Author Notes: The Host Club would so order a life-sized replica of a dirigible. Because Tamaki is insane, and they're rich bastards like that.

Pairings or Characters: Mori/Haruhi, Host Club
Word Count:
Prompt – Z is for Zeppelin


Haruhi stared, book bag slipping off her shoulder onto the ground, trying to comprehend what she was seeing. After several minutes of stunned silence, she finally managed to get her voice to work.

"You--... Is that--... Why would--!! ... Rich bastards," she finished in awe, craning her neck as she took in the dirigible.

"It's not an actual zeppelin," Tamaki began explaining, completely unaware that Haruhi's stunned expression was not one of deep interest and admiration, as he thought. "It's a life-size model! We're doing a 30s in the West theme this week, and several of the ladies expressed a desire to step into one."

At this point, Haruhi stopped listening completely, while the idiot king continued on about the romantic atmosphere of the 30s period. Still baffled, she approached Kyouya who was busy glaring at a calculator.

"How on earth did you afford that? And all those old car models?" she asked, pointing at a line of old Ford cars parked only a few yards away from the dirigible. Kyouya pushed up his glasses, let out a sigh, and dropped his hands to his sides dejectedly.

"I had to call in several favors, but it still cost far more than I'd predicted," he explained in a calm voice, though the facade was easily broken by the way he was gripping the calculator tight enough to snap it in two. Haruhi stepped away to leave him to explode and curse Tamaki in peace.

Hikaru and Kaoru were already busy running around the inside of the zeppelin, but when they spotted Haruhi, quickly caught her and dragged her inside after them.

"Look Haru-chan!" Hani called. He was perched atop Mori's shoulders, eyes sparkling excitedly as he pointed out various aspects of the interior of the blimp. Haruhi was still in disbelief, and most everything the twins and Hani tried to tell her floated in one ear and out the other.

She was brought back to reality when Mori walked up beside her and Hani asked his cousin what he thought about the fancy dirigible.

"... Too extravagant," he replied simply.

Haruhi blinked up at him before hugging him around the waist.

"Thank God," she sighed into his side, happy enough to start weeping. "I'm not the only one!"

Mori looked down at her, caught off-guard, before a smile spread across his face and he placed an understanding hand on her head.