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"Sempai, let's go on that one!"

The elder groaned inwardly as his onyx eyes set on what Allen was pointing at; gleefully, the younger boy led him to the Tilt-a-Whirl, which was spinning it's occupants around in a nauseating manner. Kanda frowned at the silver-haired boy beaming up at him.

"The park's about to close, Moyashi," the raven began in an exasperated tone, stopping in his tracks. "Don't you want to go on a ride that's…slower?"

Allen contemplated this and hooked arms with Kanda, letting the older boy lead him in the opposite direction.

The two were at the local fair, Kanda's treat. Knowing that somehow they needed to laugh off last night's events, he felt that riding rides and gorging on funnel cakes would be the best way.

Feeling in charge for the first time that night, Kanda took his partner by the hand and began his march to the ferris wheel line. Allen's steps grew steadily slower as they drew closer to the enormous ring.

"Moya-" the dark-haired male began, but cut himself off. "Allen, what is it?"

"I don't really like heights," was the truthful reply as the shorter shifted on his feet, looking up at the ride.

"It'll be fine," Kanda reassured as he handed the worker four tickets.

Quickly, the two clamored into their cart and sat in silence as they began to ascend forward, the ground slowly growing further from their feet. Allen frantically looked down, his feet awkwardly dangling.

"Uh…what happens if we fall?" he asked in a fearful voice, looking to Kanda.

"I'll keep you safe," the drop-out replied, looking up. They were almost to the top of the ride.

"That's surprisingly romantic of you," Allen said, linking arms with his boyfriend once again. Kanda merely made a grunting sound.

"Hey, there's the apartment," the younger then exclaimed, leaning to his left. "And there's Lavi's house."

As if by magic, Allen's pocket vibrated; he pulled out his phone and saw that he had received a text from said red-head.

Me and Lenalee are sorry about everything yesterday…we hope you and the Kan-man are chill.

Allen's expression of wonder turned to one of satisfaction as he thumbed the 'reply' button. His dark-haired friend read the message over his shoulder and recoiled in absolute disgust.

"Tell that bastard it doesn't matter what he says, I won't forgive-" he began, trailed off as he watched Allen type his response.

It's okay.

"It's okay? It is not okay!" the raven complained harshly, but stopped his argument as something warm and cotton-candy flavored descended upon his lips.

Allen was kissing him at the fair, where everyone who looked up could see. Normally, Kanda would care, but today he figured he'd let it go. He pressed his mouth against his lover's lips in reciprocation and the two stayed like that until the ride ended and the now disgruntled looking worker told them to get out.

"Moyashi," Kanda began as the two made their way towards the silver Honda waiting for them in the parking lot. Slowly, all the lights of the rides and concession stands began to flickers and fade out; everyone was closing up. "I think I owe you tonight."

"What do you mean?" Allen replied as he opened the passenger seat door and climbed in their car, watching as the elder repeated his actions.

"You'll see when we get home."

Allen slowly sank down in his seat; not a word was spoken for the rest of the car ride.


"Kanda, where's my other shoe?" Allen called into the kitchen, where the raven was sitting at the table, unfolded papers stacked around him.

"I don't know. Take mine," Kanda replied boredly, chewing his pencil eraser. "You'll be late for school at this rate."

"Your shoes are way too big!"

"Do you want to be late your first day back?"

At this point, Allen flew into the room, a granola bar in one hand and a text book in the other.

"Never mind, I found it," he replied, plopping down on the couch and tying the shoelaces of his recently recovered sneaker.

"Well, duh." Kanda wrote down something quickly on the paper currently in front of his nose. "The apartment isn't that big."

"What are you doing?" the silver-haired boy asked as he looped his backpack around his arms, throwing his snack wrapper in the trash.

"Filling out forms."

"Forms for what? Another modeling gig?"

"No, to re-enter school. Cross said he'd let me in on good behavior." The senior frowned. "That's what the school board said to him, too."

"So you'll be going to school with me again?" Allen asked, glancing over the boy's shoulder. "You spelled 'telephone' wrong, by the way."

"Hurry up and go to school," the dark-haired man growled, erasing furiously with his pencil. "If you miss the bus, don't expect me to take you."

"Alright," the youth replied, unlatching the apartment door's newly installed lock. "I'll see you at four."

Kanda hesitated, feeling that he had been a bit harsh with his wording about the bus. A smirk befell his features as he turned to Allen fully, his pencil behind his ear.

"By the way, be sure to Lenalee and Lavi about last night," he began triumphantly, putting his form in the stack to his left. "I'm sure they'll want to hear all about how it was."

Allen froze, trying his hardest to fight the rush of blood that was flooding to his cheeks. He then grinned back, a smug expression worn on his face. "Almost as hot as your Christmas Calendar photo shoot. Right, sempai?"

Now it was Kanda's turn to shut up.

Feeling that he had won, Allen waved goodbye as he opened the door and descended down the apartment complex staircase; when he reached the bottom, he watched in misery as his bus drove away from his bus stop.

Bitterly, he trudged back up the stairs and re-entered the apartment with his specially made key. Kanda was laying on the floor at this point, shirtless. He looked up, a tootsie pop stick protruding from his mouth.

"Did you forget something?" he asked blankly, removing the sucker. Allen shook his head.

Kanda emitted an exasperated sigh as he stood up, yanking his sweater off of the kitchen counter.

"Get in the car," he instructed swinging open the door as he slipped the cardigan on.

Allen beamed, once again rushing down the stairs, Kanda right behind him.

"Thanks," the silver-haired boy said gratefully as he fastened his seatbelt, already in the car.

Kanda nodded as he stuck the key in the ignition and the engine sprang to life; he backed out of the parking lot and onto the road, driving the familiar route towards his school…except that this time, he was actually in a good mood.


"Move your head, old man. I can't see!"

"Pipe down. This is nothing you should be butting into."

"You're one to talk," Komui grumbled, trying to move some leaves out of his way in the most discreet manner possible.

He and the local librarian, dubbed the 'Bookman' (aka Lavi's grandfather) were currently hiding behind a bush at an outdoor Italian restaurant stalking a date.

"I can't believe my Lenalee is interested in men now," the upset Chinese man cried, outstretching his arm towards the girl, who was eating a plate of shrimp linguine.

"You're ridiculous," Bookman replied, scooting away from Komui. "Be quiet or they'll hear us."


"I agree, Lavi," Lenalee's lilting voice then said. Both men froze.

"Yeah, we should try that in public one day," Lavi replied, grinning widely.

"Try what in public? How dare you suggest even being in public with Lenalee!" Komui then yelled, standing up. Several leaves were upset in the process.

"Brother? What are you doing here?" the dark-haired girl exclaimed, standing up as well.

"I, well, uh…"

"I knew I could never trust you!"

And with this, she ran from the restaurant. Poor Lavi was footed with the bill.


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