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The best part of my life to date? Watching Ariella and Sky stretch out their wings and look at Fang and me for the first time. It literally made my heart melt to look at them.

They still grew pretty fast. After the first week they could sit up by themselves and stretch out their wings, which were only about two feet across each. They couldn't talk but didn't really cry either. When they needed something they would let out one of those screech/squeal/screams. Or a Triple S. They are not easy to ignore, trust me.

Everyone in the flock had a job to do when it came to Elle and Sky. Fang and I were responsible for the general care and wellbeing of the chickdren, obviously. Nudge was responsible for their clothing, but with rules. They could only wear two outfits a day unless one of the outfits got dirty. Angel was responsible for giving us some advance warning before they did a Triple S and helping us figure out what they need. Gazzy and Iggy were responsible for making them smile and laugh, but also with rules. Like no blowing things up or setting anything on fire, no gas in any form from Gazzy, and nothing that could potentially scar them for life.

Looks wise, Ariella was like me and Sky was like Fang. Personality wise, Ariella was like Fang and Sky was like me. And gosh, just too cute for words.

*Four Months Later*

Sky had the first word.

"Gaz!" He yelled. Gazzy just happened to be wiggling his fingers over Sky's face at that time.

I dropped the bottle in my hand and rushed over to Sky. "Gaz, Gaz, Gaz!" He screamed, a huge grin on his face.

"Fang! Oh my gosh, Fang! Did you hear that! He said Gaz! He said Gaz!" I picked Sky up and spun his around, much to his delight.

Fang was by me instantly. "I heard." He had a huge smile on his face. He kissed Sky lightly on the head. "Smart guy, just like he dad." He grinned at me.

I smacked him in the arm. Sky laughed. I tickled his nose.

All the noise woke up Ariella. She noticed that we were all around Sky, (he was still saying 'Gaz' at random intervals). Not to be out-done, she stood up in her crib with the bars supporting her and said, "No." Looking right at Fang and me.

Fang and I exchanged looks. He quickly picked her up and kissed her on the forehead as well. I was too shocked to do much of anything.

For the rest of the day, whenever Sky yelled 'Gaz!' Ariella would scream 'No!'

*Five Months Later*

It was amazing how fast these little guys grew and developed. The level most two-year-olds are with their vocabulary; these guys were at when they were seven months old. And they were roughly the size and weight of a large sixteen-month-old too.

They've been able to stand up and hold on to something for awhile now, but their favorite method of transportation has still been crawling like mad-men.

We were outside, enjoying nature and the beech, (hope I didn't give too much away there). Ariella, still slightly upset that her brother out-did her at something, (that's the good old me in her), was determined to accomplish something before he did.

I was facing the water when I felt something bump against my leg. I spun around and there was Elle, standing right beside me, looking up with her big brown eyes.

"Ariella, did you just walk over here all by yourself?"

She nodded.

"Can you walk over to Fang and show him?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Oi! Fang! Watch your daughter!" I almost cried watching her waddle her way across the beach to Fang. As soon as she reached him he scooped her up, lifted her high above his head, tossed her in the air and then caught her.

"Momma! Me too!" Sky yelled as he began to waddle his way over to me.

I tickled him and gave him a fat kiss on his forehead, which made him giggle.

*Six Months Later*

"Are you sure you're ready to do this?" Fang asked me, his tone completely serious.

"Yeah, they're ready to learn how."

It was time to teach them to fly.

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