Title: Of Kings and Pawns

Pairing: mainly Schneizel x Lelouch (more to come)

Summary: The Order of the Black Knights has handed over their King in return for Japan. However, with Zero claimed dead and Lelouch in his grasp, Schneizel is only a couple turns away from claiming checkmate on the entire world.

Legal Disclaimer: Come on, if I owned Code Geass I would have put the Lelouch cross-dressing and all other crack dramas into the anime. So Sunrise owns everything, and all I have is this piece of fan fiction.

Warnings: M-Rated for lots of pr0n, incest, and violence.

Additional Warnings: Written in spare of the moment with OCCness and tons of grammar and spelling errors.


Chapter 1

Zero - no, Lelouch - remained silent as he listened to Milly Ashford's broadcast about his own death after the second battle for Tokyo. Zero was dead. No one would doubt the news this time, for the source had come directly from The Order of the Black Knights. His organization was well on their way of achieving their goal, liberating Japan, at the cost of their leader.

Lelouch was actually grateful for being blindfolded, for the black cloth prevented anyone from seeing the defeat reflected within his eyes. Though, he was quite sure Schneizel didn't need to see his face to know how he was feeling. His older brother had called check when he was at his most vulnerable. The castaway prince knew he had this coming for a long time but never expected it to happen so quickly after being betrayed again by Suzaku and then loosing his precious sister. Tears stung his eyes and he furiously tried to blink them back, not wanting to give his tormentor the satisfaction of seeing them.

Nunnally... Oh God, Nunnally... his reason to fight, to live, was now gone.

The radio was switched off and Lelouch didn't even move when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching his bound form. A gloved hand reached under his chin, lifting his head. The Britannian boy knew that if the blindfold were to be removed, he would be staring up at the undefeated Second Prince.

'Do not underestimate the White King.'

"You should have trusted me then," Schneizel spoke as he brushed his fingers over the blindfold, "it would have saved you the pain and humiliation of being betrayed by your former subordinates."

As much as he attempted, Lelouch was unable to jerk his head away. "And you should have just let the Black Knights use real ammunition. What was the purpose of capturing me alive?"

He had been surprised back onboard the Ikaruga when his Knights hit him with rubber rounds rather than lead. Instead of blood, there were only bruises. The shots had stunned him; left him incapacitated, and even prevented him from breathing properly until he was dragged away by Britannian Soldiers.

"It is because I still have a use for you, Lelouch."

One of Schenizel's fingers lazily stroked his jaw line, and the touch alone made him seethe. His brother always looked down on him. Just like their damned father.

"And what is that?" the bound boy spat angrily, "turn me over to the Emperor for some sort of reward?" Turn him over, just like Suzaku had during the Black Rebellion. His father was still most likely still after C2; but she currently wasn't in the right frame of mind to come to his rescue like before.

Soft laughter made Lelouch flinch involuntary when he felt the warmth of his jailer's breath against his throat. Schneizel must be leaning forward. If only... if only the blindfold were gone, he would have had a perfect chance to use his Geass.

"Little brother," the Second Prince whispered almost affectionately, "you are my reward."

Nothing could have prepared Lelouch for what happened next, and he would have gasped out loud in surprise if his very breath had not been stolen by Schneizel's mouth. His lips trembled upon the sudden assault, especially when a moist tongue pushed its way past them. His own tongue responded, trying to push the invader out; but the reaction had been exactly what Schneizel had wanted as he cupped the back of Lelouch's head and pulled him closer.

'Teeth,' Lelouch thought suddenly, 'bite down. Make him bleed for this!'

He was too slow. The same hand holding his chin to grab his jaw in a vice grip. He nearly gagged when the tongue pushed passed his own, to delve deeper, as if it was long enough to reach to the back of his throat. When Schneizel finally drew back and relinquished his grip, Lelouch needed a few minutes to catch his breath and his wounded pride.

"H-How dare you?!" he snarled, attempting to loosen the blindfold with jerking head movements. He cursed the strip of cloth to the very depths of hell. All he needed was just a second to look into his brother's eyes to twist his will to his own. Once that task was completed, his victory would be assured. He would make his older brother pay for this unforgivable humiliation.

