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Summary: To fly. Humans dream of it, try to achieve it, but only a few beings have truly mastered its splendor. Tired of being cooped up in the Autobot base, Jet Fire takes to the skies in an attempt to feel a small amount of freedom.

Pleasures of the Wing

The wind felt good. That was the first thing Jet Fire noticed - the soothing caress of the air over his wings and chassis. Every panel on his body, every millimetre of wiring, every tiny, little, insignificant nut and bolt was built for this - to fly.

His circuits responded to the slightest change in air pressure, temperature and wind-speed instantly; flicking out panels to steadily his flight, controlling the flow of power to certain places and redirecting it elsewhere where it was needed. He was the ultimate in efficient air travel. Light, strong metal was what he was made of. Though that was occasionally a problem in battle, as he was not particularly difficult for a strong Decepticon to pick up, there was nothing to unnecessarily weigh him down. His engines recycled any fuel that was not correctly burned first time. Nothing like the dirty jets and air buses the humans had built. Next to him, they were nothing but rusted old buckets. Human equipment couldn't even detect him as he baffled their primitive radars with his superior stealth technology. The only way he could possibly have been discovered in their skies was if they'd physically flown up to him and taken a good, long look.

Though... despite the joy of freedom, Jet Fire knew he shouldn't be here. Deep inside his spark, the tiny voice of obedience was calling out to him, telling him to return to the base where he belonged and watch over the stupid little flashing lights on the panels of the main computer system. Deeper, though, the voice of rebellion howled with elation. The demon which sat on the mech's shoulder had coaxed him into taking this one pleasure; to leave his given post just once while the rest of the team were out doing what they always did and spend just thirty minutes fulfilling his purpose.

His vision, built like that of an Earth hawk, allowed him to binocular over the land below him. He could see humans walking through the trees, leaves rustling in the wind, movement in the houses of towns. But there was more than that. At will he could choose to look through any one of the three visual filters built into his system - visible light, infrared or x-ray. His scanners could pick up any radio wave the humans could throw into the air. Jet fire could see anything, anyone and know everything going on below and around him.

He performed a roll in the air, followed by a loop-the-loop, enjoying the dizzying feeling of his GPS temporarily going haywire as it tried to triangulate his exact speed, compass direction and height over sea level. On a calm day like today and at this height he could almost see the point on the horizon where the land gave way to water, and the water fell over the edge of the world. Jet Fire knew that, at will, he could catch that horizon, leaving the people and the trees and the houses below with nothing but a shattering sonic boom as he flashed away. Temptation gripped him briefly, but he overrode it. That would be too far. That could possibly get him caught. And... And supposing something did happen to the base? Supposing the Decepticons did breach the Autobots' defences and make it inside? Colby, Lori and Bud... They would be kidnapped, injured... even killed. And Jet Fire would be too far away to help them. He'd be too far away to even know about an attack on the base. The fear of a sudden attack was what kept Jet Fire above the base, not hundreds of miles away. Also, Optimus would be suspicious with Jet Fire's sudden need for more fuel after sitting at the base doing nothing all day. No, catching the horizon would have to wait.

Jet Fire's ecstasy momentarily dipped as he realised this. The idea that he may never get a chance to capture the edge of the world was crushing. He knew that as long as Megatron lived, the horizon was out of his reach, and that made his hatred of the Decepticon leader grow all the more. Not only had the mech had a hand in the downfall of Cybertron, not only had he killed countless numbers of Jet Fire's comrades, not only would he never stop until all that opposed him were dead... Megatron also stood in the way of Jet Fire's dream. The Autobot knew Megatron would just keep coming back - an evil boomerang returning to wound its thrower. Rage, so hot that he felt it might melt his wiring, swept over Jet Fire. Megatron had crushed thousands of dreams for humans and Transformers alike. He did not deserve the honourable mercy Optimus Prime continuously bestowed upon him.

Though the internal rage blinded Jet Fire, somehow, a minuscule noise managed to cut through. His radars pinged quietly, indicating he was not alone in the skies. Whatever it was that has joined him, it was small, tiny in comparison to him. It posed no threat. However, Jet Fire was curious. His companion was gaining height quite fast - looping in a lazy upward spiral. It was no mechanical being, however, nor was it a human-manufactured machine. Gracefully the mech arched round in the sky, bringing himself to look upon the newcomer.

A red-tailed hawk had found a large thermal - on such a magnificent day like today that was of no surprise to Jet Fire - and it climbed into the sky on an escalator of hot air, barely having to flap its wings. Jet Fire could see that the hawk was not flying in any particular pursuit of food, it was merely taking pleasure in the joy of flight. The Autobot held a certain amount of respect for the hawks. They were powerful and robust predators, and he had an automatic feeling of kinship for anything that was built to fly. As one professional to another, he understood the glory of taking to the skies and almost pitied humans, who despite their greatest efforts would never truly experience its wonder.

Jet Fire was careful not to go too close to the bird, for fear of scaring it away and ruining its flight, or even worse - accidentally sucking it into his engines. But together Transformer and hawk climbed into the blue of the sky. Too soon, Jet Fire knew, he would have to return to the confines of the Autobots' base. Back to his bird cage. But that could wait, just another five minutes. His vision strayed back to the horizon. One day, he'd capture the edge of Earth. One day.

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Concerning the horizon: I have to admit that a little of the inspiration for Jet Fire's lust for the horizon comes from the last scene of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, where Cpt. Jack says "Bring me that horizon." But only a very tiny amount.

Concerning Jet Fire's name: While writing I couldn't decide or remember if Jet Fire is actually spelled Jet Fire or if it's Jetfire. I went for Jet Fire in this fic, but if that's wrong then let me know and I'll remember that for my next one.

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