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7 minutes in Naruto Heaven

Here you were just walking around Konoha one night. Nothing special going on for you really, no missions, no needing to visit family (thank God!), and...just nothing really. So just for old times sake you decided to walk around during the nice evening as the sun was slowly setting. The air was calm and a soft breeze would blow by every once in a while. Everything was just perfect. That is till Naruto came racing at you. Lets just say you're not the quickest person on your feet, and neither is he.


'Okay, that hurt...' You thought while lying down on your back as Naruto was beside you lying on his stomach. Swirly eyes going off on his face. You groaned before sitting up and turning angrily at Naruto.

"What the hell Naruto! Where's the damn fire?" You shouted as Naruto sat up himself. He laughed uneasily while rubbing the back of his head.

"He...Well, sorry _______! I was trying to find you earlier but you just up and vanished, so when I saw you walking around, I just had to get to you before you took off again." You rolled your eyes. 'A lightly story...'

Finally you both got up being as people were looking at you both strangely, not that you cared but it would be better to not sit on the ground. Sighing you turned to Naruto who was grinning like the fool he is.

"So...Is there anything you wanted, needed...?" Naruto thought about it...

"...Uh...Nope..." You rolled your eyes once more and just about to walk away when Naruto shouted out, "No wait I just remembered!" You growled under your breath. Hey you liked the guy, but sometimes too much Naruto was never all that good. Turning around you looked at him to see he was...blushing. 'Okay...'

"What Naruto I do have things to do." Well that was a lie but you had rather go somewhere than stand around waiting for him to decide if there was truly anything he wanted. Naruto smiled even though his blush stayed in place.

"Well...Sakura is having a party for her moving into her own apartment and all...she wanted to know if you would come." You looked up to the sky in thought. Sakura was a nice girl, a bit over the top especially with her fights with Ino but...Hey you enjoyed her for the most part.

"Uh...yeah sure, why not." Naruto smiled even bigger (if possible) and grabbed your hand causing you to blush before yanking you towards her new apartment.

"Jeez! Where's the fire?" You yelled out as Naruto was literally dragging you along. He gave a glance back at you with a grin on his face and his eyes in slits.

"I just don't wanna miss anything fun!" You should have known. Naruto was a party animal when he wanted to be, even if he's under age he can really down some alcohol.

It wasn't long before you guys got to Sakura's new apartment in record time, thanks to whom else. You yanked your hand out of his grasp the instant you were at her door. Glaring at Naruto he just ignored you and rang the door bell. Not too soon the door opened to reveal Sakura dressed like always with a smile on her face.

"Naruto! _______! I'm glad you could make it!" You smiled even though you still wanted to frown and glare at Naruto. He just laughed and grinned, same like always. Upon entering you noticed that everyone was there. Hinata was seated on the couch with Tenten on her left and Kiba on her right. Kiba was talking about God knew what the only clue was that Hinata was blushing, but she blushed at about anything so it still left you clueless. Shino was in the corner looking at everyone else. Neji was talking with Shikamaru, while Lee listened in and talked loudly. Chouji was eating chips while listening to an obvious rant from Ino who didn't seem to stop, did she ever?

Sakura lead you both in where you finally noticed that even the avenger himself was there. Sasuke sat in a corner as well though darker and gloomier than Shino's. You grimaced upon looking at him. He had always given you the creeps. Naruto made a loud 'hello' gaining everyone's attention where they waved and smiled. You sighed closing your eyes. Naruto just always had to be the center of attention now didn't he? Sakura got in the middle of the living room floor where everyone including you looked at her.

She nodded before speaking, "Okay now since everyone is here we can get to the big thing I thought...Ahem!" Ino said loudly eyeing Sakura who sighed in annoyance.

"Okay so Ino and I thought it would be a fun, cool, and entertaining thing to do since I have my own apartment now." You crossed your arms watching her. 'Yeah, yeah just get on with it Sakura...' You thought annoyed at her delaying. It was obvious what she and Ino planned would probably have didn't views on it, but as long as it wasn't anything embarrassing for you, then you were just fine with it.

"Well we decided that we should play '7 minutes in Heaven'!" You snorted loudly as Hinata blushed deeply and Chouji started choking on his chips. Everyone else had looks of doubt and questioning of both girls who were just probably doing it to try and kiss Sasuke. You laughed in your head; God would be on your side if you never chose Sasuke, not that you were going to play the game anyways.

"Well nice apartment Sakura, but I gotta go..." You trailed off before turning to leave. Sadly Naruto was standing in front of the door giving you a stern look. You glared at him ready to start a fight before he spoke.

"Come on _____ just do it, it'll be fun!" You gave a disbelieving look.

"Ha! Say's you! I don't think sitting around with some guy in a sweaty closet wondering if the fool will even kiss you considered fun! Especially if they suck at kissing..." You then stopped feeling a chill down your back, turning slowly you saw all the guys giving you looks. You gave a cheesy smile before turning back to Naruto who smirked in response.

"Your dead meat after this." You mumbled out in a dark tone before turning to join the small circle being made of everyone. Sakura held a hat where she placed slips of paper in it. Naruto sat down next to you where you shoved him over in anger. He just smiled either way before sitting back up. 'Who ever I get it doesn't matter my life is still over...'

While giving heated glares to Naruto who just ignored them Sakura went around passing the hat where everyone picked out a slip of paper. It held a color from what Sakura was saying now if you had the same color as another person then you were stuck with them in the closet for 7 minutes. You sighed. 'Oh joy!' You thought sarcastically. After everyone got a slip of paper they all faced it down without looking, Sakura thought it would be more fun that way. So you had no idea what color you had only hoping that it was someone good. Sakura being as she was the host decided to go first.

"Okay...My color is...Yellow!" Sakura looked right at Sasuke you saw only when he didn't do a thing she seemed disappointed. She looked around only to find that no one looked up she then sighed.

"Well...Ya know you can look now!" You looked down at your slip only to see it wasn't yellow, luckily. Everyone then turned to a shout to see Ino screaming. 'Well we know who has yellow now don't we.' You thought while laughing in your head. This was too good to be true. Both girls glared at each other before disappearing in the closet. For the next 7 minutes everyone just talked none revealing what color they had or swapping. You leaned back yawning before hearing a door open seeing the two girls walking out.

"So did you two kiss and make up?" Naruto said laughing before both Ino and Sakura decked him on the head giving him two lumps there. You laughed openly this time while seeing Naruto's pain, but apparently Sakura saw this as you laughing at her so she smirked towards you.

"Well then _______ why don't you go next? What color do you have?" You glared at her before looking down at the paper. What color did you have?:









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