"Was that your first kiss, Lelouch?" Schneizel inquired from somewhere to his right, "you can tell me."

Images of C2 flickered through his memory. That mysteriously willful woman who had claimed his first kiss was now erased, and he growled back in response. "It wasn't. Now shut up, I don't want to hear another word from you."

He heard Britannian Prime Minister make an amused 'hmph' before footsteps indicated he was now standing before him once again. Lelouch tensed. Automatically he pressed his lips together to prevent a second attack, causing him to breathe through his nose. If Schneizel's scent hadn't overwhelmed him, the hands moving to unbutton the front of his coat did.

"Very well, I am going to honor your request, Lelouch," Schneizel all but purred into his ear, "I will let my actions do the talking."

"W-What did you...?"

Lelouch swallowed nervously when no response came, and fear took a hold of him quickly at the realization he was completely at his older sibling's mercy. Indeed actions spoke louder than words. When Schneizel finished unbuttoning the top layers of his outfit, Lelouch jolted, as if he were electrocuted. A familiar tongue circled one of his nipples through thin layers of his under shirt. He quaked in his bonds as his other nipple received the same treatment, warm air - Schneizel's breath - caused the sensitive nubs to harden almost painfully.

His older sibling's intentions were now crystal clear, and Lelouch didn't know if he was shaking because of the sensations being forced upon him or out of fear for what the man intended on doing to him. He found himself biting down on his lower lip to prevent himself from voicing out embarrassing sounds. Desperately ask questions that would remain unanswered, or worse, outright begging.

He shivered when his under shirt was bunched together and raised to his collar bone. The second layer and coat were pushed passed his shoulders, as far as the bonds would allow. With his chest now exposed, Lelouch bit down harder and shivered when that wicked tongue repeated its previous ministrations against his bare skin. Teeth bit down gently, causing him to finally let loose a muffled cry.

'Why are you doing this?!' he desperately wanted to wail out loud, 'you've got what you wanted. I have lost everything! I was the one who was crushed in the end, not Britannia.'

The tongue made a wet trail down finally down to his stomach, then dipping into his navel. Lelouch shuddered and attempted to press himself firmly against the large chair he had been restrained to, in a hopeless attempt to escape. From earlier on, he knew whatever force he may apply was not sufficient enough to move the chair much less try to tip it over.

Thankfully, the oral assault ceased and there was the sound of withdrawing footsteps, causing Lelouch to breathe normally for a few minutes. Out of curiosity, the teenager quieted his harsh breathing to try and listen to what his captor was doing. There was a 'clink' noise which sounded a lot like glass followed by Schneizel's satisfied sigh. The steps drew closer again and he drew back in response.

"Hmm," he heard Schneizel murmur under his breath - which against Lelouch's skin, felt cold. Cold as ice. Oh God. He cried out for the whole world to hear, pride be damned, as Schneizel's frigid tongue made a swirling motion over his chest, before cruelly flicking an already hard nipple.

Small yelps of surprise escaped Lelouch's mouth as he began to shiver uncontrollably. His tormentor only laughed against his quivering flesh, gloved fingers rubbing soothing circles over his chest and stomach before inching downwards. Lelouch began to pant hoarsely, his head falling back upon his shoulders as heat began to gather in his groin. That same tormenting hand moved to cup the growing hardness that began to tent up between his trembling thighs.

"S-Stop!" he managed to force out, but it sounded much more like a plea to his ears than a command.

The unwanted touch, however, did not cease; rather it became aggressive drawing out long gasping moans from the prisoner. His pants started to feel restrictive, almost painful as they confined his growing arousal. Such torture was beyond what Lelouch could stand as his traitorous teenage body responded to Schneizel's silent commands.

"Sch.... Schn...Schneizel," Lelouch panted feverishly, unable to restrain his hips from bucking forwards. "Br...Brother... please!"

Please what? His mind wondered in a haze. Please stop? Please continue?

There was a deep hum against his ear, followed by the sensation of his sibling's tongue tracing the outer shell. The younger prince shuddered, unable to stop himself from making shameful whimpers that seemed to encourage his tormentor even more. It was only when he heard the zipper of his pants being lowered, did some form of sanity return. He shook his head, in attempt to clear it.

