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"What fresh hell is this?" snapped an ill-tempered Sam, who slammed down a plate onto the smooth surface of a counter. The goop on it splashed upon contact and covered the surface while the plate stayed intact. "Do you really expect to feed the guests at this restaurant the bile you've scraped off some toilet seat?" she continued with her hands fisted onto her hips.

The three people before her cowered together in a huddle, knowing all too well her temper.

"We're so sorry Ms. Puckett." one said.

"You should be! I wouldn't even serve this to my dog and he eats out of the garbage." she scoffed and blue away a stray hair. "You are dismissed." she informed them and the three scampered off.

She'd taken on three new students from the new culinary arts school up the road and so far they were cooking up nothing but slop. The clock up on the wall informed her that it was six 'o clock at night and she had a taping of iCarly to do in twenty minutes. Groaning she dumped the plate and its contents into the trash and cleaned up before she left.

Freddie and Carly both texted her twelve times in the last half hour and she knew she was in for it when she arrived there.

"She's late again!" Carly yelled into Freddie's face. The twenty-seven year old man frowned at his friend as he continued to glance at his watch impatiently. "She knows when we do the show and what time she has to be here. Why does she do this all the time?"

"Because Carly, she's got those new students." he attempted to defend his girlfriend. "Friday's are the worst days of the week for her and I've seen the things they've made, not very appetizing." he cringed.

This seemed to deflate the bubble that had been growing inside of Carly Shay, who allowed the make up girls to work on her while she went through the list of topics for that nights show with Freddie.

"I just hope she makes it-"

Just then a blond blur passed them and stood before one of the mirrors in the back.

"Sorry I'm late guys." explained Sam, who patted down her face with a cloth and fixed her hair. She never allowed the make up girl to apply anything to her face. With her hair in place she turned around and grabbed a clean outfit off one of the racks and rushed passed them. Since it was a small area in the studio building she only had a few places to chance. "Those kids just aren't learning anything at their fancy school. It's like we're back in kindergarten and Gibby's making glue pie." she continued from behind the door of a chancing room. "I'm not their teacher…well I am but I'm not the one who's supposed to hold their hand through every single step. This is beginners work I have them doing and they can't even follow through!"

"Maybe you should go talk to their instructor." suggested Freddie; whose eyes were scanning over the list on his clipboard. As the producer and director of the 'iCarly' show he was in charge of making sure that things ran smoothly.

After the three had finished their respective colleges while keeping up their webshow, they all moved back to Seattle. They couldn't very well leave their family behind and remain in Boston and New York. Surprisingly enough they kept the show going for a few years until they each started their new jobs. Even then it went steady, every Friday night they'd meet up in the old studio in Spencer's loft to film. Then for three years they'd been an actual television show, a sort of talk show or sketch show. They never really knew what to call it but it was one of the top ranked shows on television.

They still did little segments online as well, usually on Sunday.

Carly worked for a magazine as a journalist, while Freddie worked on a number of television sitcoms and movies. He was one of the youngest filmmakers to work on a big budget movie. Even with their successes they managed to stay true to their old ways as members of iCarly.

Sam got through school and worked her way to head chef of a restaurant in Boston. Then they trio moved back to Seattle and she applied at a really ritzy place downtown. Because of her references and recommendations she got the job in a heartbeat. What did didn't prepare for was that the place catered to the culinary school and had their students work alongside chefs. She was straddled with three students each year she'd been there.

Some turned out to be amazing chefs; others bombed and drifted off into other lines of work. Either way she was getting tired of having to deal with people who knew nothing about culinary arts or how to work a stove.

"I already have three times, the guy is an idiot. I don't know where they find these people to teach." she walked out soon after and threw her work uniform on a table.

Carly had long since walked off to triple check on things while Freddie waited for Sam.

"Did you talk to him or 'talk'?" he make sure to use air quote when he said the last part.

"I talked to him, without my fists. The guy doesn't get anything. He's just stupid. I could teach a gorilla to fry up a ham sandwich better than he can teach a student how to boil water."

"Maybe you should." he grinned down at her.

"Maybe…" she sighed.

Despite the chaos around them the two seemed to get lost in one of their private moments.

"Marry me ?" he asked.


They'd had this exchange every Friday that they'd done the show for six years and she would always say no, now it felt like a joke almost. He knew how she felt about marriage but he wanted it. He wanted to make it official, even though they'd been together for eight years and had a pretty great life together. Old Hammy was getting up there in age and yet still was a frisky as he was as a pup.

