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It was pretty much the usual day at Jacobs. Bella came home infuriated because Jacob had made another move on her. Edward had an idea….

"Hey Jacob!" Edward came prancing into Jacob's house as Jacob was eating a bagel.

"What?" He mumbled, not really caring a whole lot that Edward was there because he was happy about Bella 'kissing him back'.

"You know those pieces you wanted to that old valuable car?"

"Yeah, the old Mustang?" Jacob got up excitedly, eyes beaming with eagerness.

"Well the mail's here!" Edward began a little dance, singing and throwing glitter above his head.

And Jacob clapped excitedly.

Then Edward pointed at the floor at the 'glitter'. "And here, and here, and here!" And Edward ran out laughing evilly.

Jacob stood in the doorway, confused, "Wait, so the mails not here?"

"Oh, no, it is! You'll figure it out eventually!" Edward yelled over his shoulder.

"Ok, thanks Edward!" Jacob yelled, grinning at the fun of a new game.

"My pleasure!" He cackled, running on home to go tell Bella.


Five days later, there was a ring on the doorbell at the Cullen's house.

"Um, hey Edward?" Jacob asked once Edward opened up the door.

"What?" Edward leaned against the doorway, his eyebrows raised.

"I know you really wanted me to play the fun game with the parts and all… but I can't find them." He scuffed his foot on the ground, hanging his head down.

"Oh, don't worry! You'll figure it out." Edward smiled and it had an evil edge to it.

Jacob's index finger went up in the air, and he smiled brightly "Oh, ok. I guess I wasn't looking hard enough. I'll still look! It was a lot of fun… Oh, and thanks for throwing that glitter, it made a huge mess…" Then Jacob's pupils got small in realization, his index finger still in the air. His jaw slack.

"That's ok, take your time." Edward smiled hugely.

"Wha- Whaaaa-" Jacob babbled.

"Oh, and Bella say's: Ha-ha." Edward smiled, and he slammed the door in Jacob's face, still frozen in the same position.

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