It all started with a sneeze

Dean reached for the white thin tissue. His breath hitched, his ribs tightened, and he lunged his head forward and sneezed.

"Bless you." Sam said from the drivers seat.

Dean couldn't drive. Why? He kept bashing his head into the steering wheel. Why? He can't stop sneezing.

"Are you god?" Dean asked and sniffed.

"No. If I was then the apocalypse wouldn't be coming." Sam retorted.

"Then say god bless you." Dean stated.

Sam stared.

"Maybe Castiel is getting to me…" Dean trailed off.

"Maybe, bro." Sam paused, "How about if I say gazoontite?"

"Now you sound like your honoring Hitler."

"But I-Have you been watching Dane Cook?"

"Who?" Dean asked as he retrieved his tissue from his pocket.

"Never mind." Sam mumbled as he went back to looking at the road and then at Dean, "But gazoontite means 'good health' in German."

"I'm not German so who the hell cares." Dean sniffed.

"In Japan they say if you sneeze four times then you have a cold."

"That's bull." Dean rolled his eyes.

"You've sneezed more than four times Dean…" Sam trailed off.

"It's spring time. Its just allergies." This was followed by another sneeze. The eldest Winchester's entire body jolted forward.

"Deus te ajude" Sam said softly.

"Um wha?" Dean asked wiping his nose with the tissue.

"It mean's 'god help you' in Brazilian." Sam paused as he made a right hand turn, "It's another way of saying 'god bless you'."

Dean scrunched his eyebrows together, "How the hell do you know Brazilian?"

Sam shrugged.

"Um okay…. weirdo." Dean muttered.

"You wanna know something cool?"

"No but I have a feeling your going to tell me anyway." Dean said grabbing another tissue.

"Some people believe that when you sneeze your soul would try to escape, from your nose, and saying god bless you simply keeps your soul inside."

"Ooo scary." Dean waved his hands.

"Wanna try it?"

"Whoa no!" Dean exclaimed, "Been there, done that."

"Right…." Trailed off.

After a moment of silence Dean suddenly felt a tickle in his nose. Pitching the bridge of his nose quickly he hoped the feeling would pass…but it didn't. "Aaaccchoooo!"

Sam snickered.

"Shut up you stupid bitch."

"God bless you annoying jerk."

A/N: IMPORTANT. So should I possibly continue you this? In the world of Sam and Dean could that sneezing myth really be possible? REVIEW :D THANKS