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The raven haired boy swirled around, looking for the person that had called his name. The hall of his high school was lined with people, but he knew exactly who had done it. He scowled when he saw his face.

"Hey, Kanda-sempai, how was last week's game?" Allen asked, walking up to the now irritated senior. Kanda frowned. How many times was the Walker kid going to ask about their football team?

"Fine," Kanda replied simply, slinging his school bag over his shoulder. It landed against his back with a soft "thump." Allen watched him eagerly, waiting for him to say more. Kanda noticed the white-haired boy nervously tapping his foot on the linoleum floor of the hallway. When it became evident that Kanda was not going to continue, Allen tried a different approach.

"When are tryouts for the next season going to begin?" he asked modestly.

"I don't know," Kanda said blankly, then turned and started down the hallway to his next class. He quickly checked behind him; Allen was not following him. Sighing, he walked through the door to his class and sat down in his seat, propping his feet up on the desk. He eyed his new shoes that he had gotten yesterday; they made the graffitied desk beneath them look disgusting. The shoes were a bright white and were emblazoned by intertwining red stripes. Needless to say, they were expensive. His male classmates eyed Kanda's shoes jealously; Kanda smirked at them.

"Look all you want," he muttered to himself. "It won't help you get anywhere in life…" The people who had been eyeing the raven's shoes then immediately turned their attention to the front of the room as the teacher walked in. She was young, around twenty six, Kanda guessed, and very popular among his peers. Today she wore a pink pencil skirt with a plain white collared blouse. Her pumps were a soft cream color that matched the reading glasses she wore around her pale neck.

"Good morning!" she sang out to the class, walking over to her desk and pulling a large manila envelope out of an open drawer.

"Good morning, Lotto-sensei," a few brazen voices called back out, followed by a few giggles. She smiled back at the class, then walked to the center of the room. From having this teacher for two years, Kanda knew that this indicated something important was about to happen. He frowned at the thought that he was so used to Miranda's actions. Kanda groaned.

"Why am I stupid?" he thought to himself, fisting a tuft of his hair. "I should be in college…" Much to his dislike, Kanda had been held back. What annoyed him even more was how they could make EOCs so difficult. Kanda was in twelfth grade, yet he was still in Geometry (again), and with a barely passing grade. Come to think of it, he has a barely passing grade in this class as well.

"Our school is a school of excellence!" Miranda started, facing the class with a huge grin. "And thus, our students are all excellent." She threw Kanda a knowing glance; he lazily averted it.

"But some students are exceptionally excellent," she continued, "and our new student is a perfect example of one. He was a junior, but not anymore! He's in this grade now." A buzz went through the classroom after this statement. Despite his better judgment, Kanda was interested. A junior skipping so many grades? It was unheard of.

"He scored exceptionally high on all of his PSATs, even though he was not required to take them, is in Calculus, and completely ready to tackle on this opportunity to skip grades!" their teacher exclaimed, trying to energize the class. "I present to you- Allen Walker-san!"

Kanda nearly swallowed the pencil eraser that he was chewing on. Sure enough, the white haired boy that he had talked to just this morning sheepishly sauntered into the classroom and gave the class a timid smile. Several students cheered, and Kanda heard a few girls behind him comment, "Ooh, he's cute!"

"Hi. I'm Allen Walker," Allen introduced himself, bowing. "I-I hope that we can all work well together and be friends! I'm looking forward to a great year!" Several more cheers and cries of adoration followed this announcement. Miranda practically had tears brimming in her eyes.

"A well said introduction, Walker-kun!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands. "Please, take a seat anywhere you like!" Upon hearing this, Kanda propped up his textbook and tried to hide behind it; he was almost positive that Allen would seek him out and sit by him. Much to his surprise, however, Allen sat about two seats in front of him in the front of the class. Kanda groaned, hitting his head on his desk; Miranda went up to the board and began to draw an isosceles triangle. She wrote down two of the side measurements, then labeled them A and B, and labeled the third C.

"Now, who can tell me the length of side C?" Miranda asked, looking around the room. Before anyone could raise their hand, she called, "Kanda-san! Could you please tell us?" Kanda's head immediately shot up from his desk. Squinting at the board, he said, "Um…is it the square root of 123?" Wearing a disappointed smile, she shook her head.

