Just An Idea I had. Should I continue?

I know I need to work on Bella Bites Back.....but I am busy. School is almost out so I promise it will be updated sometime soon!

~ Burnt Toast

Guess what? I own everything in this!!!!!!!!! It's my thoughts too!

You stare, confused. He doesn't seem to notice anything but her. You hate her, but at the same time love her for making him happy. Just because he says 'Hi' everyday doesn't mean anything and no matter how many times you think about him, the only time he thinks about you is when he sees your face. But he only sees your face when he is walking in the halls. If you could have anything in the world, you would have him but if you had him someone wouldn't. You know she is suspicious of you, if he left her she would come to you first.

Your heart gets torn as they lean closer to each other and begin to whisper. Looking away doesn't help either, trying to hide your pain by looking back at your friends. Trying to hide pain you look back at them and your face gets twisted as she looks down and blushes as he takes off his cap and leans just a little closer to her.

You can't come between them. His happiness brings you happiness, and her happiness makes him happy. It's called love, something you're afraid of. Love is fragile and right now you seem to be choosing to break it or keep it. Everything depends on your choice to come between them or not. You hold love, you can do anything with it. But love has to have a balance, has to make other people happy. Has to make him happy…