Side Story: Checkmate

Pairing: Schneizel x Lelouch

Summary: Takes place in Chapter 10

Disclaimer: Sunrise owns Code Geass and all I own is this piece of fan fiction and I make no money writing this whatsoever. So please don't sue me.

Warnings: M-Rated for pr0n, incest, potty-mouth words, and Schneizel being well… Schneizel.

Additional Warnings: Written in spare of the moment, like always, so expect tons of grammar and spelling errors.


After returning from a teleconference meeting held early in the morning, Second Prince Schneizel sighed upon entering his private quarters aboard the Avalon. Behind closed and locked doors; he eagerly drops the mask worn when making arrangements with Odysseus, to express how deeply their father's death had affected him. The reign of 98th Emperor, Charles Zi Britannia, has now come to an end and his will begin within a matter of days when they reached Pendragon. Ironically, he has Zero – the Empire's mortal enemy – to thank for it.

Zero – no, Lelouch – his precious little brother and by far most valuable piece lay bed ridden in for the last several hours from a fever he obtained for foolishly standing out in the rain for so long. Being the older brother, he personally doted on Lelouch and would continue to do so once they reached home. The boy, soon to be Knight of Zero, would need to strengthen his immune system by taking care of his body. Schneizel couldn't help but smirk upon entering his bedroom… and such a lovely body it was.

Lelouch was the picture of decadence; nude, barely covered in clean white sheets, as he lay sprawled in the center of the bed. Outside, the rain had ceased, and the pale morning light illuminated his sleeping lover's flawless skin. Black hair, like raven feathers, fanned out over a pillow; and the tendrils beckoned to be touched and toyed with. Schneizel took a step forward into the room, eyes drinking in more of the sight.

Already he pictured his bare hands trailing up those long slender legs while imagining how soft and supple they would feel under his touch. Although obscured by the sheets, he imagined that not so soft velvety cock; hard and stiff, flushed pink, a stark contrast against Lelouch's pale abdomen. Higher and higher still, did his invisible hands map out the teen's chest before resting on those delightfully pink nipples. The nubs were a lighter hue than his brother's erection but no less delectable.

The Second Prince licked his suddenly dry lips as he approached quietly, removing the pin from his cravat and loosening it from around his neck. He suddenly wanted to taste those nipples again, to take one in his mouth and torment the bud using his tongue. He would tease until they would harden into stiff peaks; and from past experience, such attention caused the boy's arousal to swell almost painfully.

He stopped until he was standing at the side of the bed; eyes hungrily staring down at his little brother's beautiful and boyishly handsome face. The only thing that ruined the picture of a sleeping angel was the black eye patch that concealed that demonic eye. A miniscule part of Schneizel wanted to see if it indeed burned crimson as Suzaku had described it. However, he was content with one lovely violet eye that would stare back at him in either anger or desire; and there were rare moments in their love making that he was privileged to see both emotions at the same time.

Unable to help himself, he reaches out and lifts the portion of the sheet that was covering Lelouch's groin and drops it to the side. His cock - pink - as Schneizel imagined, was slightly erect lying across his thigh. As he began to remove his gloves, the Second Prince's eyes returned to his dear little brother's sleeping face. Lelouch was still exhausted, having to give his report while pretending his head wasn't killing him in front of Suzaku. Being the doting older brother, he should leave and let the boy get some much needed rest.

Gently he laid one of his palms across Lelouch's forehead and his skin no longer felt feverishly hot like before. A predatory smile crossed Schneizel's handsome face. Oh, he would let his prize rest… but that didn't mean he couldn't entertain himself in the mean time. Removing his cravat completely, he quickly and carefully turned the silk neck band into makeshift restraints as he tied those slender wrists together.

Schneizel then climbed up onto the bed and slowly took a hold of the other prince's legs, bending them at the knees, before pushing them apart. His hungry light purple eyes immediately found what they were looking for. Quickly moistening the tip of his index finger, he brought down to the boy's entrance and lightly began to stroke it affectionately. It was hard to believe that small ring of muscle was responsible for the mind blowing pleasure he has come to enjoy the past several days. He couldn't help but wonder how heavenly it would feel around his own cock as he slept.

Using a little force, he carefully slid the tip of his finger within that snug passage and tried not to gasp out loud at how incredibly hot it felt. It was as if Lelouch was still burning with fever like their previous time together; but this time it was below the waist. He slowly turned his hand, letting the pad of his finger gently brush against those velvety soft walls that began to constrict around the intruding digit as he pressed further.