"Maybe next week." he smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I wouldn't count on it Freddison." despite his constant questioning it didn't hinder any part of their relationship, she was grateful for that. "Let's get moving Mr. Director, we've got a show to get to."

Like every other show they started out by getting the crowd excited for the show and then the two hosts would call out to random audience member to come on stage. It was much like their webshow had been; only most of their fans would perform their talents on live television. They'd usually have a guest star as well or different bands, The Plain White T's were very frequent, as well as Cuttlefish. The two women still did a lot of their old skits as well as random dancing, which the audience enjoyed just as much as they did.

After the show ended the three headed over to dinner with Roger and Mrs. Benson. The two had rekindled their friendship when their kids had gone off to college while Spencer found himself a lady, who could keep up with him and his crazy life.

"Oh do you remember that time when Freddie got his first girlfriend." started Carly, laughing as she and her two best friends sat on the couch. "I think even then you two might have had something." she said as an afterthought.

"Nah, we were barely friends' then." scoffed Sam.

"Yeah and she gave me a wedgie while we were hugging, who does that?" piped in Freddie.

"Apparently Sam does."

"Do you remember when Carly and I go into that big fight because of Fleck and Dave?"

"Yeah those were dark times…" Freddie muttered with a look of fear on his face.

"I still wonder who he would have chosen back then." Sam wondered, glancing over at her boyfriend of eight years.

"You'll never know." Freddie stated. "How about the time that Carly fought against Shelby; that was a nutty time."

"Yeah and she managed to last in the ring with her too." Sam added. "Poor Russian girl though…"

"Yeah…" Carly said sighing. "Remember when I found out about you guys and prom night?" she smiled slyly at the two who each blushed.

"I know we said no more secrets but seriously Carls it was something we didn't want to talk about at the time and-"

"I know." Carly cut off Sam's rant. "You already explained it to me years ago. I'm just teasing you guys."

"So…how's the wedding plans going kid?" Sam asked leaning against Carly's shoulder.

"Pretty much all done, all that's left is a few more fittings and then we'll be ready for October."

"A month away…wow…two years goes by fast." commented Freddie as he looked over at his two best friends.

"So you won't have to change you name." laughed Sam. "You'll still be Carly Shay."

"Yeah I know its weird, isn't it?"

"Not at all, you'll be fine. Davey boy is good for you." Sam got up off the couch. "Let's get this dinner started already, I'm starving!"

"When aren't you starving?" smirked Freddie. "You even eat the pillows in your sleep."

"Well I can't help it if they remind me of Marshmallows!"

Hammy took this time to trot in and plot his old self onto Freddie's lap, his favorite place as of late.

"Hey Hams…" he said to his buddy as he scratched behind his ears. "Aren't you hungry? Don't you want food?" At the mention of 'food' his head popped up and his tail was going a mile a minute.

Everyone gathered in the kitchen for their usual Friday night family meal. Roger and Marissa bickered over a fork, which was hers and he put his mouth on. Spencer sang to himself as he finished making Spaghetti tacos, Carly and David—who had arrived just in time for dinner—sat at the island looking at some video while Sam and Freddie curled back up on the couch. Spencer's girlfriend Lisa was up showering after helping Spencer with one of his recent sculptures. Being with a guy like Spencer meant that you could expect to get a little 'dirty' at times.

"So…Puckett…" Freddie said to his girlfriend, whose head rested on his chest.

"Yeah Benson."

"I want you to marry me."

"I know." she mumbled as she twirled one of his shirt buttons in between her fingers.

"You know eventually you'll say yes." his fingers play with a stray piece of blond hair.

"I know."

"We don't even have to go big; it could be just the two of us at city hall. I don't care how you want to do it but I want to be married to you Sam."

"You win."

"I win?"

"Yeah. You played the game and you won, I'll marry you and make an honest woman out of you." she laughed into his shirt. "But don't tell Carly just yet. Let's wait until after her wedding."

"You said yes, that's all I care about." he brought his other arm up and wrapped it around her.

"Yeah well it was only a matter of time. It took us five or so years to start dating and then took us eight years to be engaged, let's try to make this engagement end faster."

"As long as we don't drag it out for ten years I think we'll be okay."

"You know I love you right? Even though you're a great big dork…"

"Yeah, I love you too Princess Puckett."

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