AN: Okay, so I think I'm really toeing the line with this chapter, because, well, technically it is mature in content. It is graphic, but not not necessarily explicitly so (language-wise), and honestly, I'd like to have the completed story all in one place, especially since this is the only totally mature part of it. But, that said, I also wanted to warn people that this is definitely not a kiddie-safe chapter and those who do not like PWP, should not read it. *grin*

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When the Student is Ready

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty,

often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older,

our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

~Bruce Lee

Wyatt sat up quickly in his bed, his pistol aimed unerringly in the direction of the unexpected presence in his room.

"You know, princess," he drawled. "This could be a very dangerous habit you're developing."

DG watched as Cain sighed and set his gun aside on the small table near his bed, then flushed when she saw his eyes narrow and darken in the cool moonlight that filtered in through the unshuttered window.

"Very dangerous," he repeated, taking in her attire.

DG tugged nervously at the hem of Cain's shirt, the only thing she was wearing, and the longest part of which only fell to mid-thigh on her smaller frame.

"I thought that this would be easier the second time around," the princess babbled softly. "I mean, it would stand to reason, especially since... I mean knowing that... it should be easier this time." She sighed and resisted the urge to sink into the floorboards, or, at the very least, run out the door. "Why do these things always sound so much better in my head?" She asked whatever higher being might have been listening.

"DG, what's going on?"

Wyatt swung his legs over the edge of the bed, watching DG and letting his eyes trace over every enticing curve and curl.

"Déjà vu ," she replied. "Major déjà vu,"she sighed.

"Déjà vu?" Cain asked, rolling the unfamiliar words over his tongue like some exotic liqueur.

"You know," Dorothy replied, waving her hand vaguely. "The feeling that we've done all this

before... all of this here..." she said, waving her hand between them. "Everything..."

She ducked her head. "And somehow it still always ends up sounding better in my head," she

muttered quietly before forcing herself to look back up as bravely as she could.

Wyatt stood up, letting the blanket fall where it would.

"Everything?" He asked thoughtfully, as if considering the very meaning of the word.

He started moving toward her with an undeniable intensity and masculine grace that suddenly set DG's pulse racing. So much so, that the princess found herself taking a few steps back and fetching up against the tapestry covered wall behind her.

"I wouldn't say... everything..." Wyatt drawled when he finally stood directly in front of DG, his voice caressing her. He placed his hands to either side of her, pressing them against the wall and leaning toward her. "I wouldn't say that at all," he practically whispered.

DG took a ragged breath when she saw his eyes darkening with what could only be considered, desire.

"Would you?"

The princess shook her head silently, watching as he smiled the smallest bit.

"Why are you here, DG?" Wyatt suddenly prompted.

It took a moment, but Dorothy finally replied, "I came to give you your shirt back." She smiled.

"You did say you wanted it back, didn't you?"

"I did," Cain agreed quietly, letting one of his hands wander to the topmost button. He fingered it thoughtfully before finally sliding it loose. He trailed his hand lower, to the next button down. "I did say that." Again, he fingered the button before finally working it open. He slid his hand still lower, even as DG began to shiver softly at his touch. "Because I do... like this shirt..." he murmured before popping another button loose and bending forward to nuzzle softly at her neck.

"And..." he whispered into the warm curve of her shoulder, sliding yet another button open with his fingers. "Even if you look..."

Another button opened beneath Cain's deft finger work.

"Entirely too good in it..."

He had almost reached the last button as he started to trail kisses lower, lingering at the hollow of her throat only to whisper, "I can't help..."

He slid loose the last button and gently brushed the shirt open. "But wonder what you look like..."

Wyatt brushed his lips finally over the soft swell of DG's breast and she sighed.

"Without it..."

"Oh..." Dorothy sighed almost helplessly.

"Besides..." he continued, moving his mouth gently to her nipple before claiming it with tender attention. "This time," he breathed against her now wet skin, causing her to shiver. "I want to taste you..."

