Author Notes: Please enjoy some AU fluff. 8D

Pairings or Characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Word Count:
Prompt – F is for Ferris Wheel

Night at the Fair

"I hate carnivals."

"Shut up, this is fun."

"You said that about the zoo, too."

"Look, I'm sorry you had a shitty time at the zoo, but that wasn't my fault. How was I supposed to know half the animals would choose that day to escape?"

"... Hmph."

Sakura grimaced, grabbing Kakashi's hand and forcing him to walk faster. He was a whiny bastard, but she wasn't going to let him spoil her fun. He buried his nose deeper into his scarf, staring lazily at the ground as he was pulled forward, intent on sulking. As they wandered past rides and through the various game and food stalls, Sakura spotted several familiar faces.

Two of her closest friends, Naruto and Sasuke, were busy trying to beat each other at all the games they could find. Her best friend Ino was dragging those two boys she'd grown up with to the stall where the big prize was a panda and demanding they win it for her. That shy girl she worked with was blushing bright red while being fed cotton candy by the scruffy, loud, dog-loving guy they'd met back in high school. She never did understand how they got together, what with Kiba smelling like wet fur or sweat every time she was around him, but she had to admit it was pretty cute. She nearly walked straight into Hinata's uptight cousin who was walking with his friends, but Kakashi managed to pull her out of the way before she embarrassed herself.

"Er, thanks," she blushed.

"Are we supposed to be having fun yet?" he asked impatiently. She rolled her eyes, once again tugging him forward into motion. She stopped abruptly shortly afterwards, and he nearly stumbled into her, but managed to catch himself. Looking up, he saw she had brought them to the ferris wheel.

"... Sakura?"

"Yes?" she sighed.

"That is not fun. I don't like enclosed spaces."


"I'm afraid of heights."


"... I'm terrified of getting stuck on a carnival ride that's obviously in disrepair and operated by a man with only three fingers."

"That's understandable. But we're still going."

Sakura handed the man at the gate -- who was, in fact, only missing one finger -- two tickets and pulled Kakashi after her by the scarf. They climbed into the cabin and watched as the operator closed them in.

"Having fun yet?" she asked as the ride jerked into motion.

"No," he replied in a bored tone, staring out the glass as the people and stalls shrank below. The cabin suddenly shifted and wobbled, and he wondered if they were going to plummet to the ground before he got the chance to say 'I told you so.' Instead, he found himself being straddled, which was far less worrisome.

"How about now?" she whispered against his ear.

"... If this is going where I think it is, I most certainly am."