"Schneizel," he began more firmly and pleased that his voice did not waver this time, "answer me, why do this? There's nothing to gain."

Lelouch let out a small noise of protest when his pants and underwear were tugged down to his knees, exposing his manhood that was now hard and erect. How Lelouch wished he could have joined Nunnally in death like the millions of casualties who died in the second battle for Tokyo. At least, as Zero, he could have died with some dignity rather than be defiled in such a way by his enemy and executioner.

That all-knowing voice of his older brother finally spoke up after several minutes of silence. "Once again, you are mistaken, little brother. You are mine now. Purchased and paid for at the cost of one country."

He hissed as fingers gently pinched the head of his erection.

"You should be pleased, Lelouch," Schneizel spoke pleasantly, gathering a bit of pre-ejaculate with his index finger, "Zero has liberated the former Area 11 just as the Japanese hoped he would. Now, all you have to do is surrender to me. This is punishment for the sins you have committed."

Surrender?! Who did Schneizel think he was to demand such a thing?! It was his weapon of mass destruction that killed Nunnally!

'As if I would believe anymore of your lies, Suzaku!'

That's right. Suzaku had warned him, and like a fool he was, he had covered his ears and ignored the warning. He ignored the chance to save Nunnally and countless other lives that had been lost.

Did it really matter anymore? A feeble voice in his head asked. Perhaps this was his deserved punishment for all the sins he has committed beforehand. Euphie... Shirley... Kallen... Suzaku... each of them had loved him dearly, and for that affection... he had utterly destroyed them. So perhaps, the voice became sounded a bit more firm, perhaps he should accept this punishment, for now.

Meekly he responded to the kiss that claimed his lips for the second time, and he heard Schneizel make a surprised yet pleased sound of approval. Once again, the tongue entered his mouth with less force this time, and despite the still present anger, he didn't attempt to bite down.

The former student moaned into the kiss when a hand began to lazily stroke his already hard cock, while a single - gloveless - finger began to slide up between his buttocks, seeking for…

"Ah, found it," he heard his brother say over the sound of his rapidly beating heart.

He swallowed hard when that exploring digit began to tease the entrance to his body, slowly pressing inside. The raven haired prince tensed automatically. His body clenching down on the invader as his hips arched backwards in an attempt to get away. It was useless, both princes knew that. However, Lelouch remained reluctant and Schneizel was persistent as ever. The slender digit continued to probe forward until it was inserted up to the knuckle.

Panting heavily, aware that his face was as scarlet as his covered Geass eye; Lelouch tried to get use to the feeling of intrusion. He briefly recalled those few nights back at Ashford when he and Suzaku would fool around together before discovering that the brunette was caring a torch for his half sister. Those days seemed ancient, that he couldn't even remember how it felt to have his best friend inside him. Did it hurt? Was there pleasure? Or was it just awkward and wrong as this moment was?

"Try to relax," Schneizel advised him as he reached around to draw those trembling hips closer, "I'm going to add another one now."


Lelouch let out a loud hoarse groan of pain when the single digit withdrew only to be replaced with two more. Without having time to adjust, he shouted out small cries of protest when the fingers began to push further into his tight channel. To distract him from the discomfort, lips moved to descended upon the tender skin of his inner thigh; Schneizel's breath just ghosting over his neglected arousal.

"Sch...Schneizel..." he moaned while the inner voice in Lelouch's head screamed at himself in rage and disgust. "Schneizel pl...please!"

After his pitiful begging, he heard dark laughter coming from between his legs. If he hadn't lost his sanity then, he had the moment a warm and wet tongue brushed against his twitching erection. Lips teased him but did not take him in. Would not give him the release he wanted right then. He was forced to ride a tidal wave of pleasure with no end. This was truly hell itself. After a couple more seconds of wondrous torture, he felt Schneizel withdraw and fear began to ebb in the back of his mind. What if his tormentor planned on leaving him like this?

The former terrorist leader let out a small sound of relief when he felt a gentle kiss against his sweaty brow. Relief quickly transformed into surprise when the chair folded backwards, causing it's occupant to lay flat on his back. Even though all he could see was darkness from the blindfold; Lelouch could imagine the Second Prince hovering above him, looking down upon him as he always did.

