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Great. The family has gone hunting and I'm stuck here alone with Bella and Emmett. Emmett isn't so bad, but he can be a total douche when he is around Bella. Like he has something to prove, I don't know. Bella, on the other hand, still calls to me. Not just her blood. That's what everybody thinks, but it's far from the truth. I just use the blood thing as my excuse to stay away from her.

In reality, her body called to me more than anything. Her beautiful long brown hair, her deep chocolate eyes, her full pink lips. The way her soft curves line her frame. The shape of her breasts and her ass. God. The things she has me thinking about her and the things I want to do to her. The things Edward WON'T do to her or for her. He doesn't realize how truly lucky he is to have her wanting it, craving it from him.


I swear to God. Bella is a temptress and she doesn't even know it. Her body is hot. She's beautiful. And she's got that innocent vixen thing going on. Just because she doesn't act out, doesn't mean she doesn't have any dirty thoughts going through that pretty little head. Hell, I bet she'd be a freak.

Jasper just stares at her like he's going to eat her. I'm not as big of a moron as he thinks everybody is. I know he wants her. He forgets that his emotions radiate to people around him. It's usually just when he's alone with Bella. But, for some reason, it slips quite a bit when I'm around. I guess he doesn't really think about it enough to notice me around. Today, though, he is really putting off the sexy vibes around Bella.

Edward needs to fuckin' let his balls drop and give it to her already. Her body is practically begging to get fucked. Hell, I just kind of want to taste her. She's so shy, though. I bet she probably doesn't even know what to do with herself. Or anybody else. Hey! Maybe Jazz and I should give her a few pointers. Hmmm.....

"Hey Jasper. I need to have a word with you little bro." I called to him as I ran up to my room. A few seconds later, he was at my door knocking.

"What do you want to talk with me about?" He asked.

I grinned like the Chesire Cat. "I say we tutor Bella."

He gave me a perplexed look. Yeah, I know big words, a-holes.

"What do you mean, tutor her? She's one of the smartest people that I know, human or otherwise." He said, obviously fucking clueless.

I ran my hand over my face. "Look, I see how you fucking check her out, bro. You look at her like you're about to bend her over and fuck her senseless at any time."

He opened his mouth to interrupt, but I continued. "See, the way I look at it, we both want a piece of that. We don't want to hurt the people we love, but what they don't know won't hurt them, right? Besides, she needs to know what to do if she's ever going to get with Eddie Boy."

He looked horrified. "We. We can't do anything to her, Emmett. That's absurd. How the hell would we even go about propositioning her? 'Hey, Bella, we're going to teach you how to fuck and suck a vampire?' I don't think so."

I laughed. "Leave the propositioning to me. But, if you don't want in on the action, I'll be more than happy to help her."

He looked almost pained. Like, if he didn't get in that, he would die or something. "Okay. I'll help. But, remember, this is for HER benefit. Not ours. We have the pleasure of our mates."

I nodded. "True. But, you might need to use some of your emotional powers to help her out. Not to manipulate her, but to help her open up a little. You know how shy she is."


I took a deep breath and walked back toward Edward's room where Bella was. I was shaking with anticipation. Emmett told me he was going to give me a few minutes to go to her and make her feel comfortable.

I knocked on the door. "Bella? Can I come in?"

I opened the door, not waiting for her answer, and found her laying on the bed on her stomach, reading a book. Her perfectly rounded ass was sticking up in the air, her feet kicking back and forth. When she saw me, she smiled widely. "Hey Jazz. What's up?" If she only knew...

"Oh, nothing. Just seeing how my favorite human was today." I shot her a wide smile. She blushed. How perfect her blush was.

"Well, I'd say you were my favorite vampire, but I know a certain one that might get mad about that." She giggled.

"Edward?" I asked her, chuckling.

She laughed. "No, Alice." I was laughing now, and then Emmett comes in.

"Whatcha' up to kiddies?" He plopped down on the bed.

"Oh, nothing. Jazz was telling me how I was his favorite human." She winked at me, and I felt my dead heart flutter.

Emmett shot me a look. A knowing look. "So, Bella. I have a proposition for you. Well, Jasper and I do. You are free to say no, but please hear us out."

I felt like running the fuck away. This is going to end badly. I know it. She's going to freak the fuck out and tell Edward, who will cut off my dick, and that will cause Alice to freak the fuck out, and kill Edward. A vicious circle.

"Shoot." She said, a little leary of what we wanted.

Emmett beamed. "I know that you are wanting to bed our bro." Bella blushed a deep crimson. "We want to help you with your.... sexuality. So to speak."

She gave me a look and I nodded. If I could blush and die of embarrassment, I would. "What do you mean, exactly? And don't give me a half-assed version either. I want to know exactly what you mean."

