An Eye (For an Eye)
By: Manna


This Is the Fault of: Little Green Budgie

An Eye For an Eye: The principle of justice that requires punishment equal in kind to the offense (not greater than the offense, as was frequently given in ancient times). Thus, if someone puts out another's eye, one of the offender's eyes should be put out. The principle is stated in the Book of Exodus as "Thou shalt give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot."


He hated Jaffar.

Matthew had always been one of those happy-go-lucky people. Leila had once teased him about secretly being unable to hurt a fly. He was too much of a sweetheart, she said. A lover, not a fighter.

At the time, he had agreed wholeheartedly; silliness aside, she had been right.

But after finding her corpse, after realizing who had done such a terrible thing to her, he wanted nothing more than to rip the heartless bastard's throat out, quite literally. Bloody? Yes. Gruesome? Yes.

Matthew could care less. To see Jaffar's intestines scattered across bloodstained grass would be like looking at a magnificent work of art.

But something stood in his way. Something stopped him, and it wasn't the thought of Leila disapproving, either. No, it was little Nino, the only thing that betrayed the fact that his lover's killer did have a soft spot.

A very soft, squishy little spot, as a matter of fact. She had green hair and a smile that was as bright as Leila's had been before it was ruthlessly wiped from her face.

He could kill the little girl in one stroke. He could do so painlessly, effortlessly, and he'd burst with pleasure at the stricken look that would no doubt pass over Jaffar's usually expressionless features. The bastard deserved to suffer as he had, deserved to see the one thing that mattered more than anything in the world to him lie on the ground in a bloody, messy heap, deserved to touch that cold skin, deserved to see the life fade from her eyes, deserved—

His knife found its way back into its sheath.

He couldn't do it.

Leila had been right.

But Nino, so young and innocent, taking simple pleasure in spelling the word fire, soaking up knowledge like a sponge, making others laugh even on the worst of days, was what stopped him.

She had beamed at him, cheeks flushed a little in excitement. "Matthew!" she said joyously, hopefully, sweetly. "How do you spell your name?"

He found himself telling her, watching her write it in the dirt by the campfire before telling her that she had done well.

The thought of putting a knife in her made him feel nauseous. Jaffar deserved to suffer, deserved to see his future—if he had one—and his life torn to shreds right in front of him… But Nino, small and helpful and eager to please…did not.


Author Notes:

Part II of The Alphabet Meme. These prompts were given to me by people over on LJ (with a few exceptions), so forgive my inability to write good stories from their thoughts. I do hope these prove interesting, though. This will be updated slowly compared to Arpeggio, though, I'm afraid. I'm trying to focus more on chaptered 'fics, and that includes Canon.

Feedback is love, guys. Thank you for reading!