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CHAPTER TWO: Lies and a New Tattoo

By lunch I had already had five guys ask me out. I said no to all of them of course, even though it would have made me popular to say yes; all of them were on the football team. After I said no to Mike some girl came up and asked me out. Her name was Jaime and she was very pretty. But that probably wouldn't have helped my situation any; to seem lesbian or bi in any way shape or form. I went through the day and when I got to my truck I counted out my money. Six hundred dollars would suffice I supposed. The nearest tattoo parlor was about twenty minutes away from the school so it was rather close. The tattoo parlor was about an hour away from my house in Phoenix. When I stepped into the door of the parlor, one of the big men tried to escort me out; insisting that I was in the wrong place.

"A pretty lady like you doesn't need a tattoo" she said

"What if I already have a few and I want another one?" I argued

"What?" he was surprised.

I showed him my drawing of the tattoo I wanted and he gasped. I wanted a keyhole tattooed over where my heart was. To finish the tattoo I wanted a skeleton key and a ribbon to be tattooed to look like a necklace, hanging down on my chest. The man swallowed and told me that it would be 500 dollars, hoping to make me leave because it cost so much. I handed him five 100 dollar bills. He led me to a work room and started getting everything sterilized and set up. I took off my shirt when the time came and put in my headphones when he got to work. It didn't hurt too terribly bad, though it did sting for a while after it was done. I left with a bandage across my chest and around the back of my neck. At school the next day people asked why. I told them I had to have surgery on one of my vertebrae and some small heart surgery done. They believed me because I had always been a good liar. At lunch; the only time that anything interesting ever happened, I set up a fake biography for my fellow school mates. I was born in Arizona and lived as a timid and shy girl until my mom got remarried. Then I moved to Forks to help my dad because he was getting old. I told them that I had never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend and that I didn't have any friends there. That the reason I was so smart was that I had so much time to study in Arizona. I told them that everyone in Arizona called me Bella and not Isabella; even though everyone really called me Frenzy. Once they had what they thought was my real past, it spread around town in the little Podunk community grapevine that every small town; namely Forks, has.

When my tattoo finally healed, I looked at it and admired it in my mirror for hours. The man that did it, Geromy Smith, had done a great job. My new tattoo was the sex right there; as Barbie would have said. To pass the time I cleaned my room and got everything organized for in the morning. I booted up my computer and while I was waiting for it to turn on, I took a shower. The cold water invigorated me and opened my pores when I washed my face. Some of the extra hair dye ran off in the shower, making my hair look more like a natural and faded brown. When I stepped out of the shower I brought out a blow dryer and dried my hair as I ran a brush though it. I looked at the finished product and actually felt content with my boring hair. I reached up to feel it, it was soft and wavy. It brought out memories from before I dyed it; mainly me in ballet class. I had been an exquisite dancer, but had dropped out of the class when I was twelve; to go into hip hop dancing. Of all of the things I could have said for myself, I could never say I had ever been clumsy. But my dad seemed to think I was clumsy, so I pretended to trip and stumble whenever I was around him; something that I had to start doing again now that I moved to Forks. I practiced in the wall sized mirror, stumbling and tripping my way around the room as I gathered things for school tomorrow. When I was absolutely sure that I could fool anybody I stopped. I made sure my school books were ready and in my book-bag before I even thought about laying out my clothes for in the morning. I stripped and put my clothes in the hamper in the hall. I looked at my body and tried to see it as a stranger would. All of the scars looked painful but I knew they weren't; even though they should have been. The tattoos that once gave me comfort and self –confidence of my scene body, now looked foreign and strange on my new body,; the one without piercings and with new brown hair. If a stranger had been looking in the window like they used to do in Phoenix, they would have gotten a shock at my appearance. Surely someone so young and innocent looking wouldn't have tattoos of this multitude, even if there were only three; technically. My massive stars tattoo, the black wings that spanned my back, and my new skeleton key tattoo. After I had gotten the new tattoo I had gone out and bought a specially formulated foundation; meant to cover up large tattoos. Still looking in the mirror I brushed my hair and put it in a high pony tail. If I had been in Phoenix I would have shut the blinds for what I was about to do next; but I was on the second floor and no one cared enough to look here in Forks. Since I don't feel pain I have to check myself for any major injuries. No major cuts; good. No cuts in my mouth; good. No internal problems; good. Everything seemed good. So I put on some boxer and a tank top and crawled in bed. But then I got up and opened the window for a nice breeze. I slept fitfully that night; it felt like someone was watching me. I got that creepy crawly feeling that someone kept staring at me. I woke up with a start at three a.m. I got up and gathered all of my shower essentials because I had sweat while I slept and smelled like bad body odor. So I took another shower but I didn't blow dry my hair this time. I put some mousse and gel mix in it and ruffled it so it would dry in some funky style. Then I brushed it to give it some frizz; to look kind of natural but still pretty. I got out and went to my big wall sized mirror and put on my specialized foundation. When I looked at my body next I couldn't even tell that I had ever gotten a tattoo. I had an odd feeling next; I knew I had tattoos but I couldn't see any. I knew I had put foundation on them but it was still an odd feeling. It was a feeling that somehow made me feel insane; like a bad case of amnesia. I shook out the thoughts from my head and got dressed in something I wanted to wear but then changed out of it because it looked scene. I settled on a pretty white long-sleeved shirt with a green flower pattern and jeans, with some brown work boots. When I got to school, I saw Cafeteria Boy; I was so excited. He was next to his car and talking to the Pixie. I debated going over to them but I didn't. It was just a high school crush. Mike walked past me and asked where my bandages were. I told him in an exasperated tone that my 'surgery' wounds had healed. The day went by slowly and when I got home I cooked Charlie some food and went to bed early after checking myself. I was going to talk to Cafeteria Boy tomorrow.

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