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And now the tale begins….

Black Lights

"So why does he want this girl?" Schuldig asked.

"There are rumors flying about." Crawford said mysteriously as he pushed his glasses up.

Schuldig rolled his eyes. "Danke. That was SO helpful."

Crawford of course continued to ignore him.

"According to this file," Nagi interrupted, from his place by the computer, "there is, no, was, another Takatori, Takatori Keiko, but she passed away leaving her only daughter and her widowed husband. He was important scientist and professor that owned Mugen Guken – the one that had recently been blown apart by unknown means." Nagi shifted in his seat. "Rumor has it she was teased as a child because she was…different."

Crawford resumed explaining. "She is a healer. At the moment she is living with three women that somehow acquired guardianship over her. All three of them are quite famous. Kaioh Michiru, the seascape artist and violinist, Ten'ou Haruka, the racer and concert pianist, and Meioh Setsuna, the fashion designer. Takatori wants us to capture the girl and have her join Schwarz."

Farfarello hissed. "She is what age?"

"Sixteen," Nagi said. "A year older than me."

Farfarello's eye began to shine. "It will pain God greatly to see one so young killing innocents."

"But join us?" Schuldig asked skeptically. "I doubt she could take it. Or is there more you aren't telling us, Crawford?"

"There is more…but it is not time to tell yet. The other three must also be apprehended as well but Tomoe Hotaru is the number one priority at this point in time."

Schuldig sighed. "And her father? What happened to him?"

"Nobody knows for certain anymore." Nagi continued. "He had been put in the hospital after the destruction of the school. In fact, the idea that he and his daughter are alive is amazing considering the level of the explosion from years before… At the moment he's missing from all records."

Hino Rei shivered. "Something is going to happen soon and it isn't going to be good." She muttered, from her spot on the stairs outside the temple.

"Daijoubu ka?" Mizuno Ami asked from right beside Rei.

"Hai, hai, daijoubu. Or will be at least. It's just that I got this odd feeling, one I've never had before. It isn't anything pertaining to senshi business, but real life… Did that make sense?"

Kino Makoto nodded. "I think I know what you mean. I've been having this weird feeling recently that something drastic is about to happen but I've been trying to push it aside. You're the psychic, not me."

"Is that why you called us here Rei-chan?" Aino Minako asked.

"Partially. I also kind of wanted to go-"

"Shopping?!" Tsukino Usagi interrupted excitedly.

Rei glared at her. "I was thinking more along the lines of visiting Setsuna-san."

"Oh. Well that's no fun!" Usagi pouted.

Makoto laughed. "I wouldn't let Setsuna-san know you said that Usagi-chan."

"Hai! Let's go! I want to see Hotaru-chan!" Chibi-Usa seemed about sixteen years of age herself and had came back just a few days ago for a vacation from Crystal Tokyo.

The group of six girls all stood up from their respective sitting positions on the steps and made their way down to wait by the bus stop near the temple.

"They will be there won't they Rei-chan?" Ami asked.

She shrugged. "I hope so. This ominous feeling… it seems to focus on THEM most of all."

It didn't take them long to arrive at the mansion of the outers' and even less to decide that they definitely were not there.

Of course that was when Minako brought her hand to her forehead to slap herself. "Oh yeah! I was supposed to tell you all that Setsuna-san had a model thing going on today! In fact I think it was supposed to start… thirty minutes ago."

Usagi burst out laughing. "At least I've never done THAT!"

Evidently she was the only one who found this whole episode humorous because the other four girls turned and glared at her as Minako blushed, embarrassed. "It was an accident! I didn't mean to forget!" She said hotly.

Makoto sighed. "Well we could always wait here until they come back," she suggested.

"Ummm." Minako cleared her throat. "I do remember her mentioning that they wouldn't return until about eight or so."

"But it's four!" Ami said indignantly.

Usagi got stars in her eyes. "So now we have time to go shopping!"

"Usagi-chan, do you even have money to go shopping?" Rei asked.

"Well I was hoping I could bor-"

"IIE! It took you three months to pay us back last time we loaned you money!" Minako said, getting over her previous mistake quickly."

Usagi got on her knees and grabbed the hem of Minako's long skirt. "ONEGAI?! I promise I'll pay you back next week! Onegai?" She turned the puppy god eyes on full blast and Minako had to look away.







"IIE! IIE! IIE! IIE! End of story!"

"Ami-chan…" Usagi moved to her next victim.

"USAGI-CHAN! We are NOT going shopping!"

"Demo… Rei-chan! You're so mean to me!" She fell down on the ground wailing, right in front of the mansion.

Makoto held out her hand for Usagi to take and pulled Usagi to her feet. "Stop that Usagi-chan. This is important."

"Hai, hai." Usagi sighed, "But what can we do now, then?"

"I guess we should wait at the temple then. I suppose it could wait." Rei said. "I doubt it would happen tonight…of all nights."

Usagi got pensive. "It's a full moon. Kaa-san will watch over them. Besides! Setsuna is with them! She'll know what's going to happen!"

"Hai, you're right Usagi-chan. So what do you say we DO go shopping? No offense Rei-chan, but I kind of want out and to go and do something…" Makoto said, starting to walk in the direction of the bus stop.

"I could always get a new dress." Rei began running to catch up with Makoto.

"Oh no! I forgot! I promised kaa-san that I would stop and get some flowers for the table! My grandparents are coming tonight and she wanted the house to look good for them!"

