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"Whoa, whoa whoa, Colby what are you doing?" Don shouted, panic tingeing his voice.

"Don calm down, you are only making him worse." Colby replied in a calm level voice.

"Him, how do you know it's a him." Don whispered fiercely.

"Don seriously, you are and FBI agent? I grew up on a farm dude."

Don just watched in wonder. He had been seriously out of his depth when he and Colby had got stuck in traffic. They had got out of the car to find a loose horse on the freeway. He was shocked to watch Colby approach the rearing and quite obviously mad beast as if it was nothing.

"Whoa, steady there big fella" Colby soothed with his deep gravelly voice. "It's ok, no-one's gonna hurt ya, calm down." He kept up the litany while slowly approaching the horse, arms stretched out to from his sides. The horse stopped rearing and stared at Colby taking tentative steps back from him.

Don just gazed open mouthed as Colby lowered in arms and relaxed his posture. Not once breaking his soft muttering to the beast.

The horse stopped and whinnied gently at Colby and slowly walked towards him. In the same voice that he was talking to the horse in Colby directed his words at Don.

"Can you slowly get me some rope from somewhere, preferably something narrow gauge?"

"Sure thing Dr Dolittle" Colby just rolled his eyes.

When Don returned with the rope Colby was softly petting the horse on the neck. He took the rope from Don who retreated as soon as Colby had taken it from him. He watched Colby wrap the rope around the horses head in an intricate manner and slowly start leading the beast to the grass bank.


"Seriously, this woman was practically drooling over him."

Colby blushed furiously. "Don, enough."

"Nah, not enough, he was like some horse whisperer and he tamed the wild beast, the owner showed up and gushed over our little Colby's equestrian prowess, even offering to take him for a ride."

"Well at least I didn't panic like a big girl" Colby retorted in true bickering fashion.

"Ah shut it Dr Dolittle"