Author Notes: It's so hard to do anything but fluff for these two. XD So... yeah. Have more fluff. 8D;; the sickening, teeth-rotting kind to boot, lol.

Pairings or Characters: Tamaki/Haruhi
Word Count:
Prompt – X is for Xylophone


Tamaki blinked awake, glanced at the clock to his left that told him it was nearly ten, and sat up slowly. He rarely slept this late, usually because Haruhi had a tendency to kick and wake him up a few minutes before the alarm went off. Not that he minded, because it meant an extra five or so minutes just laying there with her, which was always wonderful.

But as he looked to his right, he found himself alone.

He threw the covers back and let his legs fall off the side of the bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes before standing and heading for the closet. Throwing the door open, he quickly picked out a t-shirt and jeans, pulling them on over his boxers. If he'd learned anything from living with Haruhi, it was how to pick out an outfit quickly, quite a difficult feat considering how much time he'd either had someone doing it for him or his own need to look absolutely perfect.

Tamaki wandered towards the kitchen, yawning loudly as he tried to recall why he'd had the need to sleep so late. He didn't remember going to bed much later than usual, and yesterday hadn't been much more taxing than any other work day.

As he rifled through the cabinet for his new favorite instant tea -- despite being accustomed with 'commoner' ways, he still easily found new things to be fascinated and infatuated with nearly daily -- he heard a small chime sound and paused. It sounded again, this time a different note, and he peeked his head curiously into the hallway.

Following the slow tapping of notes, he tip-toed down the hallway until he came upon a slightly open door. He pushed it open quietly, and began to blush.

There, in the middle of the floor, was his daughter tapping gingerly at the new xylophone he had brought home last week for her, his sleeping wife curled around her, recently grown out hair sprawled out in every which way. He'd seen her in every manner of dress and undress, but it was still these moments that left him blushing the hardest. He smiled wide when his daughter spotted him, dropping the tiny mallet and reaching her small arms up for him.

"Good morning, Kotoko-chan," he beamed, sitting down across from Haruhi and pulling his daughter into his arms. "Mommy fell asleep with you, huh? I'm a little jealous," he smiled teasingly into her dirty blond hair as she grabbed curiously at his collar.

"Then next time you can feed her when she wakes up at 4 AM wailing," Haruhi mumbled, rolling onto her back to stretch. Tamaki blinked in brief surprise before leaning forward and kissing her on the forehead.

"Anything you wish, my love," he whispered sincerely. Despite knowing him since high school, and having to deal with this type of behavior practically every day for years, as she covered her face with her hands to hide her blush, Haruhi wondered why she was suddenly so susceptible to his idiotic ideas of romance when she'd managed to fend them off so well before.