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Edward's POV

I had just come home from a hunt. When I walked through the door, I froze, but overall wasn't all too surprised.

"Well Emmett. What are we up to today?" I drawled.

Emmett appeared into my sight, "Nothing…"

"It doesn't seem like 'nothing'." I said, starring at the transformed living room, entirely filled with boxes. All stacked up on top of each other to create a big wall.

"Well. It is nothing," Emmett's eyes flicked nervously around the room.

"You made a fort didn't you?" I grinned

"Maybe." Emmett said very suspiciously.

Suddenly, Jasper popped up with a mixing bowl on his head. He pointed at me, and yelled, "INVADERS!!" He picked up a white ball from behind the box wall and he looked about ready to throw it at me.

"Are you guys playing war again?" I asked, rolling his eyes

"This isn't play! This is practice!" Jasper said defensively.

"It's play." I insisted.

Jasper blinked twice, still brandishing the ball as if it were some kind of threatening weapon. Emmett looked once at Jasper, and continued surveillance for 'invaders'.

"Well. You girls have fun." I said after awhile.

As I walked out of the room, a foam ball hit him in the back of the head. I turned around, and saw Jasper with a crazed expression. Jasper screeched, "THE FIRST SHOT!"

"You're an idiot." I looked at Jasper weird, and continued walking out of the room.

"No we're not!" Jacob leapt up into view with whiskers painted on his face and costume cat ears on his head.

I stared very blankly at him.

"I'm a kitty! See, today is my own personal opposite day." Jacob grinned.

I shook my head, "You know what, I just don't want to know." I closed my eyes, and walked out of the room, trying not to engage any of them. "Just keep walking Edward, they'll only make you more crazy." I told myself.

I walked up the stairs, expecting to find a normal scene. But, alas, nothing normal appeared.

Because there Carlisle was, sitting on a giant bean bag chair while Esme and Rosalie crowded around a little fire. And by fire, I mean red and yellow construction paper taped to the floor with little waded pieces of gray paper around it to 'contain' the flames.

"Hello." Carisle looked up at me peacefully. "Care to join us?"

"Errr… join you in what exactly?" I asked nervously.

"We're telling vampire stories." Rosalie interrupted.

Carlisle nodded, not blinking like we had a habit now of doing.

"Ah. Well haven't we done this like a million times?" I asked wirily.

"Yes. But see," Carlisle extended his hand towards the paper, "We have a fire this time."

"Uh huh. Regardless… I think I'll pass." I edged nervously away from them, and in the direction of my room.

"Well. Ok, Edward. But it's a lot of fun." Esme insisted.

"I'm sure it is," I called sarcastically over my shoulder.

I successfully made it into my room, and walked over to my radio to drown out the lunatic thoughts from my head.

Out from behind my bed, Alice jumped brandishing a big long stick consisting of highlighters stuck together.

"LIGHT SABER FIGHT!!!!" She screeched, and started towards me.

I easily ducked her attack, and chopped my hand down on the stick of highlighters. It was easily broken in half.

Alice stared heartbroken at the pieces to her beloved weapon, "But… why are you so mean…?" Alice gave me a look of disgust, picked up both pieces to her highlighter stick, and walked out of the door giving me a dirty look on the way out.

"Ah," I sighed, stretched out on my bed, and turned my music up loud.

It didn't last long before my door crashed open, and again, Alice stood with her 'light saber', a piece of duck tape to keep it together. She roared.

"I swear," I yelled. "I think I'm the only sane one left in this household!"

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