I wasn't expecting that reaction. At all. Maybe this won't be a giant cluster fuck after all.

"Well, Jasper and I are going to show you how to explore your body, and ours. Get used to the sexual feelings you have. We want you to feel like you're wanted. We want you to know how good you can feel and make Edward feel."

I gave her an apologetic look, but she looked like she was seriously pondering the thought. "So, you're telling me, basically, that you want to make me come, and vice versa?" She grinned. She fucking grinned. I felt my dick get hard instantly. Dirty girl she is.

Emmett laughed. "Well, yeah. What are your limitations? What do you want us to do to you? Because, honestly, this is about you and only you. Sure, we get a little satisfaction out of pleasuring you, and vice versa, but we will only go as far as you let us."

She looked thoughtful again, and grinned. "Okay, let's cut the bullshit. I broke my own hymen with a vibrator when I was 15. So, I don't have to worry about any of you taking my virginity. So, with that being said, Emmett, I want you to go down on me and me on you. Then, I want Jasper to fuck me. There's just something about him that makes me hot. Like he might lose control and that thrills me to no end."

Oh sweet Jesus. I'm going to come before I get into her. Her face broke into a frown though. "When is everybody supposed to come back? And how are you guys going to keep this from the girls? Hell, from Edward?"

I interjected. "We will block our thoughts. Alice hasn't been able to see anything when it comes to you for some reason, therefore we should be safe of any visions." I winked at her and she blushed.

"How do we start?" She asked.


I crawled over to her and picked her up to stand before me. I stood up and looked down into her eyes.

"You are beautiful, Bella. And, you're not that fragile that you will break if you are kissed properly." I was inching my face closer to her and her eyelids fluttered shut. I placed my lips on hers and her lips slowly parted, granting me access. I rubbed my hands up and down her sides, and up to her face, cradling it in my hands. I waved Jasper over and stepped back.

He looked hesitant and his eyes were glazing over at the same time. He turned Bella toward him, and tilted his head a little, not yet bringing his lips to hers. I wanted to just smash their faces together so he'd fucking get on with it. I know he's been waiting for this day for awhile.

Her eyes were closed, but her breathing was picking up. I finally realized where his hands were. The smooth mother fucker was unbuttoning her shirt. Nice. His hands were steady and the more the buttons were coming undone, the more of her delicious chest was exposed to me.


I had never wanted anybody more than I wanted Bella at this moment. Not even Alice. Yes, I love Alice, with my whole heart. But, this right here, with her, is nothing but pure, raw, uninhibited sexual want. And, I was going to have her. She made that very clear in her intentions.

So, here I am, unbuttoning her shirt, my lips not even an inch from hers, smelling her sweet breath as her body trembled. She wasn't scared. Her emotions were crazy with lust. Pure lust. And we were going to make her feel very, very good. I would make absolutely sure of that.

As I got the last button undone, I heard Emmett groan in response. I took a moment to peak down at the perkiness of her breast, that were definitely not in a bra and holy shit. Yeah, I'm rock hard. Maybe that's an understatement. Finally, I gave into what I wanted the most right now. I finally let my lips graze her own. And the feeling was fucking phenomenal. Hers were now moving against mine, and I let my hands move to her breasts, tweaking her peaks, causing her to moan into my mouth. I pulled back and licked my fingers and continued my ministrations. Watching her as I did my work. Her eyes were closed and her mouth parted slightly. Emmett took that opportunity to kiss her. I took the opportunity to latch my mouth on her her soft mounds. I pulled back and let him step in front as he undid her pants. I stood behind her, pulling off her shirt from her arms and kissed her neck and back while I played with her chest.

Emmett kissed his way down to her pubic bone. I could smell her arousal and it was delicious. More potent than her blood could ever be. A part of me knew this was so wrong, but the majority of me was screaming that it was so right. I heard her pants fall completely to the floor and she kicked them off. Her underwear soon followed and then she was naked to us. Exposed. Vulnerable. Beautiful. I heard Emmett growl and I looked around to see what the problem was. She was shaved. Completely. Holy God.

Emmett gave me a look and I leaned down and gathered Bella's legs with my hands, pulling her legs apart so that Emmett could have his access to her.


Holy fucking God. Between the two of them, they might ruin me for Edward. I know that Edward would never do the things they are doing to me now. And, right now, Jasper is holding me up, my arms wrapped backward behind his neck, as not to fall forward. My legs are spread wide and I can feel Emmett's cool breath right at my core. It was teasing and I was dripping. That much I could tell. I was ready to come just by his breath.

Then I felt one long cold lick from my entrance to my clit. Then again. I moaned loudly.

"Do you like what he's doing to you, Bella?" Jasper whispered in my ear, turning me on even more.

