Author Notes: My first time writing Kingdom Hearts OT3 fic! I love these three. So much. Why don't I write them more? They're all seventeen/eighteen in this, btw. Also, I like to think of Kairi as the most adventurous when it comes to sex. So this was totally her idea. XD (She's probably a closet yaoi fangirl imo, lol)

Pairings or Characters: Sora/Riku/Kairi
utter silliness and threesomes with two guys
Word Count:
This is what happens when three childhood friends get naked.

Too Cute to Top

Sora frowned before kicking Riku squarely in the stomach, sending him toppling over Kairi, who began shouting in surprise and annoyance, which prompted Sora to slap a hand over her mouth in hopes of quieting her down as his mom was asleep just down the hall. As she glared at him over his palm, Riku rubbed at his stomach and asked him incredulously, "What the hell was that for?"

"You were poking me!"

"I was no-- Oh. Sorry," he finished quietly.

"Sora, are you twelve?" Kairi asked through his fingers.

"No," he protested loudly, removing his hand from her mouth.

"If we're going to do this, you're going to have to get used to being 'poked'," she pointed out, trying to fight back a laugh. Sora began blushing, and looked between his two friends, trying not to appear embarrassed and failing horribly. She then turned to Riku, and rolled her eyes at the sight of him staring dejectedly at the carpet.

"And you! When did you get so shy, huh?" she asked, poking him in the chest. He grimaced downwards, before snorting.

"Whatever. Are we doing this thing or not?"

"If Sora would stop being so naive, I believe so," she smiled, bumping shoulders with the older boy. The brunette, however, still looked a bit upset.

"But... Why do I have to be on bottom? My pride as a man is at stake here!" he pouted. Kairi and Riku shared a significant look before turning back to him with large and rather frightening grins.

"You're too cute to top," they chorused before leaping at him. Sora's indignant cries ceased immediately as Kairi began kissing up his thighs and Riku started sucking at his neck, and he forgot all about his pride and certainty that his friends were conspiring against him.