Things never worked out to her satisfaction. There always had to be something-or-someone who ruined everything for her. Ash became sand and sand became forgetfulness, everything would be all right for Ichigo and his friends, but, never for the silently watching female Arrancar, a breeze cooled her cheek marked with red lines, sea-foam green hair hung lank down her back.

Neliel Tu Oderschvank had loved.

She had loved one of her own race, and now…

He would never know.

~~~From N to U~~~

Memories never did reflect reality the way meeting someone again—as he hadn't seen her for untold years—did. Child-like, she appeared now and he felt a stab of hatred for the one whom had rendered her into this insignificant creature. Wide celadon eyes stared, frightened, afraid of the pale green-eyed man that fought Istygo. The deputy Shinigami hard-pressed, failed to notice the regret clouding a face usually devoid of emotion.

He thought about reaching out, calling her name, then, realized the absolute futility of it. Neliel did not remember being the Tercera Espada. She did not remember him nor the promise made. Unfortunately it seemed he couldn't have what he wanted.

~~~From U to N~~~

Why didn't you call out to me? Neliel wondered, glancing back at the fading colorless night of Hueco Mundo. She was leaving that world for the Soul society, acceptance had come at a price. The price of turning against her maker and those whom had served him; all wasn't fair in love and war.

Though, simply perhaps it was because one Hollow cannot learn to love another.


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