"I'm sorry," she said. "That's wrong." She turned to the class once again. "Does anybody know?" Several hands shot up; this was just a review, so of course everybody knew the answer.

"Walker-kun!" Miranda asked. "What's the answer?"

"Eight," Allen answered without looking up; more tears appeared in the teachers eyes as the bell rang; everyone filed out of the classroom, talking and laughing. Kanda remained immobile in his seat, staring at the board.

"If you'd like, I can explain it to you," a voice behind the raven-haired teen offered. Kanda instantly whirled around; as he did so, the voice behind him gave out a yelp of pain. It was Allen, who was clutching his left eye.

"Your hair hit me in the eye!" he explained, rubbing his eye. Kanda muttered an apology, then grabbed his bag and headed for the door.

"Wait! Don't you know the Pythagorean Theorem?" Allen called after him.

"I'd love to stay and chat about it, but unlike you, I have a life," Kanda replied bitterly, heading out the door. "I have to go to my job."

"Aha! So that's why you suck at Geometry!" the silver-haired boy yelled back. Kanda slammed the door behind him on his way out. Sighing, he started towards the school parking lot and jumped into his car, sticking the key into the ignition. Allen was right; if he wasn't so involved in his job, he probably would have better grades. It took up most of his day after school, including the night, and Kanda usually fell asleep during class because of it.

Arriving at his apartment in a matter of minutes, he started down the dark grey sidewalk that lead to his place.

"I can't quit," Kanda said to himself under his breath, looking for his key. "I told myself that this is what I wanted to do. And I've finally got a chance…school will have to wait." Kanda sighed as he entered his apartment and threw his school bag on the futon, heading for his mini fridge.

He pulled out a diet Pepsi and began to chug it down while grabbing a white bag off of his nightstand by the futon; throwing the now empty soda can into the box labeled "to be recycled" next to his trashcan, he slung the bag over his shoulder and started back towards the door.

Climbing back into his car, he restarted it, and began once again speeding back down the road; he turned on the radio. It all seemed to be rap.

Frowning, Kanda turned the music off. Slowing to a stop at a stoplight, he pulled a brush out of his white bag and began brushing his hair. Looking in the side view mirror, he put his hair back up and checked his face; as usual, it was flawless. Smirking, he pressed down in the gas pedal and his car sped forward.

"There it is," he said to himself as he pulled in front of a large building with huge glass windows. Parking and once again getting out of his car, he strolled up to the building and walked through the sliding glass doors. Almost at once, a worried looking man with a beret and glasses rushed up to Kanda, exclaiming, "Oh, Yu! Where have you been?"

"I'm here on time, Komui," Kanda replied, beginning to take off his shirt as they walked into a completely white room in the back of the building. "You told me that today we're doing a photo shoot for January in that calendar, right?" Komui nodded and pulled a huge camera out from the black bag he had slung around his shoulder.

"Lulu-sama will love you, Yu," he started as Kanda discarded his shirt on the floor. "You could take this modeling agency by storm if you wanted."

"You know my plan, Komui," Kanda said. "I'm leaving this agency once I get noticed." Komui frowned.

"I know, and every time you say it, I tell you otherwise," he muttered. Kanda just gave him a smirk and strolled up the front of the room, striking a pose. Komui happily bounced after him, clicking his bulky camera about five times a second.

"K-Kanda-sempai…?" a quiet voice then spoke from behind Komui. Kanda froze mid-pose. Stunned, he turned his head to face who had just spoken. Joy. His prediction had come true.

It was Allen.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kanda snapped, his voice cracking a bit due to the nature of his tone. The silver-haired boy put up his hands, backing up.

"I just came here to talk with the manager," Allen explained, a small smile gracing his features. "I'm doing an article on modeling for our school newspaper." Kanda groaned; how many freakin' clubs was he in?

"So…this is your job?"

Kanda twitched at Allen's statement.

"Yeah, so?" he spat, grabbing his shirt from where he had thrown it: a poor, defenseless potted plant. Allen smirked.


"Wait, Moyashi!"

Allen turned back, slightly puzzled as to why he was referred to as "moyashi."

"If you tell anybody about this, I will shave your head." Kanda took a second to rethink what he had just said. "I take that back; I'll shave your skin off."

"I won't tell…under one condition," Allen said, smiling. Kanda's eyes almost bulged out of his head.

"Condition? Where do you get off-"

"You have to let me tutor you in Geometry."

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