The Beginning

Corpus callosum.

Allen bit into the apple, ignoring the juice that dripped off his chin.

Corpus callosum. It connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Callosum. He bit the apple again and frowned when the juice stained his anatomy book. It wasn't even his book. The apple's flesh slowly became darker, as if that thing was infested. The boy spat it out, disgusted.

"Hey, kiddo."

The boy lifted his chin meeting Lavi's face. The redhead grinned for no apparent reason and sat on the tall seat in a care-free manner. Then he hollered shamelessly through the whole café:

"Hey, can I have some coffee here?"

Allen frowned and tugged his sleeve.

"You should really stop that, Lavi. You're attracting attention!"

Lavi grinned again and ruffled the boy's head.

"Jealous, ain't you? No worries, little guy, I can handle attention." He smiled in a confident way making Allen sigh and roll his eyes. Even though this guy looked like a carefree flirt he was THE TOP of his Anatomy, Chemistry, and Genetics classes.

Allen wasn't. He was lucky they put him on the waiting list, and when he was reluctantly accepted he found out that college was the embodiment of Hell. The cost of the books made him clench his hair and curse Cross, his guardian, for being a debt machine. He already was thinking of abandoning his third job just to have more time for college.

"Oi, Allen! Are you listening?" Lavi was frowning again, annoyed at the lack of the attention Allen gave him. The boy sighed and let his chin touch the surface of the slightly dirty table.

"Lavi, you know I have to work in an half of an hour. I need to study. Please don't distract me!"

"Oh, come on! It's not THAT hard! Just a few terms and definitions!" Lavi whined like a spoiled child. "I'll take those books from you if you won't stop leering over them!"

Allen sighed and put the book away. He darkly frowned and crossed his arms.

"Happy now?"

Lavi smirked.

"Of course not, silly. I'll be happy when you'll be all eyes and ears, actually paying attention to what I'm saying!" He sipped from his cup and grinned again.


Allen's attention drifted toward the window where the sky was gray and pissed off, and where people passed hurriedly, trying to run away from the invisible rain.


The boy snapped out of his daze."What?"

Lavi scoffed. "Look, this is annoying! I'm trying to have a conversation here!"

The boy frowned and lifted the book again. "I have a quiz in a week, Lavi. And I'm already behind. And the debt collectors came yesterday again."

Lavi frowned. He looked at his coffee as if that thing killed his mother. "You mean those fucking bastards came again? I thought you already paid off the whole Casino thing."

"Yeah, I did," the boy shuddered when the door opened, letting a blow of cold air in his back. "I did, but they came again and said that Cross owed them again." He looked sorrowfully at his cup. "I'm really getting tired of all this. I wish it'd just stop."

"Yeah…" Lavi responded, his eyes half closed. "It sucks. Especially with that teacher you got in your Anatomy class."

"Oh no, don't go there again!" Allen groaned and dropped his head on the book. "That jerk makes my days hell!"

"Lucky me! I don't have his classes, only that Cloud Nyne babe," Lavi grinned. They finally were TALKING.

"Lavi, don't laugh. I desperately hate that bastard. He is Lucifer, Lord of Hell."

"Hell, huh? I'd admit he sounds strict, but Hell… Ha! Who fuckin' cares!" Lavi snickered meeting Allen's indignant eyes.

"I do! He made me write a ten page paper just because I fell asleep in his class! TEN PAGES!" he vociferated, lifting his arms. " That prick doesn't even realize I need to sleep and eat and work two jobs to pay for his class!"

Lavi frowned.

"I thought you applied as a student with financial hardships. Don't they pay your tuition?"

Allen nodded weakly.

"They didn't accept me. Well," he corrected himself, "they did, at first. Then my grades made them reconsider." He frowned and sipped the cold coffee. Lavi whistled.

"Gah, you have it hard. And speaking of that Hell Teach, there he is!"

Allen chocked on the coffee and turned his head, alerted. Two tables away from them, his professor was sitting with a blond woman with glasses. He looked bored and tired. Allen slowly got up and started to pack his things away, stealthily glancing at the man. Lavi lifted one brow.

"You're THAT afraid of him?!"

Allen's shoulders drew in. He looked away.

"N-no, it's just—"


The boy tensed. Lavi threw a glance at the man. He was tall and slender. His long coat still sparkled of the fine rain that was rampaging outside.

"P-professor Kanda…" Allen murmured looking away. The man approached their table, throwing a heavy glance at Lavi, visibly not approving his pierced ears and tongue. Lavi frowned and demonstratively leaned on the table. The man lifted one brow, haughtily staring him down. Like a fucking king.

"G-good evening…" Allen's voice was uneven and wobbly. Lavi could see the slight shaking of the boy's fingers when the man was two feet away. He seemed pale and lost.

"I still don't have your paper, Walker."

Allen gulped.

"I…I still haven't finished it yet, sir."

Lavi almost cursed in amazement when he saw Kanda's eyes. They were blue, an unnatural feature for his oriental face. Lavi felt a shudder seeing them narrow. That man looked pissed off major time.

"I thought we talked about that, Walker. I already gave you a three-day extension."