I simply nodded. "I can't hear you Bella. I want to hear how good it feels to you." He growled in my ear. I shuddered. He was kissing my shoulders and my neck. Nibbling on my ear lobe.

Meanwhile, Emmett's lips and tongue were killing me. In a good way. I would hear him moan into my core everytime he would suck on my juices, which were spilling from me freely. Between what Emmett was doing to me down there, and the words Jasper were telling me with his sexy southern accent, I didn't have a prayer, and I loved it. Nobody existed in this moment. Nobody but us.

I looked down at Emmett. His eyes burning up into me. He reached up and grabbed my breasts, tweaking my nipples as he licked me. I moaned and arched. He felt so good that I didn't know if I could hold out much longer.

"Touch your clit, Bella." Jasper told me. With a shaky hand, I reached down to my clit and rubbed slowly. It was sweet torture. Emmett moved his tongue into my entrance, moving in and out, around, back and forth. I found myself grinding on his face, needing and aching for more. He wasn't stopping me.

"That's right, darlin'. Ride his face. Just like you're going to do to my cock later." Jasper groaned in my ear. I could fee his erection on my ass and I wanted so bad to get on it. But I knew that would have to wait until later. Who knew Jasper was such a freak? It's always the quiet ones.

So, here I am. My legs spread, open and ready, hot and dripping, riding Emmett's tongue while he fondles my chest and I play with my clit. My breathing was getting more shallow as I felt the coil in my stomach getting stronger.

"Ride his tongue, Bella. I want to feel your body shaking when you come." Jasper growled. Holy God. If he doesn't stop I'll come right now. I liked this torture. Not coming yet, and holding it in. Letting it build. I could've came a long time ago, but I don't want to. I love this torture, it is too sweet to let it go.

I could feel my hips bucking in circles. Emmett moved his hands to my ass and was making me fuck his face. His hands were rocking me back and forth on his tongue harder and faster, making me pant his name. He was moaning into my pussy and the vibrations were delicious.

"Fucking come, Bella. On his face. Do. It. Now." Jasper gritted through his teeth, and bit gently on my neck. I let go.

"Emmett!" I screamed, bucking fiercely on his face, as he was still guiding my hips down onto him, not giving up on me. Not slacking off. Making me come all over him. My fingers were still dancing on my clit, rubbing ferociously, making my juices flow freely. My back was arched and my head was on Jasper's shoulder as Emmett was now lapping up all of the extras that he let slip out. Moaning and growling the whole time. I was euphoric.


I didn't want to stop eating her pussy. It was the sweetest tasting thing I'd ever had in my life, even sweeter than Rosalie. That's saying something. How she let me rock her hips down onto my face was the biggest turn on. I just wanted to bury my face there and never return. When she came, it was so fierce and so hard that it was all over my face and down my neck, drenching the collar of my shirt, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

When I pulled back, I nodded at Jasper to let her down. He turned her around and lifted her legs around his waist. He reached his hand behind her, entering her core from behind with his fingers. Her head lulled back and he sucked on her chest as he was fingering her.

I got in her ear as I was undressing. "Let him make you feel good, baby doll." She moaned and whimpered. "That's right. Come for him. Come on his fingers, Bella. Pretend it's his cock and come."

With that, she screamed and arched back, riding his fingers as he licked her chest, still pushing her over the edge of oblivion. She's a screamer. I like that.

He finally let her go and she turned to me. "I-I don't know what to do." She stammered.

I smirked. "Just do what feels natural to you, Bella. You can't hurt me, so don't worry. Just... pretend it's a popsicle."

She giggled and nodded. "Do you want to sit down or stand up?" She asked. I just stayed standing up.

With that, she dropped to her knees and took my length in her hand. I twitched under her touch. In all reality, going down on her made me completely hot and I was ready to blow at any moment.

"Just lick it, and kiss it, and suck it into your mouth. Whatever you feel natural at.... Oh my God." I whispered at the end.

"Mmmm." She moaned on my cock. Jesus, where did she learn that? She was bobbing on it like a pro, working her tongue at the same time she was sucking, it felt amazing. She barely grazed her teeth coming up to the tip of my shaft, making me hiss with pleasure. I looked down at her and she was looking up at me. It was so fucking sexy.

She pulled up and popped my head at the end, which felt like heaven and hell, because I didn't want her to stop yet.

"I want you to hold onto my head or my hair. Guide me." She said, her voice husky. Fuuuuck. She doesn't have to ask me twice!

Before I knew it, she was basically attacking my dick with her luscious mouth. Fuckin' A. I balled her hair up in my fist and thrust lightly as not to hurt her. She was moving her head back and forth, moaning on my dick, causing vibrations to run through me. Her warm mouth was like nothing I'd ever experienced, but everything I hoped it would be. "God, Damn. Touch yourself Bella. While you're sucking me. I want you to touch yourself. I'm not going to last long." I said through gritted teeth.

