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He could taste the salty tang of sweat beneath his tongue as he sucked at the finger in his mouth. He whimpered as the digit withdrew, trailing sticky, damp over his chin as a pair of rough lips followed, pressing urgently against his own as he was pressed harder into the tatty bedcovers that covered his bunk.

"D-uncan…" he moaned between rough kisses, the older teen's hands worked at his belt. "Duncan what--what if the others--see?"

He pulled away, looking with a fierce smirk down at the boy's flushed face, tanned skin red with lust mixed with embarrassment. Duncan licked his lips, the silvery flash of his tongue ring peeking between his lips. "They wont." He straightened and in a swift movement removed his shirt, discarded it carelessly behind him before he once more bent to the boy.

He sucked at the delicate skin of his neck, savoring the taste of the moaning camper. Wasn't this so much more pleasurable than the books he always seemed to be buried up to the nose in?

"Duncan--oh God!" he moaned as hot hands pushed his sweater vest and undershirt up, crying out when they swiftly opened his khaki's and slipped beneath. His voice was muffled by a mouth, hot and open, captured his once more, tongue slipping into his mouth. "Oh God, oh please, Duncan--"

"Relax, Noah," Duncan purred as his hands stroked gently, savoring the soft cries he drew from the camper beneath him. Ice blue eyes crinkled with delight of what was to come. "Duncan's gonna take good care of you."

- fin

A/N: Homagod, I should win an award for the most uses of Duncan's name in a fic this short. But hey, you can't blame Noah for being ineloquent at a time like this, ne? First fic to the community, hope you guys enjoy it. It was going to be D/C (mad shipper, yo) but D/N is such a guilty pleasure to me I couldn't help but want to share it.