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7 minutes in Naruto Heaven


You looked down at the paper in your hand with a sigh. If it wasn't for Naruto you wouldn't even be in this situation in the first place, you would have been sitting at home reading or relaxing; anything was better than this. But now you didn't exactly have a choice in the matter either, once more thanks to Naruto. Why were you friends with him again?

"Green, that's the color I have, green." You grumbled out before turning your glare upon the blonde hair ninja beside you. He didn't say a word about having the same color just smiling brightly with his eyes closed. Sakura looked around before placing her hands on her hips.

"Well…isn't anyone going to own up to their color?" Tenten looked around along with you. It didn't seem like anyone was going to jump up shouting to the mountains that they shared the same color as you, which honestly was probably for the best as you saw it. No reason getting just a little annoyed that the possible person didn't want to say because it was you who held the same color. 'Nope, not getting slowly pissed off at all' you thought darkly now openly glaring at everyone in the circle.

"I guess if no one is going to say anything then we'll do a raise of hands. Who doesn't have the color green?" Sakura then asked crossing her arms over her chest. Of course you saw Tenten and Hinata instantly raise their hands letting you know it was a guy withholding, not that you could really blame them. It was such a dumb game to begin with, hell even you didn't want to be a part of it anyway. If whoever didn't bother to announce themselves then you were perfectly fine with it.

Slowly some of the guys started to raise their hands. Chouji being the first then Naruto and Kiba. Shino raised his hand before setting it back down considering everyone already saw him do it there was no real reason to keep his hand up. Neji rolled his eyes before he too raised his hand up briefly. Shikamaru mumbled out this being 'such a drag' as he brought up his hand like it took more effort than it was really worth. Lee shot his hand up straight into the air like he was trying to get picked to answer a question first. It was then everyone became silent and almost simultaneously turned their heads to look at Sasuke.

If you didn't know any better you were sure everyone in the room along with yourself had their jaws dropped.

"No way!" Ino yelled out in disbelief as Sakura seemed to have lost her voice. Sasuke scoffed at everyone with his arms crossed before turning his head to the side.

"I'm not doing it…" He commented glaring a hole into the wall. You sighed with more than a little relief.

"Good because I just dodged a kunai." You said back wiping sweat off your brow. The comment seemed to rattle the Uchiha because his glare moved from the wall to your face. What the hell did he expect really? You weren't one of his fan girls before he left and you certainly weren't now that he was back, if anything you didn't like him even more now than back then. "What? Just because every girl in the village kisses the ground you walk on doesn't mean I will." You then said spitefully causing Naruto beside you to laugh.

"W-Well if you both don't really want too…" It would seem Sakura had found her voice box. She seemed nervous to you and looked to be in an agreement with both yours and Sasuke's decision, which really wasn't surprising at all. You were more surprised she didn't throw a fit like Ino had. The blonde mind jumper looked positively pissed beyond belief beside her teammates. Turning to eye the pinkette Naruto suddenly jumped up to his feet.

"Hey that's not part of the rules! If they both have the same color than they both have to go in the closet!" Kiba was the next to agree.

"Yeah if we all have to suffer this fate in the end then so do they!" More and more of the guys started to agree even Hinata and Tenten nodded their heads as well. As much as you could see where they were all coming from you still would rather fight Orochimaru naked than be stuck in a closet with Sasuke Uchiha for seven long, torturous minutes.

"Hey don't I get a say in this!" You yelled out turning your angry stare to bore into Naruto's fat head.

"No!" You flinched when everyone in the room yelled their answer back to you. Finally Sasuke had had enough as he got up to his feet placing his hands into his pockets. You were so sure that he was going to walk out and so you were surprised as much as everyone else in the room when he headed into the closet. Once more a drop of jaws followed.

"Let's just get this over with." He propped himself against the back wall of the closet, bowing his head and closing his eyes. Sakura was once more speechless so Naruto took over the reins.

"Okay _ time for your seven minutes in heaven!" You pulled away from him when he tried to help you up, getting to your feet on your own instead.

"More like seven minutes in hell." Slowly making your way to the closet you tried your best to not just knock out the blonde buffoon on your way to the closet.

Once inside you kicked some discarded shoes out of your way before setting your glaring eyesight upon the other person in the closet. Still his eyes were closed and he acted as though he would be ignoring you the whole time and that was more than fine with you.

"Play nice." Naruto whispered before slamming the door shut. You rolled your eyes at the comment. 'Play nice? Not my style…' You thought as your eyes got use to the darkness around you. The closet wasn't exactly built for this type of use and as such it was rather small giving you the sense of claustrophobia. Sighing along with a loud yawn you rolled your shoulders and stretched you neck. What could you do to pass seven minutes? You stared straight ahead at Sasuke who happened to be leaning against the opposite side of the closet with his arms crossed over his chest or at least that's what you could make out. Shrugging since you didn't have anything much to do you decided pestering the Uchiha could be fun.

"So…Have you decided who you wanted to revive your clan with?" …what the hell were you thinking!? 'Of all the things I could say to him lets mention reproduction while being stuck in a tight space with him, what genius!' From the looks of it Sasuke was not amused…at all. Deciding to go with it you asked on, "I mean I'm sure Ino or Sakura are more than willing to help you out with that, hell I'm sure there's plenty more you could always get into polygamy that way you can have kids galore…" You couldn't even finish that sentence before laughter over took you. Sasuke's eyebrows were knitted downward and a glare burned into your face.

