A/N: This is what I do when I get writer's block for NCIS. Spring Awakening, anyone?


Ernst had become one of the girls. It was a strange phenomenon, but ever since Wendla's death, the girls needed someone else to chat with. Ernst was the better candidate, because he was… well… the way he was. Martha, Anna, and Ilse loved to just come over when Ernst was studying and talk to him about certain things. Love was one of them. Moritz was a favorite for Ilse.

"Even though he's dead… I can sometimes feel him… especially when I'm near your school."

Melchior loved to watch as Ernst talked and laughed with the girls. But as he watched, he remembered Moritz. He mostly thought about Moritz these days. Wendla crossed his mind once in a long while, but Moritz? He knew Moritz, and, god forbid, he might have loved Moritz more than Wendla, if it was possible.

Ernst loved another boy. Grant it, Hanschen never spoke about Ernst in front of the other boys, but somehow, Melchior knew that those two were getting closer as a couple. Melchior wished that Moritz hadn't killed himself. He had wished that he gotten there sooner, or that Moritx had followed Ilse.

I can feel him, too, Melchior thought as he watched today's girl session.

"How about you and Hanschen?" Anna asked, giggling.

What was it about girls and their liking of two boys being considered a couple?

But then again, Melchior thought it would be nice of two of those girls were considered a couple. He watched as Anna slipped a hand over Martha's and grinned. He wasn't far off.

"We're… we're fine," Ernst replied, a blush creeping onto his face.

Melchior thought the younger boy was so cute right now. Where that thought had come from, he had no idea. If Hanschen had heard his thought… but he hadn't, thank god.

"You're so lucky, Ernst," Martha sighed.

"Why is that, Martha?" Ernst asked.

"Well… I don't really know. You're parents seem to accept you, even though your seeing Hanschen. If my parents knew that Martha and I weren't just friends… they'd probably disown me…" Anna replied.

"Your parents?" Ernst cried out. Anna's parents were like his. They would accept their child for who she was. It was Martha's parents Ernst was most worried about.

"Martha's been living with me for a month now, Ernst… how can I tell them we're a couple?" Anna asked.

"You just do…" Ernst replied quietly, folding the edge of the page down in his book and lying it on the grass.

He is so cute… Melchior thought. A younger version of Moritz, perhaps. Since Moritz's death, Ernst HAD moved to the bottom of the class…

Ernst hugged Anna and Martha, "You two… you need to just tell your parents. Actually, Martha, you can do without it, but Anna… definitely. Your parents were kind enough to almost adopt Martha from that terrible home… so I'm sure they will accept you both for who you are and how you feel for each other…"

He is so good to them… Melchior thought. He stood and returned quietly to his house, unsatisfied with the feelings he was beginning to feel for the young boy. Hanschen would so kill him if he tried anything, though.