Author Notes: First fic for the fandom! (About time I started dammit lol) Also, Shinagawa totally has 101 Dalmation boxers. Trufax.

Pairings or Characters: Shinagawa/Adachi
Word Count:
Prompt – Y is for Yes

Always a Sucker for Those Eyes

"HEY! YOU IDIOT, GET BACK HERE!," Shinagawa shouted as he waddled out of his bathroom stall after Adachi, pants around his ankles and toilet paper in hand. She was already out the door, however, and though he knew she wouldn't care even if she heard him, he called down the hallway, "I NEVER SAID YES, GODDAMMIT!"

When the student council got together later that day, Shinagawa was adamant in pointing out that he never agreed to any of this, and everyone was insane, and they were suspiciously intent on stealing away all of his free time while simultaneously emasculating and embarrassing him. No one was sure how Adachi had managed to get Shinagawa to put on the dress, and they weren't entirely sure they wanted to know.

Chiba was at least sympathetic to his plight and tried to explain the good that would come from this, but he ended up in drag, too, for his trouble.

Izumi managed to talk Adachi out of needing him to crossdress, saying three guys and two girls made it unbalanced, and they needed someone to go advertise anyway, which he could do wearing normal clothing. He disappeared quite quickly after that.

With the boys in skirts and dresses, the girls donned tuxedos. Where Adachi had found all these outfits, Shinagawa didn't care enough to ask, figuring even she probably didn't know.

"Hurry, hurry! We're going to be late," Adachi urged. Chiba and Himeji obediently left the council room and headed to the event, but Shinagawa remained in his seat on the couch, sitting in a very unladylike manner despite his attire. The council president looked over her shoulder at him and slowly walked back towards the couch. "Shinagawa-kun?"

"Hah?" he grunted, picking at the silky purple dress he sat in, legs spread and exposing his 101 Dalmation boxers to whomever was unfortunate enough to walk in front of him.

"Are you mad?"

He snapped his head around to glare at her, opening his mouth to shout that yes he was pissed, and he'd been saying that for the last hour, and if no one wanted to bother listening to him anyway, why was she asking him this now, but the look on her face stopped him in his tracks. His heart began thumping loudly in his ears for reasons he didn't quite comprehend, and as he looked at her genuinely worried and guilty expression, he felt himself deflating.

"... No," he grumbled eventually, pushing himself off the couch. "C'mon. Lets go do this thing, I guess."

"Thank you Shinagawa-kun!" she beamed, grabbing his arm and dragging him off towards the talent show. As they went, he protested fairly loudly that he couldn't run in the damn dress, but she wasn't listening.