Author Notes: First Bleach fic. I'm a much bigger UlquiHime shipper than I am a fan of IchiHime, but my friend requested it and so this drabble was the result. I needed a reason to start writing Bleach anyway, lol. Of course, it must be unabashed fluff, because that's all I'm good at. XD;; (And just a note: I hardly think Ichigo is this smooth, but hey. Maybe someday.)

Pairings or Characters: Ichigo/Orihime
Word Count:
Orihime prepares dinner, and for once she doesn't burn the kitchen down.

Time to Dine

Ichigo was staring at her hard, mouth agape and absolutely astounded. Orihime's head was bowed slightly and a blush persisted in her cheeks as she watched his odd reaction, and she feared the worst.

"O-Orihime..." he said, practically a whisper. She flinched and shut her eyes.

Suddenly his arms were wrapping around her and she let out a small squeak of surprise before realizing what was happening.

"It looks amazing!" he smiled into her shoulder as she slowly brought her hands up around him. She nodded jerkily, not entirely sure she wasn't imagining things. Except there was no giant lizard invading the house nor a sumo wrestler trying to steal her furniture this time, so she was pretty sure it was real.

"Thank you... Kurosaki-kun," she breathed against his neck, almost starting to believe when he pulled away and went back to the table lined with food. It took her a moment to recover from the sudden hug, but a smile quickly spread across her face. She'd never been a good cook, but tonight was important, so she'd had Tatsuki help her. Before he dug in to the food on his plate, he turned in his chair and looked up at her.

"Not gonna make me eat alone, are you?"

She hastily headed for a chair beside him, but before she could sit down she was pulled backwards onto his lap. Her cheeks flushed pink as she looked down at him in surprise, but he merely smiled back and held up a forkful of rice to her lips.