Author Notes: Saw the prompt over at naruto_contest on LJ and this immediately popped into my head, and I typed it up in about five minutes. XD So yeah, this is for week 45 over there.

Pairings or Characters: Hatake Kakashi, mentions of Team 7, Team Minato, and Hatake Family
Word Count:
Hatake Kakashi is a man who lives for the past.


Hatake Kakashi is a man who lives for the past.

He lives for the best friend he lost before he even knew he had one. The girl whose heart he broke when he didn't even know he could. The teacher he saw die in a battle he – and so, so many others – wishes never happened.

He lives for the father he saw disemboweled in the living room and then cleaned up and buried before reporting to the Hokage. The mother he doesn't and never could remember.

He lives for those three genin students that were the first to pass his test. The boy he had no faith in, but grew up to show him – and everyone – wrong. The girl he felt lacked potential, but through her own effort became a woman stronger than most men. The prodigy he saw himself in and tried to aid before he surrendered to the lure of power, but fell anyway.

Those who have fought with the copy ninja see him as a man focused on the present, planning for the future. Looking two steps ahead while everyone else is four steps behind. This is how he fights, and why he wins.

But he will never be able to live for the present or the future. There is no place for him among the smiling faces in a world of peace. He is a man who lives for the past, for the loss of life, love and home.

Hatake Kakashi is a man who lives for war, and he will never be able to live in a world without it.