'If looks could kill.' You thought laughing even harder. Maybe you really didn't screw up earlier. Giving one final laugh you relaxed against your wall crossing your arms over your chest with a shit eating grin on your lips. "So have you?" You couldn't help but rub it in further. Sasuke raised an eyebrow as his eye twitched just a little.

"I don't even know if I should dignify that with an answer…" You snorted in laughter once more shaking your head as you rolled your eyes to the ceiling. Sasuke sighed deeply dropping his crossed arms to place his hands into his pocket. He shrugged his shoulders eventually turning his head towards the door. "I don't think I could handle more than one woman…" You coughed abruptly as he actual replied back to your humorous question. You didn't think he would actually give it much thought. Then again when you're the last of your clan thinking about recreating with more than one woman had to have crossed his mind before especially if he could give a response back.

"Really? I figured you would just be impregnating ever female within Konoha in a moment's notice." Sasuke scoffed turning a glare to your face. You only stared him down, you weren't a weakling and there was no way you would back down from Sasuke Uchiha; never.

"_ just because I need to 'revive' my clan doesn't mean I want to procreate with every female I encounter, if that was true you would probably be on the list. Even now would be the perfect time…" Suddenly your mouth felt extremely dry as though you hadn't drank anything in days and lump formed in your throat. Instead of coloring draining from your face, your face turned bright red or you assumed as such considering your face felt like it was on fire. Your earlier thought came back to haunt you rather quickly as your heart rate picked up.

"Y-Yeah well sorry to disappoint but you're definitely not my type." You scolded yourself for stuttering as you tried to control your emotions. 'I will not let this guy get to me! No, never!' You thought in almost desperation as you dug your nails into your arms. Sometimes pain helped you focus better, all you needed to do is stir this conversation far away from kids and reproducing to something much less…creepy? Invasive? Honestly at this point anything was better than the conversation you were having at hand.

"If I'm not your type then why are you stuttering?" Sasuke pressed on slowly leaning away from the wall he had just been leaning against. The lump in your throat persisted so it made it hard for you to swallow as you said back, "I'm not stuttering at all, you must be confused…" You did a victory dance in your head at your success of not stuttering. For just a split second you felt a bit sad that you were so happy over something so trivial.

"Oh okay, then why is your face so red?" You just barely kept your jaw from dropping as your face betrayed you by burning even more. Sasuke gave a deep, throaty chuckle at your reaction as your heart started doing a marathon inside your chest. If you got any redder you might be able to put Hinata up for a contest and probably win. Once more that annoying lump got in the way of your swallowing and you felt breathless.

"Sasuke, s-shutup!" A groan echoed in your mind. Another chuckle and a smirk followed. What the hell happened? First you had the upper hand by embarrassing him and now…you looked like nothing but a blushing, stuttering girl probably even (dare you think it) fangirl. Another groan followed by a mental scream. 'I should have stopped while I was ahead! Why is that always my issue?'

"Oh so you want me to shut up? I can think of one way…" You opened your mouth to tell him he could shove something up his ass when he caged you between his arms. You pushed your body as far away from him as possible, but it wasn't actual possible because you were already squished up against the wall with no other escape. Sasuke leaned down till he was eye to eye with you that was another strike against your ego, he was taller than you. Being eye to eye now you could visibly see that he had activated his Sharingan and could see you the whole time, now your throat went completely dry.

"What the h-hell do you think you're d-doing!?" At this point you didn't quite give a damn about your face heating up, your heart beating out of control, or even the fact that you're were stuttering like you took lessons from Hinata. All you wanted in the end was for you to be out of the closet and walking out of Sakura's apartment with a wave of your middle finger, was that too much to ask?

"_ just shut up." Sasuke stated before connecting his lips to yours. To placed your hands against his shoulders to push him away but instead ended up keeping him there. Against your wishes you actually started to like kissing him. His lips were soft and warm giving you shivers all through your body. Not to mention the boy knew how to kiss! For a good second you wondered where and when he even learned how to kiss like this but your mind quickly became occupied with Sasuke as he pulled you off the wall and into his chest locking your arms between his and your bodies.

Not to be outdone because that was just how you were you pushed further into him pushing him up against the opposite wall getting a grunt from him at impact. Then you used all the guts and willpower you could find inside you to slip your tongue pass his sealed lips and into his mouth. A sense of pride wormed its way into your chest when he gasped at the invasion. Your tongue brushed up against his causing more shivers and tingles in your body as you both wrestled each other inside his mouth.

"Oh my god!"


You both pulled back from each other as you guys became aware that the door was open with light flooding in and that everyone in the room was staring at you both with the biggest wide eyes you have ever seen. You recognized that both Sakura and Ino screamed at the sight as everyone else blushed. Somehow against all logic and reason your face turned even redder especially when you wiped salva off your lips and found that it connected you to Sasuke's lips. Even Sasuke blushed if only lightly not meeting anyone's eyes at all.

"What the hell happened!?" Naruto exclaimed loudly looking between you both with such wide eyes it would have been humorous if you weren't totally and utterly embarrassed. You opened your mouth to respond when Sasuke did for you.

"She wouldn't shut up so I did it for her…"…

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