Lelouch let out a deep, sensual, moan, as he slept with the invasion of his body. Hips lurched up a little off the mattress, while pale thighs parted even further. Such a wanton act made Schneizel's own cock stiffen within the confines of his pants. Something would have to be done about that later; but for now, the tight channel hugging his finger needed his undivided attention. He slowly pulled the finger back before pushing in again, and continued the motion as he turned his hand from right to left; purposely nudging the prostate gland. The small whimpers that escaped his brother's lips were priceless. The fact that they were coming from the man who had once been Zero made him savor this moment even more.

While continuing with his ministrations with one hand, he used the other to retrieve an item from his coat pocket. As he withdrew his finger from the clenching heat of Lelouch's body, the boy let out a soft whimper in protest that made Schneizel hiss as he finally freed his trapped arousal. Guiding the stiffening organ out, he carefully began to stroke himself while uncurling his fingers around a black chess piece. He took the tip of the piece into his mouth and coated it with his saliva, a smile on his lips as he did so. He had chosen to carry the particular piece around as a reminder of his victory.

The black pawn was the piece Zero had chosen to hide his King behind during the end of their match at the Vermillion City. He had ultimately won even though he broke the rules of the game and placed his own king in check. Rather than submit and claim a given victory, Zero had ran away; and behind a pawn of all pieces.

This didn't stop the White King from advancing once again. Off the board, he sent in his knight - Lelouch's childhood friend – to bait him out shortly after the Knight of Seven left without explanation. He had the Black King then; surrounded by his own pawns and victory was supposed to be his. Yet Lelouch had used the illegal move of Geass and ran away once more.

After the acquiring all the information he needed from Suzaku Kururugi and the recording from the shrine; he then decided to switch tactics. After the FLEIJA crushed the second rebellion, he knew ultimately that he needed to turn the Black Army against the King who hid behind them. It was perhaps the easiest and most satisfying victory he's had in such a long time.

Withdrawing the pawn's head from his mouth, he began to push the lubricated piece passed the tight ring until it was fully inserted up to the base. Turning the piece clockwise for a minute; Lelouch's cock becomes complexly erect now as he moans loudly, face flushed while writhing upon the sheets. Schneizel begins to stroke himself faster as the head of his arousal is already wet with pre-cum. He takes a deep breath and with his fingers on the base of the pawn, slowly begins to fuck Lelouch with it.

The former rebel leader's head rolls back against the pillow, exposing the long pale column of his throat and let's out a loud moan. Schneizel is surprised that the noises alone don't wake his brother up; but is content to play a little longer. He watches, transfixed at the sight of that solid, unfeeling, polished black piece of wood moves in and out of that tight channel. He pictured his cock in the pawn's place, enjoying the conquest that was the Black Kings body.

Schneizel grinned as he leaned forward to take one of those pink nipples into his mouth, assaulting it with his tongue as he remembered the coup d'etat of the Black Knights. His mask was flawless as ever, and it didn't take much convincing on his part. All he needed to do was lay out the cards he had before them: some print outs of the suspected Geass victims, the recording at the Kururugi shrine, a few important details given by himself, Kannon, and Cornelia. The Black Knights reacted accordingly. They were eager to sever the ties with their leader, and all he had to do was make sure the prize fell into his hands when that happened.

"Everyone… Zero, is my brother. Will you please hand him over to me for justice?"

Onboard the Ikaruga, he remembered the sound of gunfire and had to remind himself that the bullets were rubber. After all, the agreement was for a living Zero for what was left of Area 11. He was relieved when he had approached the fallen terrorist leader, to see furious violet eyes glaring up at him…. just as one was right now.

"Good morning," he greeted his little brother with a smile as he continued to thrust the game piece in and out of the squirming body below him, "did I wake you?"

Lelouch growled in response, discovering his tied hands. "Bastard… what do you think you're doing?!"

The Second Prince ignores the insult as he withdraws the pawn and sets it on the night stand to be sterilized later. For now, he grins while leaning down and presses his clothed form against his brother's bare one. Lelouch shudders deliciously when he massages his stretched entrance once more, opening him a little as he guides his erection closer for entry.

"Preparing you to be taken," Schneizel informed him, "I thought you would appreciate it if I used something smaller than my fingers."

"I don't remember consenting to this; also, why are my hands tied?!" Lelouch demanded, "And don't put strange objects inside without my permission, you sick fu…!"

Before Lelouch can finish the obscenity, he breaks off with a loud yelp as Schneizel presses his swollen erection inside without notice. The Second Prince sighs in satisfaction as he sheathes himself completely with one smooth thrust, immediately hitting the bundle of nerves. That dark head rolls back against the pillow once more to let out an ear piercing scream, making the White King shudder in his desire.

Sweet heavens, he would never get over how incredibly good it felt to be completely buried within Lelouch's small body that stretched to accommodate him. He shuddered again, while trying to keep himself still to allow the boy a couple minutes to adjust. As he waited, Schneizel focused on the encompassing warmth that contracted around him; squeezing his arousal to the point where there was almost pain. Still, he willed himself not to thrust until Lelouch was completely comfortable.

