Title: Reaching for the Edge

Prompt: #087 Scared

Notes: Takes place during 'The Southern Raiders' when Zuko falls and Katara catches him. I always wondered why even though she's supposed to still hate him, it's her who reaches to catch him. Hehe.

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Reaching for the Edge

He's falling. Something grabs her suddenly-too-fast heart and forces it up her throat. Hands shaking, eyes watering, mouth dry, heart goes thudthudthudskipthud in her esophagus. Then she realizes: no one is catching him. He's going to plummet right past her and no one's going to get him. Terror, she finally knows vaugely in the back of her mind, grips her and shakes her around a bit. Zuko deadgonediedherfaultcatchhimcatchhimcatchhim!

Before she realizes it her fingers are tangling into his and he's hitting the wooden saddle with a thud. He is breathing just as heavily as she. His eyes are wide and golden and scared, but he looks up at her and there is something…sweet.

It takes less than twenty seconds.