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They always told me I wasn't normal; might as well go with it. Other than physical appearance you wouldn't be able to tell I was messed up. I'm not mentally retarded and I don't have cancer. I have something called CIPA; Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis. I can't feel pain, so I have to pretend. Other than that, I am completely normal. Well, almost; I was normal until I met the 'scene' crowd. Mom was away a lot with her new traveling boyfriend. My dad Charlie lived a long way away. I made not so normal friends. I dyed my hair pink and white. I got snakebites, a nose ring, an eyebrow ring and tongue ring. I got two tattoos; one was stars going all the way up from my ankle and up my side around my back and shoulder that rested above my left boob. I bought every type of clothing and shoes. Miniskirts, knee-length skirts, long skirts, tank tops, tee-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jeans, high-heels, skate shoes, flip flops, sandals. Lots of hats and sunglasses and headbands. All of this was black, white, red, or some kind of neon. OH! And I had TONS of makeup; in every color of course. I was mainly outrageous, but it was the kind of lifestyle I liked.

So one day I decided to go live with my dad, I had only visited in the summer, and the house was getting pretty lonely. He didn't know that much about the real me; I always wore a wig and took out my piercings. I also pretended to feel pain when I was with him because he didn't know about my condition. But since I had decided to move there for a while, I needed to change. I skipped school and went to the hair salon. Mimi almost threw a fit when I told her I wanted her to even out my hair, and dye it brown; but she did anyway. When I got home I dragged out a few big suitcases that my mom used to use. They were just plain black but that didn't bother me, it was my favorite color. I also got out a few Tupperware containers and put all my ear-rings, and nose-rings, and other piercings into one. All of my scene jewelry like my favorite brass-knuckles necklace went into another Tupperware container. I went back out to the mall and blew a few hundred dollars on an entire new wardrobe, but this time more in browns, grays, and forest-greens. When I got back to the house I put all my outrageous clothes into one suitcase and set it aside with all my other scene stuff. The new wardrobe went into the normal stack; the one with all new jewelry and shoes. So basically I traded my old life in and settled for normalcy. I bought lots of new makeup and lots of foundation to cover all of my piercing holes and tattoos. I bought a new life; literally! I still kept all of my old stuff though; I would just stuff it into a storage space when I got to Forks.

I went to the airport and put all of my stuff on the cargo place knowing that I would get there before my stuff did. They boarded the plane and I was told to put all electronics away; but the flight attendant just stared at me. Everyone else stared at me too. Did I not put enough foundation on? Did I not take my piercings out? Did Mimi forget a spot in my hair that I hadn't noticed? Oh well, I closed my eyes and then when I opened them I heard that all electronics were allowed to be turned on. I flipped on my side-kick and texted my best friend Barbie. Her actual name was Gina. But no one in my crowd actually called her that; just like everyone except my dad called me Frenzy. He called me by my godforsaken real nameā€¦Isabella. The name I would have to start using in my Podunk little school.

/Hey Barbie. I is on da plane. How is u? /was my text

\I am gonna miss u so much frenzy! I will!!!!!\ she replied in a heartbeat

/Lol. But I can't talk long. /

\Byeas babe! \

I clicked my phone shut and started to fall asleep.

\WAIT!\ my phone buzzed

/What? / I texted back

\Did u tke ur contacts out? \

/Awh Sht! That's why ppl are staringā€¦ lol/

\lol. Byeas Frenzy\

/bye Barbie/

I kept my contacts in until I got out of the plane. I looked at them; neon pink. So that WAS why people were staring at me. I put them in the contact holders in my purse. I got all my stuff and waited for my dad to pick me up. When he arrived, I got in the car. We didn't talk much. I went up to my room and put all of my stuff away. I left the house and ordered a storage spot and put all of my scene stuff in it. When I got back to the house and dad showed me my old-school truck. That thing; I LOVE IT! The next day I went to school like a normal kid. It was halfway through the school year though. But I started feeling odd; cut off. At my old school I was popular with my own friends, but an outcast to everyone else. Nothing in the relationship department ever worked for me. I just knew it wouldn't work here either. When I went through the day, it was pretty boring, but then I saw some hot kid in the cafeteria. He looked at me like he was frustrated that I moved here. His eyebrows were furrowed. He was also in my Biology class. When I looked over I saw that he had practically broken the table. How could someone be that strong? I mean, didn't these tables come from some school factory or something? I guess I smelled weird. That couldn't be it! I had put on my special Rose Date perfume! When the bell rang, he bolted out the door. I sat there in my seat; stunned. It took a while for me to even think about moving. When the teacher came over I jumped.

"It's time to leave now Miss Swan." He pointed to the door

I shrugged his hand off my shoulder and pulled out my IPod. Eat The Children Raw by Ot3p blared out; almost making me deaf. I gathered my stuff and went to my beastly truck. The seat creaked as my bags hit it. I jumped in and drove home. When I got there I emailed all of my friends; but I put special effort into the letters of Barbie, Rafiki, Mayhem, Suicide, and Razor. They were my best buddies in the whole world. I took out a brush and started to comb my new, horrible hair. I was tired so I went to bed quietly. I hadn't noticed how horrible my dream had been until I woke up sweaty and crying silently. Everyone I knew had died even Cafeteria Boy. I didn't understand my connection with him. It was like somehow I loved him even though I didn't know his name. I looked at the window and saw that it was open; but the scary part was that I saw Cafeteria Boy's face. I had to be hallucinating. I looked down and saw that I was shaking. I closed the window. I hadn't been this scared in forever; not since the drugs. I shook my head and almost every thought escaped. But that kid's face was stuck in my mind.

I had never liked anyone like this. No one!

The next morning I tried my hardest to look nice. I wanted to be with him. I curled my hair a little and put on a little extra mascara. When I got to school, he wasn't there; I looked everywhere. I was desperate just to see him. I had never fallen this hard for a boy I didn't even know. It was bound to end in disaster, but I wanted to play this out.

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