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15 years ago Shawn Michaels and Triple H (or Hunter) had one-night stands with two women, Liz and Beth, they found at a bar. Few weeks later they called them to tell them they're pregnant, but the Beth, who was with Shawn, and Liz, who was with Hunter, would not let them come see them or visit their daughters. The two women only sent one photo to them each year and only let them give their daughters one thing. Shawn gave his daughter, Leah, a silver cross necklace. Hunter gave his daughter, Amber, a gold bracelet with a heart with her name craved on it.

Shawn and Hunter have been looking for their children for 15 years, because Beth and Liz moved away to the same town that they had no idea where they were. But who knew that Leah and Amber went to the same school. Let alone became friends and are the biggest troublemakers in school.

But, there's one more problem; their mothers never told them who their dads were.

Yea, I decided to start writing another story. I zoned out during class and I thought 'What if Shawn Michaels and Triple H both had daughters that were the same age and just as trouble making. hummm. So ya, thats how this came up. Just so you know, I will not give up on Jordan the DX Girl. I should have that updated by the weekend.