He began to run faster, his legs felt as if they were about to break, his heart was speeding, his face wet with sweat. Then he got there and looked around. "Where is she?" he thought as he looked at the people in the park. She wasn't there, but if she wasn't here where was she? "Damn…I'll have to check her house…" he began to run again as he ran he remembered what she had said over the phone…

"Miroku…I need to get away…I need to leave…I cant take this anymore. Met me at the park, kay?" her mother had died when she was young and her father and brother just a year ago. She lived with her uncle and aunt who hated her. She had used to cut but stopped when he made her promise too, he had stopped too. It was a promise to each other. They also promised to stop smoking and to always be with no other but them. Miroku's similar problems with his family where just as bad except he had no money at all, his mom left when he was a boy and his dad died when he was six. Leaving him with his fathers friend Mushin who was a perverted drunk.

"Sango I'm coming," he thought as he ran through the streets, his legs were burning. As he reached Sango's street he saw her at the other end getting into a car that was behind a moving van. "…no…" Miroku didn't care if it killed him he began to run faster then he ever had. As he began to run the car started and he saw Sango looking at him through the window she just stared. "SANGO!!!" he yelled as he ran, the car began to move faster, faster, and faster. "SANGO!!!! don't go!!! Wait!" he continued to yell, people began to look at him. He finally reached the back of the car, he saw Sango look at him. A tear rolled down her face as she turned away. Then the car began to move faster then before.

Miroku stopped running and whispered "…Sango…"