He captured the raised peak of her nipple gently with his teeth before circling it with his tongue. Only when DG was gasping, her breath almost too loud in the stillness of Cain's room, did he pause to whisper, his lips brushing against her sensitized skin, "Just you..."

He turned to lavish his attentions on her other nipple.

"Only you," he rumbled in a voice gone rough with heat and desire.

DG moaned softly and was surprised to feel Wyatt smile against her skin before beginning to trail hot kisses like liquid fire down her body. She looked down to find him kneeling before her, his fingertips toying with the waistband of her underwear.


"I want to taste you," he repeated softly, smiling a wicked sort of smile that DG was certain she had never seen before, and was equally certain was designed solely to make her pulse beat hotly beneath her skin.


He looked up at DG with hooded eyes so dark, they were nearly black in the moonlit room. Slowly, ever so slowly, he hooked his fingertips under silken fabric, never looking away from her eyes, even as he slid her underwear down and off of her.

"I want to taste all of you," he murmured before letting his lips brush against the secret places of her body.

"Oh God..." DG wasn't sure which was making her weaker, the touch of his mouth on her, or the way his breath caressed her as he spoke. She felt her knees trembling and was suddenly terrified that they were going to give out on her and drop her unceremoniously to the ground.

"DG... are you okay? Should I stop?"

"'m fine," she gasped in reply. "I'm fine... just...who knew you would be this chatty," she added helplessly, the words slipping from her lips before she could stop them.

Dorothy felt the heat of Wyatt's warm laugh sinking into her even as his hands moved to her hips, splaying wide to hold her steady. She anchored herself to the feeling of his fingers pressed gently into her flesh as he began to caress her.

"Sweet Lurline... you taste so good," he murmured as if intoxicated by her. "Like papay fruit and honey spice..." Wyatt murmured as he drank her in like a rich wine until she was breathless with pleasure and an aching need for more.

DG moaned and tangled her fingers in the smooth folds of the tattered tapestry as she pressed her back against the wall, hips rocking helplessly against the warm persistence of Cain's mouth.

"So good..."

"Wyatt..." She gasped, so close to coming completely undone that it felt like she might fall apart in his hands at any moment.

"Yes... come for me, Princess," Cain urged her softly in a voice meant only for her. "Come for me, Dorothy... let me taste everything... all of you..."

"Wyatt... I'm not... I can't... I'm going to..."

"I'm right here," he reassured her gently, holding her steady as she started to tremble. "I've got you."

DG's head fell back with the dizzying realization that the only thing keeping her up was the now almost searing heat of Wyatt's hands splayed wide over hips. Her own hands opened and pressed, hard palmed, against the wall as she started to come shamelessly undone, her cries undeniable proof of it.

"Oh God... Wyatt..." she moaned, clinging to his name as she shivered and trembled.

"Yes sweetheart..." he whispered in a voice that was half encouragement, half endearment, holding her as she came with a last shuddering cry.

When DG finally regained some possession of herself, she looked down to meet Cain's wholly masculine expression of pride.

"Someone's very pleased with himself," she teased with a small smile.

Wyatt chuckled softly, but didn't deny it as he slowly began to drift upwards, trailing caresses and open mouthed kisses in his wake.

"Very pleased..." she sighed, watching with fascination as he made his way up her body.

"Very pleased," he agreed, slowly licking his bottom lip and making her bite her own in response before catching her breath. Then he smiled that wicked sort of smile that she knew she could get to love, and gently slid his hands under the shirt hanging off of her shoulders.

"Breathe, DG..." he murmured softly.

She sighed in response and Cain smiled quietly as he brushed the shirt off of her shoulders and down her arms. He kissed her tenderly once before shrugging out of his own flannel sleeping pants and then kissing her again with devastating skill.

"Float like a butterfly... isn't that what you like to say?" He asked softly, his hands drifting to her hips as he smiled with an almost surprising playfulness.

