A Real Family:

Chapter 1

Ichigo slices though a hollows mask and the hollow disintegrates into particles. "Ah, there's the last one" he says aloud to himself. He gets back into his body and hurries back to class.

Later afterschool Ichigo returns home to find Rukia in her shinigami outfit in front of his home. "Rukia? What are you doing here?" He has a disbelieving expression on his face. "Hey, Ichigo. I didn't expect to be back here either. Soul society thinks there is a new threat coming to Karakura. So they asked me to go to the living world to investigate." Ichigo hadn't seen Rukia since the end of the Hueco Mundo war. The soul society had defeated Aizen but many comrades were killed and injured. Both Ichigo and Rukia were very injured in the final fight with Aizen. Ichigo was surprised that Rukia was healed by now; it had been 4 months since the war had ended.

Just then there was a huge amount of spiritual pressure felt. Both of them felt the pressure and didn't even have to speak to know that they had to go after it.

Both of them chased followed the spiritual pressure but of course Rukia was the one leading them, because her phone could sense where the pressure was coming from.

After running and jumping for a couple if minutes to find the pressure came from the very edge of Karakura. There were these 3 monsters that had the figure of hollows but they were all black, no expression could be seen. "Ichigo see if you can slice through them, I'll see if I can get some info from soul society and report our sighting of them." Rukia said pressing various buttons on her phone. "Will do." Ichigo replied as he leaped and tried to slice one of the dark hollows mask.

But as Ichigo did this Rukia couldn't get in contact with soul society so she pulled her zanpukto out of it's sheath, if she couldn't contact them then she would fight, she didn't want to be useless. But as soon as she pulled it out a figure put a cloth to her mouth and she struggled and soon passed out. Her phone had dropped out of her hands.

Ichigo looked back to see if Rukia had gotten any information on these guys, but when he looked back to only see Rukia's phone on the ground and Rukia missing. The monster he was fighting disappeared. Ichigo tried to sense for her spiritual pressure, and soon found it. She wasn't that far away. Ichigo used his flash step to catch up with her and soon he found her being held bridal style by a girl, no taller then Rukia, with black hair and wearing a black dress with black socks. The girl was jumping on power lines. "Hey, what are you doing with her?" Ichigo said as he stepped along with the girl.

"Shoot." The girl whispered to herself as she stepped faster. Ichigo had no problem keeping up with the girl at this pace. Then suddenly the girl tripped and before she fell she dropped Rukia nicely on the rooftop, but soon started to fall to the ground. The girl squinted ready for the impact, but it never came. Ichigo was holding her wrist. "'I'll ask you again. What do you want with Rukia?" He said. The girl was struggling. And soon she grabbed a sword from her pocket in her dress and used it to cut her hand off and ran away. Ichigo had the hand she cut off and soon it disappeared. "Huh, strange…" The girl was a lot quicker then when she had Rukia with her. Ichigo went back to where Rukia was and picked her up and went back to his house. His family asked some questions, he said that she fell asleep after the trip back to Karakura. She was placed on the couch and soon Ichigo 's family went to the store together. 15 minutes later she woke up. "Ichigo what happened while I was out?" She asked after she opened up the closet door.

"You remember getting knocked out?" Ichigo asked back.

"I think I was drugged, but that's all I remember." Rukia replied.

"I think so too there was this girl who was running around carrying you" Ichigo said "I tried grabbing her but she cut her hand off and ran away, and the hand disappeared soon after" Ichigo finished. "I want you to be more carful now." Ichigo said with a slight blush.

"Has the strawberry gone soft on me? I can take care of myself Ichigo and I know to be carful." She said as she went upstairs to Ichigo's sister's room and fell asleep

The next morning

"Ichigo, I'm going to be going, don't be late." Rukia said, as she was half way out of the door.

"I know, I know, I'll be there soon," Ichigo said as he rushed out the door, Rukia then left, and Ichigo soon followed.

When Ichigo arrived he sat down and Orihime arrived to see how he was doing. "So Kuchiki-san will be staying here for awhile?" Orihime said with a smile on her face.

"That's what it looks like" Ichigo replied.

"That's great news" Orihime said clasping her hands together. "Class is about to start, I'll talk to you later Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime said returning to her seat.


Ichigo and Rukia walked home together and soon they saw the same girl come up to them. Rukia looked at Ichigo and saw in his eyes that this was probably the girl he was talking about earlier. "Why have you come back?" Ichigo said as he used his badge to remove his soul from his body, and Rukia used Chappy and asked her to bring Ichigo's body back to his house.

The girl got on her knees and bowed down "I'm sorry, I, I just wanted to show her something, she wanted to see her…" The girl said looking down and starting to mumble at the end

"How do we know your not leading us to a trap?" Ichigo asked

"I promise if I am I'll let you feed me to the chasers" The girl said looking up at Ichigo and Rukia

"Chasers?" Rukia asked

"Those monsters you saw earlier, they're the ones that chase us, they won't go after anyone but us" The girl said

"Well we'll see what you want to show us, can you lead us there?" Rukia said

"Of course! My name is Hanshou by the way." The girl wore a smile on her face now. Ichigo and Rukia soon followed Hanshou to a clock tower near them; they went up the stairs until they reached the top. Hanshou rattled the door and from inside the door they could hear a voice "Hanshou is that you?"

"Yeah its me and I brought you a little present." Hanshou said through the door.

Hanshou opened the door and let the person inside see who she had brought. Inside there was a person who looked almost identical to Rukia.

"Is that really who I think it is?" The Rukia twin said.

Rukia then replied "Are you- are you Hisana?"