"I am going to undress you now, Lelouch." Such a bold statement caused the said boy to shiver again. "Will you remain still and obedient, or do I need to call for assistance?"

The teenager tensed at the thought of a second party seeing him this degraded and turned his head away. His brother would have none of it. Fingers grasped his chin, forcing his head back to its previous position. His lips thinned into a frown before reluctantly opening to respond.

"I'll behave... Schneizel," he spoke in a defeated soft tone, "please... just make it hurt as much as possible."

The Second Prince of Britannia stared down at his younger sibling with a mixture of desire and disappointment. Lelouch was a tempting sight, as he lay half nude and restrained to the reclining chair (which he elevated to his waist level). Then there was holding power over someone like Lelouch who had been Zero. The Eleventh Prince was an enemy to the Empire which made him one of the most dangerous men in the world. One would never think so if they were to see the man behind the mask now; reduced to such a shameless and helpless state. It disappointed Schneizel to see his little brother so broken and vulnerable, but it was necessary to his upcoming plans.

True to his word, Lelouch did behave as he unbound one arm at a time to pull off the coat and long sleeved shirt that made up the top portion of Zero's outfit. The sleeveless turtleneck had to be left on. He chose not to take any chances with blindfold, so he rolled it up high to rest under the prisoner's arms. The remaining portion was much easier to remove, and soon all traces of the terrorist leader were now bundled in his hands.

"Zero, killer of royalty; it's tragic that it would turn out to be you, my own little brother."

Schneizel had meant those words when he said them. It was tragic that a promising heir such as Lelouch had become the most hated enemy of his own country. That Lelouch had allowed himself to be corrupted by Geass all for the sake of power and revenge. No, the blame couldn't fall completely on the youth's shoulders. Their father was simply unfit for the role of parent as well as ruler. Schneizel frowned as he discarded Zero's uniform onto a nearby table and picked up a small bottle of hand lotion.


He blinked at the mention of his name coming from broken boy before him. It almost sounded as if Lelouch were afraid. Of him? Doubtful. Yet Schneizel didn't respond as he freed his own aching erection. It had taken much restraint not to simply have his way when he took Lelouch with his own fingers, but it would be well worth the wait.

Lelouch was expecting an agonizing ordeal, and he would give him just the opposite. After all, he didn't trade Japan back to the Black Knights just for Britannia's revenge. Executing Lelouch who was no longer Zero would accomplish nothing; if anything it would be throwing away the only leverage against the current emperor. Lelouch's Geass, his brilliant mind, attitude, and courage … all of them were desired tools to attain what he, no, what the world needed.

After applying a liberal amount of lubricant over his manhood, Schneizel moved in between his prisoner's spread legs. Reaching down, he cupped Lelouch's buttocks and lifted his hips up and off the reclining chair. He leaned down, claiming another kiss while pressing forward. There was some resistance, of course, that tight ring of muscle remembered the previous assault and was a bit reluctant to let him in.

Sighing, Schneizel lowered his head to lap at the sensitive skin of Lelouch's throat, suckling hard enough to leave his mark. "Lelouch," he purred deeply and took notice of how the said boy started to relax a little more, "surrender to me."

Upon the second push, he was able to submerge himself quite comfortably. The blonde prince gasped at the sensation and the delicious sight of his cock disappearing within his younger brother's body. So tight and hot; Lelouch, who encouraged Schneizel to move with needy moans, felt exquisite around him.

"Good boy," he whispered huskily into the blindfolded captive's ear. He began to slowly rock his hips forward, thrusting, burying himself to the hilt. Beneath him, the young prince surrendered completely as Schneizel seemed to fill every centimeter and continued to press for more. Lavender eyes softened as they watched the boy grit his teeth in pain after one deep thrust, and began to stroke his ignored erection to distract him.

"B-Brother!" the former terrorist managed to choke out in a gasp of pleasure and disbelief.

Schneizel slowed his movements, wanting to savor this victory as long as they could both hold out. "This is your punishment," he reminded him, "I have decided to give you pleasure, more than what you can withstand."