Allen gulped and nodded. Lavi suddenly felt the urge to punch the tall bastard in his pretty face.

"I cannot give you more time, Walker. I will accept your paper by the end of today. Feel free to run and finish it." He almost smirked. That fucking bastard almost smirked. Lavi cursed through his teeth.

"Yuu, the tea's already here," the blond woman said approaching Kanda. She put her hand on his sleeve and Lavi unconsciously admired her pale and well manicured hand. Kanda shrugged and glared at her.

"Don't call me that. You know I hate the name." He turned away and Lavi sensed Allen finally relaxing, just for a bit. The boy jumped startled when Kanda eyed him again.

"Don't be late. You have time until eleven PM. I won't accept it later."

Allen nodded and, Lavi noticed, tried to respond but chocked on his own words.

"Well then." Kanda curtly nodded and Lavi noticed his hair. It was almost touching his ass. Like a freaking girl.

"He can't. Not today."

Allen stared at his friend wide eyed. Kanda glanced at the redhead with disgust. The blond woman lit a cigarette and departed, slightly swinging her hips.

"He has to work today," Lavi continued, scratching his nose. He inwardly sneered when he saw the man frowning.

"You are…"

"Lavi Bookman. Nice to meetcha." Lavi grinned when the look of disgust on Kanda's face turned into a haughty fleer.

"I still don't see how this concerns you," the man replied, cocking his head to one side. Lavi cocked it too, mimicking Kanda.

"It does, Yuu," he grinned even wider when the mocking expression on the man's face was replaced by a delightful (for Lavi) paleness. He looked downright furious.

"Where did you hear that, idiot?" he hissed, eyes narrowing. Lavi laughed loudly attracting the attention of the entire café.

"From your woman's mouth, Teach. She's one good lookin' dudette." God, he was enjoying it. The look on Kanda's face made him tremble with excitement. He had never felt this way before. He was almost happy. He barely realized that Allen was staring at him with pleading and horrified eyes. Lavi didn't care. He felt almost ecstatic making that pale man whiten with fury.

"Shut your damn mouth, brat. Don't you dare speak about my sister like that."

Oh, news to him. Lavi smirked.

"I see where your girly looks come from, Teach. Are you sure she's not your mothe—"

Suddenly the man was close, too close to his face. Lavi chocked. That bastard was clenching his collar.

"Shut up, sonnovabitch!"

Kanda's breath was minty and it tickled his face. Lavi trembled inwardly, feeling the touch of cold fingers on his throat. It was exciting. He had no idea why but he could barely contain this intoxication with this fight. He liked fighting mentally and physically alike.

Suddenly, he found himself on the floor, staring in Allen's pale eyes. The boy stood erect, stiff in a boldness that horrified him a few seconds later. Kanda was holding his chest, dumbly staring at the boy in front of him. He couldn't understand why he was bent almost in two.

"STOP IT! Stop it! St-sto…"

Allen's voice became hoarse all of a sudden. He glanced at his professor and turned away when he met his eyes. Lavi gaped at him silently, still not believing his outburst. Allen's face was white and his lips trembled. He tried to smile for some reason but stopped his efforts when two huge tears wetted his chin.

"I…I have t-to g-go…"

He spasmodically nodded 'good bye' and stumbled to the door. A mocking ring of the bell and silence prevailed in the room. People were silent and blinking and snapped out of this trance when someone entered the café.

Lavi slowly got up, trying to understand what happened. He saw Kanda on his feet, eyes down and hand shaking. He was overwhelmed by a silent fury. His sister looked at him indifferently, sipping her tea. She moved only when the man reluctantly paced to the door.

"Yuu, your tea is cold. And it's already nine."

The man gritted his teeth. Lavi suddenly found himself staring at his eyes. He had long eyelashes.

"Shut up, Lullubel. I'm leaving." His voice was absent, as if he was speaking out of habit. Turning his face he gave Lavi a long glare.


Before Lavi could even think of a worthy response he left, slamming the door behind him.


Allen looked at the door in front of him. It led into an expensive apartment in the very center of the city. He gulped and fearfully glanced at the door handle. It was made of brass. According to the crumbled piece of paper in his pocket, this was the door of Yuu Kanda, professor with a PhD in Anatomy and Biochemistry, the one that offered courses with honors component available.

And now Allen was standing in front of apartment 555, bl. 3, Boulevard of Liberty. He lifted his hand and softly rapped in the door. Somewhere in his soul he hoped that this door would never open. He glanced at his watch. Ten fifty. He rapped again, panicking. Nothing.

"You're here already, Walker? How surprising."

Allen stiffed. He heard a jingle of keys and the mocking voice of his professor behind him. He felt his knees shaking. This man terrified him mindlessly. He once humiliated him in front of the entire class, just for the fact that he came late. Only two months passed from the beginning of the semester and that man already made Allen's life hell.

"He-helo…" the boy mumbled, feeling stupid and agitated. Kanda scoffed. He slightly pushed the boy away from the door and opened it, pacing inside.

"Do I have to wait an eternity before you consider entering, Walker?"

Allen murmured an apology and stumbled into the apartment.


Is it me, or Kanda resembles Snape from H. Potter? I hope it's me.....

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