Hermes, god of messengers, roads, thieves and mischief, walked toward May Castellen's house, dreading how his love would take the news.

He knocked on the door, and May opened it. She looked up at him and beamed. "Hermes!" she cried and then threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. He returned it. May led him into the house, jabbering on how Luke had been here a few days ago and how sad it was Hermes missed him. The god stopped her rambling by taking her hand and leading into the living room, sitting her down on the sofa. She looked at him, so full of adoration and trust, it just broke his heart.

"May, I have something to tell you. I know it will be hard, but you need to understand. It's the truth." She stared at him expectantly. Hermes sighed and cursed Kronos for making him go through this. He took a deep breathe and said softly,

"May, our son is no more. Luke is dead." May stared at him still, but this time with confusion. She shook her head and said,

"No, he was here a few days ago. He can't be dead so soon. No, Hermes, you're mista-" she cut off, crying out in pain, then falling forward. Her beautiful eyes turned that horrible green color and she rasped out in a voice not her own,

"My son! His fate, fulfilled. Horrible fate, can't prevent. Horrible!" She turned to Hermes, grabbing his shoulders. "No! My son, dead! Horrible, cursed fate! Curse him who interferes! But not him, not my son!" Then she collapsed on the floor, breathing heavy. Then, a green mist surrounded her. It flowed from her mouth, and then took a shape. Hermes looked closely and was surprised to see his brother, Apollo. Then he got angry. It was because of his dam Oracle that his May was like this, forcing their son to run away and join Kronos, ending in his death.

"Apollo! What's happening to her?!" Apollo sighed and said in a serious voice,

"The Oracle's powers are leaving her. Hades's curse has been lifted."

"Curse?" Hermes asked. Was that why the Oracle's spirit couldn't transfer, because Hades had cursed her?

Apollo shrugged. "That's what Jackson said. Anyway. There is a new Pythia. May will be the same as she was before she tried to become the Pythia." He paused, but then continued "She'll be the woman you fell in love with, Hermes." The thief god was speechless. Then he sighed.

"If only Luke could be here to see what a good woman she was." The sun god nodded, and then he-and the green mist-dispersed, leaving May on the floor. Hermes leaned down and picked her up and placed her on the sofa.

Hermes was shocked to see her. Her hair was the beautiful blond it had been when he'd met her, less bright, but not gray either. And her eyes were now blue. She looked up at Hermes and tears gathered,

"Luke is d-dead? G-gone?" Hermes nodded. She let the tears flow and flung herself at him. He caught her and held her tight. She cried and cried, as did he. To be honest, Luke and May were his favorite. He loved all his other children and their mothers, of course, but those two were special. So he held her there, whispering he would be rewarded in the Underworld. If he could have one wish, it would be for Luke to see his parents like this, crying for him, mourning for him. Then he would know for sure they loved him. But, for some reason, Hermes had a feeling Luke knew it.