A.N-I thought about this and couldn't let it go, so I decided to write it. It may be a little lame, but oh well. The first one is Beckendorf, since he was the first one to die. It'll be him, Silena, and Luke. Since I don't know Beckendorf and Silena's mortal parents' names, I'll be making them up. No one's P.O.V.

Hephaestus walked grimly to his son's mother's house. He, Aphrodite, and Hermes had decided to tell their deceased children's mortal parents what had happened themselves. After being told by Hades that Beckondorf was in Elysium, he'd went to Mary Beckondorf's house in New Zealand. He was wearing a black shirt that said I Work Out and gray pants. He looked just the way he had when he met Mary, only making himself a little older. He sighed and knocked on the door of the little house.

Mary answered immediately. She looked up at him, surprised. She saw his grim expression and tears gathered in her eyes. But she blinked them back and opened the door wider so he could come in. That was what had caught his attention, after her beauty. She was African American, so she was black. She had bark brown hair and laughing dark green eyes. But she was strong, and just brushed aside the cruel things said to her. That was why he admired her.

You wouldn't think so, though, because Hephaestus saw the question in her eyes, but there was no hope. He'd pop in every once in a while, but usually didn't come, so Mary knew this was important. They sat on the sofa and, in a small, quivering voice, she asked,

"Where's our boy?" Hephaestus sighed and scooted a little closer. He looked at her and said,

"Elysium." She choked back a sob. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and smoothed her skirt. Still in a small voice, she asked again,

"That's where those who died heroes go, right? Our boy's a hero?" He nodded and said softly,

"Yes. He was a good boy, Mary. You raised him just right." She let a few sobs escape then leaned on Hephaestus's shoulder. The god was surprised, but let her stay there. He could feel his shirt getting wet, but he let her cry, too. Beckondorf had been her only child, and she doted on him, but made sure he understood that life could be cruel, and often was. And now he was gone.

"What about that girl he had been dating? She was a half-blood too, wasn't she? Who's daughter is she?"

"Silena Beauregard's mother is Aphrodite. She died a hero too. They're together." Mary got up and said,

"Ironic, isn't it, Hephaestus? Aphrodite is cruel, treating you like that. But she had a good daughter. Made our boy laugh and smile more. Never seen him happier. I hope they're happy now." Hephaestus put his arm around her carefully, but left it there when Mary didn't flinch or move away. The god of blacksmiths nodded and would even admit that maybe a tear formed in his eye.

"I'm sure they are, Mary. I'm sure they are."