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"I can't do this anymore"


"This, I can't pretend that we are not happening"

"Can you pretend this is happening?" Charlie asked with a grin on his face. He slowly slid his hand down the front of Colby's shirt and into the waistband of his pants, eliciting a groan from the agent.

They were in Colby's apartment and were discussing telling Alan and Don about their relationship, which and been going strong, in secret for 5 months now. Colby was off sick having sustained a nasty concussion taking down a suspect earlier in the day and Charlie had come to 'cheer him up'.

"I wish I could pretend that that wasn't happening" Exclaimed Don who appeared from nowhere, "but I am afraid it is engrained in my mind now."

Colby was so shocked that he stood up abruptly forgetting his concussion and promptly fell flat on his face unconscious.

"Jesus Don, have you ever heard of knocking?" Charlie shouted. "Colby, Colby, wake up" Charlie jostled him. "Don help me get him up on the couch."

Colby started to regain consciousness as he was deposited on the couch. He groaned. "Charlie, babe, what happened?"

"What happened Granger is that I caught you with my brothers hands in your pants and you decided to be a drama queen about it" Don gushed as he barely contained the laughter bubbling inside him.

"Shit, Don, you aren't pissed off?"

"God Granger, what kind of FBI agent do you think they let be SAC's? You think I didn't know about you guys, seriously, 3 months you have been together and you couldn't hide it any worse!"

"5 months actually Don" Huffed Charlie "and what are you doing here?"

"Well I actually came to see if Granger needed anything but I guess you are, ahem, seeing to that?"

With that Don left a very bemused and relieved Colby and Charlie to discuss how they had failed so miserably to hide their relationship.