I heard her hands snaked down to her bare core and soon heard whimpers and moaning. I felt her body rocking and looked down to see she was riding her hand. Jesus. That's the hottest shit I've ever seen. Rose doesn't even do that shit. And she's dirty.

She must've been coming because she was letting out high pitched squeals as she was swallowing my cock. She took all of it and didn't even gag. Sweet Jesus. She screamed and her rocking became more fevered and that was my undoing.

"Bella. I'm gonna'.... Oh geez. I can't..." I wheezed out. I tried to pull her back so I could come, but she wasn't having it.

She latched her hands around my waist and took it all. I shot into her waiting hot mouth and drained into her throat. She took it like a champ, swallowing ever ounce that I gave to her. I don't think I'd ever come so hard in my life.


Bella is so fucking hot. I was trying not to stare at her sucking my brother's cock, but I couldn't look away at her mouth. Her MOUTH. Oh god. Then she was fucking herself with her fingers. The way she was bouncing up and down and grinding. It was torture on my cock.

Once she was done, she raised up and held up a finger. I looked at her, confused when she ran to the bathroom. I chuckled when I heard the water to the faucet turn on and heard the toothbrush running over her teeth. Thank God.

She came back and blushed. "Sorry. Didn't think you'd want to kiss me after swallowing his come."

"You thought right. Thanks." I smirked. My eyes roamed hungrily over her body. I bit my lip as she inched closer to me.

"I want you to take me, Jasper. On my bed." She growled. Shit, woman. You don't have to tell me twice.

She lifted my t-shirt off of my body and kissed and licked my scars that were on my chest and shoulders. I groaned at the feeling. Nobody has ever taken the time to love me this way. It made my icy heart melt a little.

I started undoing my jeans and slid them down with my boxers. When she looked down she gasped. At my size, I presume. Nobody ever took me for being so well hung. What can I say? I'm blessed.

I heard her growl as she dropped down and started sucking me into her mouth. I didn't want to go this way. I wanted to go in her. In her tight core.

I stood her up and carried her over to the bed. Emmett sat in the chair across the room. It actually wasn't creepy, which is a shock. I'm not one for a crowd like he would be.

I lay her down gently, leaning back to take in her body. She was gorgeous. I leaned in and kissed her lips and then trailed down to her breasts. I like them. A lot. Then I kissed my way down to her core. I had to taste it. I just had to.

I didn't waste time. I buried my face in her pussy. It smelled so good. She tasted even better. Her hands shot to my hair and she rocked her hips into my face. I groaned at her eagerness. But, I wouldn't let her come like that. I kissed my way back up to her lips and she whimpered when she lost contact with me. I smirked and she pouted. I leaned in and kissed her lips gently. Her legs stayed spread for me and I found the tip of my dick at her entrance.

I looked to her to read her expression. Her eyes stayed hooded and she licked her lips in anticipation. I quickly thrust into her and she moaned my name. It was like heaven. Her warmth was like nothing else. I kept my pace quick and even and she growled.

"If you don't fuck me like you mean it, I'm going to have Emmett take over." She spat. Damn, woman. I heard ya'.

I growled and my thrusting increased. "Oh shit." I muttered. "You feel fucking fantastic, Bella. So tight."

"Jasper. Oh God. Please. I want to come. Please let me come." She moaned.

I flipped her around and set her up on her knees. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "You want me to fuck you, Bella? You want me to make you come all over my big cock? Is that want you want?"

"Oh God yes." She mewed.

I growled as I pounded into her. We were straight up fucking. No sweet kisses. No gentle petting. It was raw and it was fast and it was hard. Just how she wanted it.

I felt her tightening. "Don't you dare come yet, Isabella. You wait until I tell you to come."

"P-please." She whimpered. Then her voice turned husky and she turned her head to look toward me. "I want your big juicy cock to come in my pussy. Can you do that for me, Jazz?"

Oh hell. I picked up my pace, nearly going at vampire speed and she was now screaming with pleasure.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit." She kept repeating. "YES! RIGHT THERE!" She literally screamed as I hit her G-spot repeatedly.

And within seconds, she was coming all over me, and I in her. It was like an explosion and I noticed Emmett was twitching over in his chair, his dick in his hand. I shot him a look.

"What? Sorry, dude. But, hearing her come like that, it called to me. Had zero to do with you." He stared at Bella.

I pulled out of her and she collapsed on the bed, panting and gasping. "Thank you." She said with a lazy smile.

I grinned. "Anytime, darlin'" I winked at her. I meant it. Anytime she wanted me, she could have me.

"HEY! What about me, a-holes!" Emmett said as he jumped on the bed, now dressed in boxers.


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