After all… he did love this blood-drenched kin slayer. Zero, the man who performed devious tricks and murdered in cold blood. Zero, the leader who had turned a small ghetto resistance group, into the military force that could stand up against Britannia. Zero, the man who made Schneizel, the conqueror of the Euro Universe, withdraw from battle. Zero, the man who was pinned and bucking up from underneath him; silently begging for more stimulation to trigger his climax.

"Sch… Schneizel!" The urgent hiss that made the Prime Minister of Britannia almost shiver with anticipation. Lelouch stared up at him with lust and rage burning within that single amethyst eye.

"Yes, little brother? What is it that you want?"

"Schneizel, fuck me…!"

It was a crude command, not a request. Despite being bound and traded off as a prisoner of war; Lelouch still challenged him as he stood alone on his side of the board. He lacked the obedience Schneizel often desired in his lovers; but he had made an exception for Lelouch Vi Britannia.

"The man whom I both loved and feared more than any other…"

He smiled as he tangled his hand through dark locks, pulling the boy's head up for a heated kiss as he rolled his hips, then withdrew partially and slammed back inside. Those long legs moved to wrap around Schneizel's sides as Lelouch thrashed underneath his larger frame, struggling to free those bound wrists to hold onto something. He decided not to free the little wanton prince; after all there were quite enough claw marks on his back and shoulders.

Rolling his hips once more, he continued to move at a steady pace of withdrawing slowly and thrusting in quickly. He absolutely adored those keen whimpers that urged him to go faster, deeper, and harder. Taking a hold of Lelouch's hips in a tight and perhaps bruising grip, he gave in and began pounding that unwilling body into the mattress. Against his will, his eyes fell shut as that hot velvety vice around his erection constricted even tighter. Schneizel simply couldn't get enough as he tear one hand away from his bruising hold to wrap around the desperate cock trapped between their bodies. Had the Second Prince opened his eyes that very moment, he would have seen a devilish smirk cross Lelouch's face.

Eagerly he begins to stroke the firm hardness that was warming his hand. The pre-cum combined with his sweat made his grasp slippery, and beneath him the trapped boy continues to cry out in ectasy. The constricting tight heat practically burns him now. Was this Lelouch's fever that was making him sweat so heavily? Or was this blazing heat a result from his desires?

He resisted the urge to pull away and rip off the clothes he still wears, because it meant he would have to withdraw from Lelouch's body; which was simply not an option. So Schneizel suffered within the many layers of his royal attire; while increasing his pace and judging by the boy's laboring breaths and flushed face, he was almost ready to come as well. He sat back on his knees, bringing the lithe body into his lap; impaling Lelouch deeply upon hard flesh.

The Black King came first; his seed soaking into Schneizel's purple coat, before slumping forward. The White King savored the contractions around his straining cock before lifting Lelouch bodily almost completely off before pulling him back down. As much as he wanted this moment to last, it could not and he came deep within his little brother's body with a loud cry he has never heard himself make in the climax.

Lelouch shuddered as he was filled before using the last of his strength to push himself away. The boy was lying back on the bed in his former position, glaring up at him while covered in sweat. Well… that wasn't all he was covered in, Schneizel noted as he saw semen spattered across his heaving chest and abdomen; his own seed was now escaping that twitching orifice, dripping along the inside of Lelouch's thighs.

Schneizel played innocent as he leaned forward to untie the cravat from those bound wrists. "You told me to fuck you."

The younger prince growled back at him, letting his free arms drop to his sides. "You made me say that!"

"I believe you're the only one in our family who posses that power."

At the mention of Geass, Schneizel could have sworn he saw crimson light creeping from around the edges of the blindfold. It's not possible, the Second Prince reminded himself as he began to undress completely. That single violet stare never left him as he stripped himself bare before moving over his brother's sprawled form once more.

"Would you care for another go?"

"I'm not talking to you!" Lelouch snapped. "And just keep your fucking chess pieces to yourself!"

He reached out to cup the teenager's cheek and smiled, his lavender eyes meeting with that equally hunger deep violet one. Oh yes, there was going to be another game. He shifted his hips, rubbing his limp member against Lelouch's wet thigh.

"I'll just use this piece then. Will that be all right?"

Lelouch didn't answer back. Instead, he reached up to tangle his fingers within the White King's hair; pulling his head down for an angry kiss.

It was now his move.


End Side Story

Author's Note:

I know, you're all sick of the pr0n (too bad because there's more) but this scene got cut from the story and I thought I would share. I'll try to have Suzaku's side story up next.