"Ami-chan? You actually…forgot something?" Minako couldn't believe it.

This time it was Ami's turn to blush. "Hai, I was just distracted all day…"

"Because your relatives are coming?"

"Hai! I haven't seen them in years. Evidently my aunt is also coming with them and I haven't met her, although I'm told she lives fairly close by.

Minako's eyes literally lit up. "I know just the place! I've been meaning to stop by there. Evidently there are these four really cute guys…"

"OUT! IF YOU AREN'T HERE TO BUY SOMETHING THEN LEAVE NOW!" Fujimiya Aya's harsh expression changed for the brief time it took him to yell that out and then returned only seconds later.

Kudou Yohji threw his head back to laugh. "What a ladies' man you are Aya-kun. If you keep yelling at them all to leave you may just scare ALL the customers away. Like the six lovely ladies staring in the doorway for instance."

Ken glared at Yohji. "Yohji-kun. You really need to watch yourself."

"Hai, hai," Yohji said as he made his way towards the door. "Come in, come in, ladies! Don't let frosty 'ol Aya-kun scare you away. Watashi wa Kudou Yohji desu."

The girls gaped. And continued gaping. Even AMI was gaping. You just don't find guys this cute anywhere! Chibi-Usa rolled her eyes and poked Ami. "Ami-chan… the floral centerpiece…"

"Oh yeah!" Ami blushed. "I need to get a nice floral arrangement as a centerpiece for a dinner table… have you any suggestions?"

Yohji grinned one of his flippant lazy grins. "Well, being winter, I suggest something like this…" He began walking in the direction of the corner of the store and the girls followed. As he passed the cattelya section he grabbed a few and presented them to each of the girls, including Chibi-Usa.

"This one is nice for this time of the year… Omi-kun arranged this one. Speaking of Omi-kun… KEN-KUN! Where's Omi-kun?" He turned to Chibi-Usa. "You may know him, you look about the same age. A little young for me," he winked, "but the rest of you look like you're the perfect age."

Minako pushed her way passed the group. "Watashi wa Aino Minako!"

Yohji grinned again. Today just kept getting better and better.

Ami examined the floral arrangement. It looked gorgeous. These guys really knew what they were doing. "This looks great! I'll take it!"

They headed back to the register when Chibi-Usa heard a familiar voice.

"Yohji-kun? Did you need something?"



"Wow. Those names sound so similar! Ne, Usagi-chan! Think you're related?"

Usagi turned to Makoto and glared. "I would think I would know my own family…"

Rei smiled. "You didn't know Chibi-Usa-chan!"

"Demo there was a good reason for that!"

"Hai, hai, whatever you say Usagi-chan," Minako said, smiling still at Yohji while flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Ah! So you two do go to school together! I thought you might." Yohji was now getting into a new field of work…matchmaking. Hey the kid NEEDED some fun in his life!

Usagi went up to the boy Chibi-Usa had called Tsukiyono-kun. "Ossu! Watashi wa Tsukino Usagi! Chibi-Usa-chan is my cousin. Over there is Kino Makoto, she pointed to the girl with brown hair in a ponytail. The girl buying one of your arrangements is Mizuno Ami, the blonde is Aino Minako, and the girl with the long black hair is Hino Rei. We all attend Tokyo University."

The boy bowed. "Watashi wa Tsukiyono Omi. I work here with three of my friends. The one you already met is Kudou Yohji, the red head is Fujimiya Aya, and the other one is Hidaka Ken."

"NO WAY! Hidaka Ken?! Like as in the Hidaka Ken that was in J-league?" Makoto ran up to the now frightened Ken. "I'm like your biggest fan! I can't believe that they actually accused you of throwing the game!"

Ken's heart began to slow down as he realized she was NOT going to kill him. "Arigatou gozaimasu Kino-san. I appreciate your support."

Minako sweatdropped. "That's our Mako-chan all right."

Rei cleared her throat. "Minna-chan! I think we should start heading back to the temple now… We can wait there until after the fashion show and then go see if Setsuna-san and the others are back yet."


"Onegai? You're the perfect size of the model that couldn't come and I REALLY need someone to fill in!"

One of the oddest sights one might ever see would have to be the time guardian on her knees pleading with the senshi of Uranus to wear a dress. Which was exactly why no one else was in the room. Setsuna had strategically planned it this way for the sake of her image.

"Michiru-chan can even accompany you on the stage! It would only be a few outfits…"

"Few as in three?"

"Well, perhaps a bit more than three."

"How many more than three."

"Three more than three."

"SIX!? IIE!"

"She was my main model!"

"Iie! Iie!"

"Haruka-chan…" Setsuna glared at her close friend. "I had hoped it wouldn't come to this but I can go back in time and stop you and Michiru-chan from ever meeting."

Haruka looked at her enraged. "YOU WOULDN'T! IIE! YOU COULDN'T!"

Setsuna's eye twitched. "Try me. Be my model!" Of course there was no way she would go back in time and do something as drastic as that but she wasn't going to tell HARUKA that. "Or if you don't… I have some VERY interesting outfits I could have Hotaru-chan wear. Why don't you come see them?" She grinned maliciously.

Haruka angled her head. "HOW interesting?"

"Oh VERY interesting."

"Bad interesting or good interesting?"

Setsuna smiled. "Depends on your point of view. I don't think you'll care too much for them though." She pulled out the sketch of the design and Haruka practically flew in order to get dressed. "Arigatou Haruka-chan! I knew I could count on you!"

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