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Bella's POV

"What are you doing?" I asked Jasper who was cracking up. "Oh, hi Bella, I'm making your husband have feelings for Rosalie." he said, I raised my eyebrow. "What?" I asked. What did he mean by that.

"I'm making Edward feel lusty around Rose, don't worry I'm using my gift and they won't continue these feelings afterwards, maybe." he said, I rolled my eyes and peeked around the corner where they were. "Okay starting now, it's amazing how Edward isn't paying attention to my thoughts, Bella shield me." he rambled, I put my mental shield up and he started. Edward and Rosalie were sitting side-by-side on the couch. Rose was reading a fashion magazine, and Edward was texting Emmett, who had been dragged along on a shopping trip with Alice. They looked at eachother, then they started making out. My mouth dropped open, I looked at Jazz who was concentrating and stifling laughter at the same time. "Rose I love you." Edward moaned. "Wait no I don't." he said, but then continued. "Oh, Edward." Rosalie giggeled. "Oh my God, what's happening?" she asked, then pulled Edward's shirt off. Edward pulled her sweatshirt off, she still had her tank-top, she giggeled, me and Jasper were laughing. It's amazing how I wasn't jealous. I heard the door open and Alice entered the living-room from the other door. She stopped dead. "What the hell?!" she exclaimed. They were still making out, then they fell on the floor, me and Jasper lost it, but Jasper wasn't done yet. Alice looked at us then smiled. Emmett walked in carrying a bunch of shopping bags, uh-oh. "What the hell, ROSE!" he yelled, they suddenly stopped, and Jasper looked at me. They jumped up wiping their mouths, and looked at eachother horrified. Rose utttered a blood curtling (if we had any) scream. Edward fell backwards. Me and Jasper were ROFL all the way. Everbody looked at us, Alice burst out laughing, Emmett and everyone else looked ticked. Carlisle and Esme walked in, double uh-oh. "What happened?" Esme asked. "Dammit Jasper!" Edward exclaimed. "Sorry, consider that payback." he said. "What did we do to you?" Edward asked, Jasper smirked. "Strange, you don't remember putting two bottles of hot sauce, in that cup of blood you gave me." Jasper said, I smirked remembering Jasper run around the house screaming. Carlisle started laughing, Esme just shook her head. "Oh, good, you two aren't in love." Emmett sighed, Rose walked over to him and buried her perfect face in his chest. "Jasper, you better run." Edward said, Jasper took off then Edward after him. "Oh, I swear, you kids can't behave yourself one bit." Esme said, picking up the pillows and cushions that had fallen with Rosalie and Edward. Alice was staring off, having a vision. Then she started laughing. "What?" Rosalie and I asked in unision. "You'll see tomorrow." she laughed. "What?!" Rose demanded. "Two words: Edward's revenge." she said, then laughed her way up the stairs. "Bella?" Rose asked kindly, I looked at her. "You better run to." she said in the same pleasent voice, triple uh-oh. "Oh, shit." I muttered running out the door.

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