"Yes.." DG whispered in reply, slipping her fingers into his short hair as he lifted her up and slid into her in one smooth motion.

"Sweet Lurline," Wyatt moaned as the princess wrapped her legs tightly around him. "It feels..."

"Oh yes..." she sighed as she let her hands fall to his shoulders. She slid them down his back, enjoying the play of muscles she felt dancing underneath her fingertips.

"DG... it feels... you feel..."

"So good..." she sighed, catching his rhythm as her eyes fell closed and her head fell back.

"Don't close your eyes, Princess," Wyatt said, in a voice gone rough with emotion as he brushed a kiss over each of her eyes. He slid his hands from her hips and up her body, sinking himself deeper into her as he pressed her hard to the wall.

"Look at me, Dorothy," he urged, coaxing her arms up and pinned her hands with his own. "I want to see you," he whispered, his words as hot as his breath on her skin. "And I want you to see me."

DG opened her eyes and met Cain's darkened ones slowly.

"Yes... sweetheart..."

His thrusts became tight and intimate as together, they found an exquisitely primal rhythm of twined heartbeats and entangled breaths.

"Oh God, Wyatt... Wyatt, I'm..."

Helplessly, she felt her eyes fall closed and she savored the feeling of Wyatt's head falling forward to be cradled at her breast.

"Yes, sweetheart..." he said softly, bringing his lips to the warm curve of her neck. "Yes... come with me, DG. I'm right here... I love you..." he breathed unexpectedly, pressing the words gently into her skin like the most sacred of secrets.

He pulled his head up to meet her suddenly wide open eyes. "I love you..."

For a moment, Dorothy was too overwhelmed to do anything but feel her heart burst into a million

glorious pieces, each one becoming like a star in her breast. The dizzying sensation left her breathless until it began to kaleidoscope inward, leaving her trembling and fragile.

"Wyatt..." DG gasped before coming blissfully undone with a bright cry that she muffled in the heated skin of her tin man's shoulder.

Seconds later, Cain fell into her gently, sheltering his own cries in the warm, graceful curve of her neck.

"What happens now, Tin Man?" Dorothy whispered as they slowly came back to themselves and quietly began to untangled entwined limbs.

"I don't know," he confessed softly.

"Don't know?" She echoed just as softly, trying to keep her voice steady.

Wyatt met her uncertain eyes before brushing her wild curls back gently and cradling her face with his large hands. "DG, I didn't expect to fall in love. I didn't think I ever would again... that I could..."

Dorothy interrupted him a small smile.

"Then what you said before..."

Wyatt returned DG's small smile with an almost wry one of his own before brushing a kiss to her forehead. "I meant it... but Kiddo, I'm a rusty old tin man... and as much as I want..."

"What do you want, Wyatt?" DG interrupted with a quiet, determined voice.

He took a deep breath before vowing with undeniable sincerity, "I want to make love to you forever."


"Forever," Wyatt assured her. "But sweetheart..." He brought his lips to hers for a feather soft kiss before whispering, "That's something I'm going to have to relearn how to do," he admitted. "And I think, for these lessons, you're going to have to be the teacher."

DG felt his smile against her lips and it sparked an echo of warm starlight her breast. She smiled in return, her lips caressing his.

"Well then, first lesson, Tin Man," she murmured. "Don't hesitate..."

Her sudden kiss was and warm and subtle, and Wyatt moaned softly as he returned it. And when they finally surfaced from it, it was as swimmers, breathless and a little dizzy.

"Don't hesitate..." he murmured with a hushed breath before giving her a delightfully wicked smile. Then he swept her up in his arms and started to carry her in the direction of his bed.

"You're a quick study..." she half gasped, half laughed.

"Let's just say you inspire me," he replied before kissing her passionately.

"I love you inspired," Dorothy laughed quietly, meeting his adoring eyes. "I love you..." she added suddenly. "And we'll learn forever together."

"Together," Wyatt agreed with a small smile...