Author Notes: This is totally my first Avatar fic ever. And I'm so glad it's Tokka. x3

Pairings or Characters: Sokka/Toph
Word Count:
Prompt – C is for Curious


Toph has always been satisfied with the world she knows. She can't allow herself to be anything but content with the darkness. It has to be this way, or else she'll start to wonder.

She'll want to know what color the sea is, and how it looks when the water reflects the sky above and you feel like you could walk on air.

She'll want to know what it's like to watch the moon rise.

She'll want to know how Katara dresses so dazzling for her wedding that it makes even the most beautiful women in the Fire Nation green with envy.

She'll want to know the dorky face Zuko wears when he and his uncle sit around the tea shop playing mahjong.

She'll want to know what expression Aang wears as he daringly tries one of Katara's latest recipes -- and how he looks while trying to both convince her it was delicious and fight back bile.

She'll want to know how cute everyone is always saying Momo is and how cuddly Appa is, enough so that you just want to hug them and rub your nose in their fur.

She'll want to know what her home nation looks like when she leans against the rail of her balcony at sunset.

She'll want to know what it's like to look into someone's eyes and know that they love you.

And she'll want to know how Sokka looks back at her as he stands there, heart beating quickly when she backhandedly admits that she's in love with him, and has been for a long time.

When he takes her hand and brings it up to his lips, he satisfies her curiosity as she feels the smile beneath her fingers.