Author Notes: This... this bummed me out. x__x;;

Pairings or Characters: Naruto/Sasuke
slash, downer fic
Word Count: 273
Prompt – H is for Heartbreak


Sasuke is drowning.

He is sinking into the comfort that comes with a relationship and love, and he isn't entirely comfortable with it. In fact, it's driving him mad.

Being who he is, he sits on roofs and stares angrily at the Hokage Monument, glowering at his lover's face being formed in the rock. He's thinking frantically of what can go wrong, what will go wrong, why everything he has is just all wrong, but his face is sullen and still.

He is no longer a missing-nin, but if it weren't for Naruto's efforts, he would have been executed instead of just decommissioned. He knows he should be thankful, but he feels nothing but anger and hate that he is imprisoned in this village. He often thinks it would've been better to never have come back.

He returns at night to Naruto's smiles and kisses and calloused fingers, and temporarily ceases all thought of wrongwrongwrong and thinks only of yesyesyes as the blond's lips trail down his chest.

But the morning after, the pleasure disappears and he's back to drowning.

He decides to leave, knowing he will never be welcomed back here or anywhere else again. And finds it better that way. As he easily outsmarts the guards and jutsu put in place to keep him in Konoha, he ponders briefly if he should have left a note.

The further he goes, the more anxious he gets. He's waiting for the feeling of rightrightright but all he can hear is his heart telling him gobackgobackgoback.

But Sasuke's always been patient, and more prone to thinking with his head than listening to his heart.