To Catch A Falling Star
by Erika Ungson

DISCLAIMER: Card Captor Sakura belongs to CLAMP, not me! Everyone knows that!!
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Lotsa mush and angst; read at your own damn risk!
Chapter 1: On a Winter Night


Powder-white snow was falling outside. She could see from her window. Falling, falling, but not hard as in a blizzard.
Softly, like white rain.

Children played outside, throwing snow balls and building snowmen. Some lay flat on their backs, flapping their
arms and legs wildly to form snow angels.

And there, some distance away, were men and women, couples-- walking home, laughing, carrying parcels and gifts
and holding each other from the cold.

She turned away, wanting to see no more. They only reminded her of a winter night, just like this one, long ago....

It had never been quite the same to look at falling snow since... he left.

Or rather, when she made him leave.

Four years.

A lifetime.


She dropped a slender hand and her pink curtains fell back in place.

she thought. I guess I'm not strong enough.

"How is she?"

"She's fine. I notice that whenever it's the winter season, she gets extremely agitated."

Kinomoto Touya sighed. "Imouto..."

"Does this have any special reason? Her sorrow?"

"....I don't really know. She was always cheerful. Always."

"It's nobody's fault, Touya."

"Yes... nobody's fault."

Touya entered his sister's room. "Kaijuu," he said, calling her a monster, the way he always used to before.

She looked up. "Sakura wa kaijuu jannai no," she whispered. Weakly. Touya cursed himself. Never, never did she
reply like this. Never, never did he want to hear her voice diminished like this. He would rather she yelled at him
in vehemence and shouted at him harshly. Even swear at him. He would deem that acceptable. At least he'd know
she was still bounding with insuppressable energy. Bubbling with life.

Not like this. Never like this.

Kinomoto Sakura looked into her brother's dark brown eyes and sighed. "Gomen. I promise to do better, 'nii-chan."

Touya took her hand. "Sakura.... you don't always have to please other people."

She smiled, and he found comfort in that. "But I want to, 'nii-chan. At least, before I--"

"Say no more, imouto," Touya cut her off. "Don't even say it. Don't even think it. You're going to be okay. Like
you always say. It's going to be all right."

Her emerald eyes softened. "Yes... I'll be all right.."

But inside she doubted.

I don't think I'm going to be all right... ever again..
Winter snow, falling from the sky.

Like blessings to those not fortunate enough to experience heaven on earth. For those who believe in magic and
light, and beauty.

A symbol of rebirth, of hope, and peace.

And silence.

Daidouji Tomoyo looked up at the sky. She remembered the time when she had felt so blessed. She had a loving
mother, a nice lifestyle. A great talent. Friends. Love. She had a beautiful life.

She had the most loving best friend in the world.

And then tragedy struck.

Four years ago....

"Sakura-chan, I'm going now!" thirteen year old Daidouji Tomoyo said.

"All right, and thanks again for helping me today. I don't feel so good..." Kinomoto Sakura said softly.

Tomoyo smiled. "You get well, okay?"

"Hai, hai, otomodachi-san. See you."

Tomoyo was barely out the door when a sickening thud sounded from behind her. She whirled around.

Sakura lay slumped on the floor, unconscious.

"Sakura-chan! SAKURA-CHAN!!!"
A few weeks later Tomoyo received the terrible news from Sakura herself.

Sakura had contracted the same disease that had claimed Kinomoto Nadeshiko's life eleven years earlier.

She had leukemia.

It had broken Tomoyo's heart. Sonomi, her mother, had wailed painfully, and then later offered anything and everything
to make Sakura better. Chemotherapy, the best doctors, equipment.

To no avail. Sakura was in no worse shape than before, four years earlier.

It also appeared that it was not only Tomoyo's heart that had been broken.

A few days after Tomoyo learned of her best friend's illness, Li Syaoran had returned to Hong Kong without a word of
farewell to anybody.

Tomoyo wondered about that. Why was he leaving now, when Sakura was in pain?

She figured that maybe Li-kun had not been able to handle it.

But that wasn't right either. Li-kun was one of the bravest people Tomoyo had met in her life. And she knew that he'd do
anything to take care of Sakura-chan, protect Sakura-chan. He'd do anything for her.

She sighed. Now was not the time to dredge up four-year-old memories.

Powdery-white snow continued to fall from the skies.

Like blessings from the gods to those not fortunate enough to experience heaven on earth.