Author Notes: This isn't really about the pairing so much as just them being kids. XD;; Again, I like to think that Kairi's not as sweet and quiet and happy to let the others take the lead as the games seem to imply. Which is why I wouldn't let her be in charge of anything. Ever, lol.

Pairings or Characters: Sora, Riku, Kairi
Word Count:
The captain always knows what he's doing.

A Pirate's Life for Me

"Sora, my arms hurt," Kairi pouted.

"Hey idiot. Do you even know where we're going?" Riku asked lazily.

"You guuuuuuys! You're supposed to call me 'Captain'!" Sora whined, pointing to his paper hat and wooden sword for emphasis. His friends were unmoved.

"Seriously Sora, I've been rowing for, like, two hours!"

"I'm pretty sure you've no idea where we are."

"Guys! Shut up and trust me, alright? The captain always knows what he's doing!"

"I highly doubt that," his crew replied in unison, stopping their rowing to smirk up at him.

"I think Kairi should be captain," Riku said suddenly, causing Kairi to squeak and Sora to nearly fall out of the boat.

"What? Why?!" Sora cried.

"I just do. Let's hold a vote. I vote for Kairi to be captain."

"Wait, Riku, I don't think--" Kairi tried to speak up, but Sora interrupted her to declare, "Well I vote for me! And Kairi will, too, right Kairi?" She blinked before narrowing her eyes slowly, a grin spreading on her face.

"I vote for me."

"And there you have it. Kairi's captain. Sora, relinquish your hat and sword," Riku smirked. Sora glared at the both of them before flailing his arms about in a display of his feelings of betrayal and hurt.

"Fine! You can have them!" he hissed, forcing his treasured items into her hands as she stood and taking her seat beside Riku. She took a moment to carefully adjust her new hat before raising her sword above their heads.

"Alright, lads. We be sailing thataway! Row!"

"Wait, I thought you'd steer us home--" Riku began before being hit on the head with the butt of her dagger. "OW!"

"Shuddap or I'll have you scrubbing my ship from bow to stern until it's sparkling, ya got that ya landlubber?" she growled. The boys shared looks of horror at what they'd unwittingly unleashed, and tried to start another vote, but she smacked them both this time. "There ain't no democracy on my ship. Now row! Row before I toss ya both overboard!"

They obediently began rowing, fearing that they may never see land again.