it, and reviewed, and even bothered to read 27 chapters of whatever I thought this was. Thank you so much. I doubt many if anyone is still paying attention, because it's been, what, two years since I updated, but as much as I'd love to keep this going I have other priorities.

That said, I'm about to be a huge annoyance and ask anyone who's still out there for a massive favor. Since I put this thing up over a hundred thousand people have seen it - that's crazy. In about three months, I'm headed to Haiti with someone I love for a volunteer project - you can read about it if you search up Volunteers for Peace. It costs about a thousand dollars each to volunteer, and another thousand each for a plane ticket. We're trying to raise as much of the money through donation as possible, while each working a minimum wage job - so if you or anyone you know would be willing to provide any amount, it would help immensely. Private message me about it, and if you'd like I can also send you back a quick summary of how this story was supposed to end since I don't plan on updating. Thanks so much.


Over three hundred people have seen this in the past month - if all of you donated just ten dollars each, we would reach our goal. What's ten dollars?

You can go to www dot youcaring dot com /mission-trip-fundraiser/helping-me-help-in-haiti/162771