Author Notes: I feel bad for how often I make Kakashi suffer. XD But it's just so funny, I can't stop. I make up for it with the amount of fluff I give him, though, right?!

Pairings or Characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Word Count:
Prompt – W is for Water

Kakashi is a Very Pitiable Man

It's pitch black in Rain country, moon hidden behind storm clouds that crack loudly above the hidden shinobi, threatening a downpour. Closing his Sharingan, Kakashi can almost pretend he's alone.

And then Sakura has to open her mouth, asking him if they can move somewhere else to lessen the chance of getting drenched by the inevitable rain.

He keeps his eyes shut tight, which he notes absently probably isn't smart while they're on a reconnaissance mission. But if he opens them his excellent eyes will be able to pick her out of the darkness, and he can't really handle that. It's easier to just pretend she isn't there, so he says nothing.

He can practically feel the pout on her face before she pokes him lazily with her foot from her branch.

She mumbles grumpily that he doesn't have to ignore her just because he's too lazy to get up and move. She has no idea the energy it takes just to be in her presence, he thinks, and he almost lets out a sigh. The only thing that stops him is the knowledge that he will end up on the ground nearly a hundred feet below if he does. She does not like being made to feel like the girly brat she tends to be.

The first drops of rain begin to fall, and Sakura lets out an annoyed grunt. Kakashi finally opens his mouth, but only to tell her that shinobi shouldn't whine about the weather while on duty.

This time, he can feel the glare she fixes on him.

Thunder booms, and the clouds begin to empty. The rain falls for nearly an hour before fading into a light drizzle and finally stopping. But out here it rarely stops for very long. He suspects it will start up again in no more than half an hour. He brings a hand up to his eyes to rub the water out, and blinks them open temporarily. He regrets it immediately.

The moon has peaked out from the clouds, and while it still isn't much light, it's enough to outline Sakura, soaking wet, damp hair sticking to her face, clothing rumpled and clinging tightly to every curve. Droplets of water hang off her bangs and her skin, and he desperately fights the rising urge to lick them away himself.

Kakashi suddenly stands, nearly startling her out of the tree.

He announces that it's about time they find someplace dryer and bounds away. Sakura falters, before following after him, grumbling about how it's a little late for that, but she shouldn't be surprised.