Still hard, the Second Prince withdrew before lifting his little brother's hips even higher. The new angle would ensure maximum penetration as well stimulating that little bundle of nerves to drive Lelouch insane. A bead of sweat trickled from Schneizel's brow as he stared on in anticipation.

With this, I call check.

He re-entered Lelouch slowly, licking his suddenly dry lips when he heard the unrestrained scream of ecstasy that would have surely been heard throughout the Avalon had it not been for the sound-proof walls. Schneizel watched unblinkingly as the slender body he was dominating quaked with defeated pleasure before him. Bruises began to form as the prisoner thrashed against the restraints; but they were of little concern compared to the overwhelming sensations that came with Schneizel's cock sliding against his prostate.

Schneizel leaned forward claiming the other prince's mouth, and was pleased that his prize responded feverishly. He groaned as Lelouch provided some resistance, letting their tongues duel in a heated kiss. Tangling fingers in damp raven locks, the motion of his thrusts became more aggressive as he began to pound into the unresisting body below him.

"Lelouch," he hissed softly as he thrust one last time before spilling his seed deep within his younger brother's body. The Second Prince was glad for the blindfold. No one had seen him drop his guard. There had been other lovers in the past but none of them had the name he had called out just a few seconds ago. None of them were his prize: the captured Black King.

The boy once called Zero, was too caught up in his body's own dilemma as he was forced over the edge, drowning in his sea of pleasure that left him gasping for breath for the next several minutes. As much as Lelouch wanted to regain what was left of his dignity and demand some answers; his stamina was depleted. Behind the blindfold, his eyelids felt like they were being pulled down by lead weights and he barely registered the kiss to his temple when darkness finally claimed him.

With much reluctance, Schneizel withdrew from the unconscious prisoner and cleaned them both off using Zero's discarded shirt. He hoped Lelouch wouldn't mind, after all, he wouldn't be wearing these clothes ever again. Zero was dead after all.

He pulled the sleeveless black turtleneck back down over Lelouch's chest and retrieved the underwear and slid them back on. Tilting his he head to the side, Schneizel had to admit that Lelouch probably looked more indecent with the garments on. The material was too thin, and the sweat just made it cling to the teenager's body like a second skin. Oh, well, there was nothing to be done about it now.

Schneizel partially lifted the corner of the blindfold, to see that the Geass user was indeed knocked out, and began undoing the restraints and lifting him from the chair. Holding Lelouch close to his chest, he proceeded to the cell's door, and when it hissed open, the Second Prince was not at all surprised to see his aide waiting outside for him. Kanon Maldini only produced a dark sheet which was used to bundle up the unconscious and half naked prisoner.

"Thank you," Schneizel smiled pleasantly at the other man before proceeding to his suite. "Please have Zero's costume disposed of. No one else is to know he is onboard the Avalon."

"Of course, your highness," Kanon responded automatically, having already collected the clothing in a garment bag that would be incinerated at the appropriate time. "Judging by your brother's current state, everything is going as planned?"


Upon arriving at his quarters, Schneizel gently deposited his bundle onto the bed then stripped off the sheet. He reached out expectedly to Kanon who opened a velvet box and handed him the contents within it. The blindfold (which was now soaked in sweat and tears) was replaced with a less-scandalous alternative: an eye patch. It was one he had requested from the Research Institute when he began to suspect long ago that Zero was wielding a supernatural power.

It made the most sense that the power would have to be activated upon direct eye contact. His suspicions were confirmed after questioning the Knight of Seven, Suzaku Kururugi, after the incident at the Kururugi Shrine. Upon capturing Zero, the Second Prince was able to study the mask and found the hidden mechanism that allowed the Black Knight leader the ability to use Geass without having to expose him completely.

Hearing the loud 'click' of the clasp that locked the eye patch in place, Schneizel stepped back and gestured for his aide to follow him back out. He knew Lelouch probably did not have the time to rest after the most recent battle, and would need to sleep for the next several hours. It would be more than enough time to set the second phase of his plan in motion.


End Chapter 1

Author's Notes:

This originally turned out to be a PWP (Plot-What Plot or Poorly-Written-Pr0n) oneshot but decided against it. Anyway, I hope the characters weren't too unbelievable and will try to inject more story (more smut) into the next chapter. Now, I order you (nicely) to review this story!