The Light That Shines

Warning:Contains language,situations such as rape,violence,sexual situations.


"Foster don't hurt her you sick bastard!" A girl of about sixteen cried out in protest her long,strawberry blonde hair swirling around her like a cloud as she wrapped protective arms around a tiny child of about six. Her big golden-hazel eyes glared up at the drunk,giant of a man before her with a detectable fire.

"What did you say bitch?" Foster growled,his huge,meaty hand was raised infront of him as if he were about to hit her.

"Lexi,go to your room with Sterling and hide. Take my ipod with you and put the headphones in your ears. Turn the music up full blast,and whatever you do,don't come out 'till I come and get you." The fifteen year old whispered into her sister's ear.

Alexzandria nodded. "Okay Carrie." She said,running to her room and shutting the door,doing as her sister told her. Her almond colored pigtails flew behind her as she ran.

A cruel smile flitted onto Foster's lips. He took a step forward and brought a hand up to rest on the strawberry blonde's cheek. "How sweet." He said,voice filled to the brim with mocking. You are so protective of your sister . Making her believe I am this big,bad,monster. But we all know you wanted it. We all know who the real whore is." His hand ran down the length of her long slender neck.

She trembled in fear at his touch,recoiling rather fast as if his touch burned. "You know I never wanted what you did. You know that your a monster. Nobody was there to stop you from hurting me,but I will be damned if I let you do what you have done to me to my little sister. I will be damned if you fuck her up." She turned around her fingers brushing over the lamp that sat on the table. She gripped it hard as Foster put his hands on her waist. Then,she gracefully whirled around and ripped the lamp from the wall,lifting it over her head as she slammed it hard across Foster's face. He fell to the floor and she knelt next to him. "So....who's the victim now? Who's the helpless one now?" Her voice was hard and cold as she said this. She climbed up to straddle his waist so he was unable to get away. Her hand reached in to the pocket of her form-fitting jeans as she pulled out a knife. She was finally taking her control back. He couldn't hurt her---or anyone anymore.


"The victim has eight contusions,all look like knife wounds He looks to be around thirty five to fourty. Before he was killed,he was castarated. There was a blow to the face---he was obviously knocked down first. My guess is that the killer is smaller than him. Probably a female or a young male." Brennan said softly.

Booth stood by her side with his hands on his hips and a grimace on his face. "Who would do something like this?" He asked in shock.

She shrugged once. She had some ideas on why someone would do such a thing. All of them were rather disturbing. "We also need to find out where this old carpet came from. Hodgins can look at the dirt and bugs on it when we take it back to the lab."

And somewhere a few miles away,Cariad Macenzie Ryan was making her siblings,Alexzandria and Sterling breakfast unaware of what was happening.

Next Chapter:The "victim" is identified and Cariad is questioned and a startling discovery is made.