Author Notes: I have made Zuko a million times dorkier than I think he's supposed to be. Er, my bad. XD;;

Pairings or Characters: Zuko/Mai
Word Count:
Prompt – B is for Bees


Zuko flailed like a maniac as the bees hovering over his meal decided to attack him when his hand reached towards it. Mai merely stared on impassively.

"What are you doing?! Why are you just sitting there?!" he asked accusingly, ducking as one of the bees flew past his nose, buzzing dangerously.

She continued to stare, and even had the audacity to let out a sigh.

Mind now entirely off of his shared lunch with his girlfriend, Zuko leapt up and began firing small bursts of fire at his attackers. He didn't really seem to know where they were, as he missed each time.

"Sit down, Zuko," Mai said calmly in her usual monotone.

"OW! It stung me!" he shouted angrily, staring down incredulously at the red spot on his forearm. Mai rolled her eyes and flicked two knives lazily, pinning the wings of both bees against a nearby tree. Zuko looked from the tree to her before rubbing the back of his neck self-consciously.

Before he had a chance to say anything, she glared up at him and he shut his mouth with a click of his teeth, scrambling to sit back down. She stared at him for several moments before closing her eyes and shaking her head.

"My boyfriend can't handle bees."

"Hey--" he began to protest, but she shoved a sandwich in his mouth to silence him.

"Don't worry. It makes you cute," she shrugged.

Her tone didn't change, but the corner of her mouth lifted ever so slightly, and to Zuko, it was like she was beaming, and he couldn't help but smile sheepishly back as he chewed his sandwich.