Author Notes: Ino's a pervert. A currently sex-deprived pervert. Poor girl. /pats

Pairings or Characters: Ino/Sakura
femslash, pervy imaginings
Word Count:
Prompt – U is for Utilize

Don't Wait Up

Ino mostly hates the hospital. It smells awful, going there usually means you or someone you care about is either ill or dying, the nurses are bitches, the doctors are dicks, and it steals Sakura away for upwards of 80 hours a week if she isn't busy with missions.

Ino mostly hates Sakura's job as a medic. It leaves her cranky, sleep-deprived and never in the mood. She's rarely home for dinner, never around for lunch, and the only chance of eating breakfast with her is if Ino can manage to drag herself out of bed before nine.

However, Ino is the first to admit that Sakura wouldn't be the woman she loves if not for the work she did.

Ino is also the first to admit that Sakura's training and expertise in her field makes those few nights when she isn't busy a lot of fun.

As she sits alone at the counter of their kitchen, sipping at her mid-morning tea, the thought of Sakura's night off already has her giddy with excitement. Ino shivers absently as she imagines her girlfriend's chakra-infused fingers trailing up her thighs. She nearly drops her mug as she practically feels her lover massaging her back with her hands and tracing circles on her neck with her tongue. Ino has to drop her forehead to the counter and slow her breathing as she remembers the way Sakura's knowledgeable digits thrust in and out of her, more attentive and more satisfying than any man ever bothered to be.

Suddenly a voice sounds and she sits up straight in a flash, surprised to hear someone in the normally quiet apartment. Looking down at her feet, she sees one of Sakura's cat summons staring up at her with large yellow eyes.

"W-What?" she asks a bit irritably, hoping she isn't blushing too hard.

"Sakura wanted me to tell you a team came back in bad shape today, so she'll probably be stuck in surgery all night and that you shouldn't wait up."

And then, in a puff of smoke, the cat is gone, leaving Ino smash her mug against the refrigerator door, loudly curse the hospital and mourn another night of fantastic sex postponed until God-knows-when.