Set five years into the future so Max, Fang, and Iggy are 19, Nudge is 16, Gazzy is 13, and Angel is 11.

They have completed their save the world mission and to stay away from the prying eyes of the media, they (along with Jeb, Dr. Martinez, and Ella) are on a secluded island, (but they'll tell you all of that).

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The flock, my mom, Ella, and Jeb, have settled on an island. I'm not telling you where so don't even ask. I would tell you, really, I would, but then it would no longer be 'our place', people would find us and we would have to leave again.

You see, saving the world kind of makes you a celebrity. This doesn't really work very well for the flock. It was all good for awhile, but after you can't even walk outside of your house without someone taking your picture. Or, God forbid I yell at a fellow flockling, the media jumped all over it. Everyone scrutinized my 'parenting', and thought it was terrible how I had to take care of everyone when I was still practically a kid. Numerous people tried to 'adopt' us or 'help us out' which we didn't try long enough to see if they were legit or actually worked.

This is where Mom, (that never gets old), stepped in and said she would take over and protect us. Yes, please all hail Dr. Valencia Martinez. She was the one that decided we should go to an island where no one knew where we were and no one would be able to find us.

It took awhile, (some people really need to get a life and stop tracking innocent people), but eventually we settled on the island we now call our home.

Now what some of the smarties out there are saying, 'you guys eat 4000 calories a day each, how do you get enough food on a secluded island?' Well, my little smart friend, that's what Jeb's for in a way. No one really notices or cares about him in the 'real world' so once every couple of weeks he brings us back things we can't get on the island in bundle. It's great.

Other's of you are probably wondering, is Total still with us? Well, that's a 'yes', somehow. Why we have kept that stupid dog around for so long is still a complete mystery to me. And remember Atila? That 80-pound malamute we picked up in Antarctica because Total loved her. Yeah, she's still here too. They had their stupid wedding and soon after had a litter of three puppies.

Let me tell you. They are weird, and I am the queen of weird. Chanel, is the most normal in my opinion. She is white like her mother and has tiny grey wings that will never allow her to lift off the ground because she is too large. Not as big as Atila, but big. Dior is grey and talks. Thanks Total, we really need another talking dog running around. He has no wings though. Gucci is by far the most annoying in my opinion. He's like a little clone of Total, he is black, has wings, and is small enough to actually fly although he can only really hover a couple of meters off of the ground. Prada, is my favorite. She can fly, and talk but she never talks very often, and when she does, it's actually something important that pertains to more than just her.

Did you notice the names? Leave it to Total to name his children after designers. Bleh.

So now the flock.

My scary, lovable, little Angel is now a big, scary, lovable girl. Let's count all the things she can do now besides fly, read minds, control thoughts, breath underwater, and change her figure. (Because obviously that wasn't enough). Mostly her 'talents' have just manifested and expanded. Instead of being able to do just two different figures, she can now do about two dozen and every once and a while she discovers she can do more. The mind reading and controlling has morphed into being able to change emotions as well. This is useful in some situations. It just gets really annoying when she uses it on me and Fang. (But I don't want to talk about him yet, I'll get there).

The Gasman is still gassy, and he and Iggy are still partners in explosive crime. Gazzy can now burp up disgusting clouds of stink and the other ends' little 'skill' has gotten so potent that it can basically work the same way as a bomb.

Iggy's sight skills have improved and not only can he 'feel' colors and see white, but now he can see red, some yellow, and touches of blue on occasion. I also feel obligated to mention that he my half sister, (Ella, in case you weren't following along), sort of have a thing. Well, it's more than a sort-of-thing actually. They say it's nothing but I've seen them hold hands and kiss on occasion.

Ella is great for Iggy though. She's patient, can take his 'jokes', finds it awesome that he makes bombs for fun, and helps him with all of his 'blind moments'. (Which are growing fewer).

Nudge is still a blabbermouth, fashion forward kid. I guess more so now that she's a teenager. This fashion-forwardness manifested itself in a new skill. It's similar to Angel's appearance shifting skill; only with Nudge's you can change your outfit. So, in theory, all of us only really need one set of clothes because Nudge can just change them, (with her mind), and make them look new and cute and different. (I must add that when she discovered she could do this she screamed so loud I thought my eardrums would burst, and then she changed everyone's clothes with her mind every couple of minutes for the rest of the day. That's when I put my foot down and forced her to quit it).

Can I avoid it any longer?



Well Fang.

I've got one thing to say about him. He's still freaking uh-maz-ing.

The Voice was right, he's my soul mate. (Speaking of which, I haven't heard from that pesky 'friend' in years. Not since I saved the world).

Fang and I have been a solid couple for awhile now. Like we go everywhere together, hold hands, and kiss a lot. Emphasis on the 'a lot'.

What can I say? He's uh-maz-ing.

No one really finds our relationship 'weird' or 'awkward' anymore. Everyone is used to us spontaneously making out or going on long flights together.

I mean, this is the life. The flock and the extended flock, together and safe with no one trying to kill us. What could possibly get better?


Hmmm, what could possibly get better?

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